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TVM Dialog List 1042
2051 - 2100
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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News, Society and Economy
News from AlJazeera English ... January 2012
INCOMPLETE The news from AlJazeera English has a world perspective and is about a wide range of subjects and everywhere
Open file 2051
News, Society and Economy
AlJazeera English ... Frost Over the World
INCOMPLETE ... January 2012 ... Frost Over the World is from AlJazeera English with high profile figures from around the world
Open file 2052
Corruption, Society and Economy
Bribery in Nigeria
Multi-Million Dollars Hidden Bank Accounts Of Jonathan’s Minister Of Justice, Bello Adoke Exposed -
Open file 2053
Corruption, Society and Economy
Bribery in Nigeria
Nigeria: Wikileaks - Aondoakaa Wrote Election Judgement, After Yar'Adua Offered $57 Million Bribe
Open file 2054
People ... Bankers
Jamie Dimon
Dimon: To Fix Housing, Everyone Should Get in a Room and Decide to Do My Bidding
Open file 2055
Energy, Society and Economy
'Fracking' is profitable, but how dangerous is it?

Fracking Companies Employing Psy-Ops Specialists for PR Campaigns Against Activists
Open file 2056
Energy, Society and Economy
Saudi Arabia and Iran spar over oil embargo

January 2012 ... Saudi oil minister dismisses Iranian threat to block Strait of Hormuz in case of international oil embargo on Tehran.
Open file 2057
Energy, Society and Economy
Iran tells Gulf states not to lift oil output

January 2012 ... Iran's OPEC envoy threatens 'consequences' if neighbouring states make up for oil shortfall caused by sanctions.
Open file 2058
News, Society and Economy
News from AlJazeera English ... January 2012

PLACEHOLDER INCOMPLETE ... The news from AlJazeera English has a world perspective and is about a wide range of subjects and everywhere
Open file 2059
Corporate Ethics, Society and Economy
Google is good ... but is that deeply true?

Google Accused of Fraud Against African Competitor [with an updated: Google Statement]
Open file 2060
Open Source, Society and Economy
World Bank Assumes Control of Google Map Data

Google announced a partnership with the World Bank today to make Google Map Maker data more accessible to government organizations
Open file 2061
Internet Freedom, Society and Economy
US Congress debate on SOPA and PIPA now in the open

January 2011 ... White House Strangles SOPA, Citing Censorship, Security Concerns
Open file 2062
Banking, Society and Economy
On the Trail of Mortgage Fraud

There has been very little prosecution of banks and real estate operators for mortgage fraud ... this must change
Open file 2063
Data, Society and Economy
StatPlanet World Bank

An application that makes world data more interesting ... but maybe less easy to use for deeper analysis
Open file 2064
Data, Society and Economy
Development Timelines

Development Timelines is a simple web application that puts global development data into historical context
Open file 2065
Microfinance, Society and Economy
Can india’s MFI industry be saved?

January 2012 ... The government and RBI must draw an MFI survival strategy before it’s too late. We need them at least till such time the banks are ready to reach out to the masses
Open file 2066
People ... Bangladesh
Shafi Chowdhury

Shafi Chowdhury is a person in Bangladesh communicating about Yunus, Grameen Bank and Social Business
Open file 2067
Country ... Myanmar
More progress ... moving into the 21st century

Burmese Government and Ethnic Rebel Group Sign Cease-Fire
Open file 2068
Corruption, Society and Economy
Nigeria and the Energy Sector

The Damning KPMG Report Prepared in 2010 for FG about NNPC that Ministers Do Not Want Nigerians To See – Premium Times
Open file 2069
Politics, Society and Economics
Governor taking local control

The Republican Law Making in Michigan ... Emergency Management
Open file 2070
Dr. Martin Luther King

1968 King Assassination Report (CBS News) with Walter Cronkite on CBS Evening News
Open file 2071

How Apple works: Inside the world's biggest startup ... From Steve Jobs down to the janitor: How America's most successful - and most secretive - big company really operates.
Open file 2072
Humor, Society and Economy
Colbert for president!

Steven Colbert announced he will form 'an exploratory committee for president of the United States of South Carolina'.
Open file 2073
AlJazeera English
101 East ... in 2011

101 East is Al Jazeera's weekly Asian current affairs programme.
Open file 2074
Music, Society and Economy
Musicians in harmony around the world

Gimme Shelter | Playing For Change
Open file 2075
People ... Politics
Hank Greenberg and Scott Walker

Rachel Maddow reports on Hank Greenberg, infamously associated with AIG and Scott Walker. the infamous Republican Governor of Wisconsin
Open file 2076
Race, Society and Economy
US Republicans and Race

Rachel Maddow ... Politicians playing up race seems like a throwback to the 1960s ...
Open file 2077
People ... US Politics
Mitt Romney

Rachel Maddow ... Mitt Romney moves up from 22% approval to something much higher ... but tax rate of 15% is the new issue. Mitt Romney defends wealth
Open file 2078
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy Congress

Rally on January 17th 1012 in Washington about legislation like NDAA ... SOPA and PIPA ... and about money in politics
Open file 2079
Media, Society and Economy
Pay and benefits are an issue

The New York Times employees are in revolt ... pay and benefits are one thing ... editorial control is another
Open file 2080
People ... Technology
Scott McNealy

Leaders in Digital Series: Scott McNealy Talks Technology and Education
Open file 2081
People ... Technology
James Park

Leaders in Digital Series: James Park Looks at Innovations in Healthcare
Open file 2082
World News, Society and Economy

PLACEHOLDER ... AlJazeera English big stories in January 2012
Open file 2083
Organizations ... US Advocacy

Open file 2084
People ... US Politics
Mott Romney

January 2012 ... Romney Parks Millions in Cayman Islands. This is legal, but who writes the laws that make it legal?
Open file 2085
Thomas Power

Thomas Power, Founder and Chairman of the social network ''
Open file 2086
Internet, Society and Economy
The fight to maintain Internet freedom

Rachel Maddow Show ... the protest against SOPA and PIPA
Open file 2087
People ... US Politics
Mitt Romney

Rachel Maddow Show ... Mitt Romney and his money
Open file 2088
Politics, Society and Economy
Republican Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin

January 2012 Wisconsin ... the recall of Governor Scott Walker ... interview with Kathleen Falk after about 1 million signatures submitted
Open file 2089
Abortion, Society and Economy
Women's rights, Choice, post birth quality of life

Rachel Maddow Show ... Abortion and murder ... Republican politics and personhood ... political hypocricy on display
Open file 2090
Energy, Society and Economy
XL Pipeline is complex issue

Rachel Maddow ... arguments being used to support the XL Pipeline. Issues are many: environment, risk, jobs, sustainability, climate change, national security, etc.
Open file 2091
Military, Society and Economy
Eisenhower's warning is valid today

President Eisenhower Warned Us about Military-Industrial Complex and Today's War Profiteers are exactly what he feared
Open file 2092
Internet, Society and Economy
The SOPA. PIPA confrontation

The 'deadline' blog talks about the SOPA, PIPA confrontation ... the establishment in Holywood and Media wants it, the new media people do not.
Open file 2093
Environment, Society and Economy
Health, DDT and the fight against malaria

A dialog about DDT and malaria courtesy of Paul Driessen
Open file 2094
Country ... Britain
The question of Europe is back in play again!

Hara-kiri, British style ... Cameron sets out to protect the interests of the City, but what leverage does he have?
Open file 2095
Transparency, Society and Economy
Julian Assange: The Rolling Stone Interview

January 2012 ... Under house arrest in England, the WikiLeaks founder opens up about his battle with the 'Times,' his stint in solitary and the future of journalism
Open file 2096
Toxins, Society and Economy
Asbestos used in India being mined in Canada

101 East ... India: Toxic Trade ... Is India investing in a future health crisis by importing asbestos from Canada?
Open file 2097
Politics, Society and Economy
2012 ... the Republican primaries

Rachel Maddow on the Republican primaries on January 19, 2011
Open file 2098
Politics, Society and Economy
Vote count in Iowa ... flip-flop counting

Rachel Maddow ... the humor of Republican vote counting in Iowa in the 2012 campaign!
Open file 2099

Rachel Maddow describing Republican fast track high flyer Mitch Daniels ... now Governor of Indiana
Open file 2100
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