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TVM Dialog List 1036
1751 - 1800
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Freedom, Society and Economy
Freedom to challenge government is important

December 2011, Father Nathan Monk at Pensacola City Council ... in connection with other people trying to have their say
Open file 1751
Organizations ... NGOs ... UK
Aid Workers Network

Announcement about the upcoming combination with DEVEX
Open file 1752
Metrics, Society and Economy
The importance of intangibles in financial value measurement

Jay Cross ... Balance sheets do not record intangibles
Open file 1753

John Tropea - 9:26 PM - Public
Open file 1754
Influence, Society and Economy
The Koch Brothers

People & Power asks if the tycoon duo's fortune could put the radical right into the White House.
Open file 1755
People ... Activists
Bishop George Packard

Ride to Jail w/ Bishop George Packard D17 ... Occupy Wall Street, December 17th, 2011
Open file 1756
Technology, Society and Economy
About software

Microsoft Embraces Elephant of Open Source ... aka Hadoop, the yellow elephant.
Open file 1757
Technology, Society and Economy
About software and some people involved

M.C.Srivas, an Ex-Google Man, Sells Search Genius to Rest of World
Open file 1758
Human Exploitation, Society and Economy
27 million people in slavery in the 21st century

David Batstone talking about his book 'Not for Sale'and this subject in 2007 ... but as a practical matter who cares?
Open file 1759
People ... Activist
David Batstone

Activist about human trafficking
Open file 1760
People ... Activist
Trevor Bales

Issue is human trafficking
Open file 1761
Human Exploitation, Society and Economy
Who is making a difference to end global slavery?

Something about Professor David Batstone and his commitment to the issue of human slavery
Open file 1762
Education, Society and Economy
Witness ... Mohamad at Eton

We follow one boy's journey from a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon to the UK's most prestigious public school.
Open file 1763
International Trade, Society and Economy
The dragon goes shopping in South America ...

China is buying commodities and fuelling economic growth, but some worry the communist giant is creating dependency.
Open file 1764
Land, Society and Economy
China interest in Argentina land irks locals

VIDEO Farmers worried about damage that comes with the excessive use of chemicals in large-scale agriculture.
Open file 1765
Unions. Society and Economy
The decline of labour unions in the US

Labour unions are under fire across the US, but do they have enough vitality to fight back?
Open file 1766
Energy, Society and Economy
Renewables and inadequate metrics

Grover Norquist Spreads Lies About Renewable Energy Standards
Open file 1767
Activism ... USA
Occupy Wall Street ... December 17th

Greg Palast reports: Our Photographer - and His Lens - Busted at Occupy
Open file 1768
Legislating to target Occupy and the homeless problem

Homelessness Is NOT a Crime, Mayor - Pensacola City Council COW 12 12 2011.wmv
Open file 1769
Banking, Society and Economy
Aftermath of the US housing bust

A video piece from 60 minutes: There goes the neighborhood ... Cleveland
Open file 1770
International ... Palestine and Israel

David Ickes on Zionism
Open file 1771
International ... Israel and Palestine
What is the reach of Rothschild Zionists

David Icke They Dare Not Speak Its Name ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM
Open file 1772
International ... Israel and Palestine
David Ickes

Conscientious objectors
Open file 1773
Music, Society and Economy
Christmas Music

A beautiful Nigerian Christmas Carol entitled Betelehemu sung by an African Children's Choir
Open file 1774
Music, Society and Economy
Christmas Music

A Nigerian Christmas Carol titled Betelehemu sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Open file 1775
Politics, Society and Economy
US politics ... the working of Congress

December 21, 2011 ... House GOP Refuses to Allow Dem Whip to Speak on Floor & Offer Senate Compromise
Open file 1776
Importance of Occupy

Why Occupy should stay
Open file 1777
Metrics, Society and Economy

Washington Post asks prominent economists to explain 2011 in charts
Open file 1778
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy Wall Street has had a focus on the evil rich 1%

It seems America’s bankers are tired of all the abuse. They’ve decided to speak out ... A Christmas Message From America's Rich
Open file 1779
Military, Society and Economy
The militarisation of 'war on terror' in the US

The National Defence Authorisation Act continues the onward march of the 'war on terror' through the American homeland.
Open file 1780
Country ... North Korea
Young Kim is in the house

The old Kim is gone and the new Kim is in, but not much will change in the land of the Kim family dynasty.
Open file 1781
Country ... Greece
State of Society and Economy

Endgame for Greece! December 2011 ... Observations by von kleingut
Open file 1782
Country ... Greece
Austerity without Growth

Greek Economists for A time of opportunity
Open file 1783
Technology, Society and Economy
Using technology to apprehend shooters

War Games ... Sniper Detectors Coming to America's Heartland
Open file 1784
Country ... Egypt
July 2011 ... Progress but not clear yet how much

Is Egypt really at a point of no return, like Noor Noor says? Join the conversation with The Cafe team in Cairo.
Open file 1785
Activism, Society and Economy
The Cafe ... Cairo: A coffee shop culture ...

Hassan Ibrahim talks about the historical significance of the cafe in Egyptian culture and politics.
Open file 1786
Activism, Society and Economy
Gaddafi in Libya : The Endgame ... State of Denial

The story of the fall of Gaddafi as told by the insiders, defectors and military advisors who helped bring it about.
Open file 1787
Transparency, Society and Economy
Punishing the whistleblower?

As Bradley Manning faces charges of espionage over the Wikileaks cables we ask if the US government is overreacting.
Open file 1788
Transparency, Society and Economy
Bradley Manning and the miscarriage of justice

Alleged WikiLeaker faces life in prison despite US admissions that the disclosures caused no national security damage.
Open file 1789
International Affairs, Society and Economy
The eagle, the bear and the dragon

Here's a new Cold War fable for an emerging multipolar world.
Open file 1790
Class, Society and Economy
The making of the American 99%

The '99 per cent' share common interests, but will eventually have to confront its racial and class divisions.
Open file 1791
Education, Society and Economy
Education for the very poor not good enough

KATHA Schools on Wheels, New Delhi, India reaches children in very poor communities in India
Open file 1792
Transparency, Society and Economy
Bradley Manning: American hero

Four reasons why Pfc Bradley Mannning deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom, not a prison cell.
Open file 1793
International Affairs, Society and Economy
Is the World Really Safer Without the Soviet Union?

Mikhail Gorbachev describes the missed opportunity of the last 20 years since the end of the Soviet Union
Open file 1794
Prisons, Society and Economy
Cruel and usual: US solitary confinement

As incarceration rates explode in the US, thousands are placed in solitary confinement, often without cause.
Open file 1795
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupiers take on the Iowa Caucuses ...

Protesters aim to bring their influence upon the electoral process.
Open file 1796
Risk, Society and Economy
With risk there must also be responsibility

Rich and powerful chemical companies and poor workers in agriculture ... DBCP case files ... Pesticide lawsuits – a DBCP overview
Open file 1797
People ... Finance
Professor Markus Kerber

An experienced German academic with a broad perspective of economics and finance
Open file 1798
Activism, Society and Economy
An somewhat intellectual perspective of OWS

Occupy Wall Street, Mass Media and Progressive Change in the Tea Party Era: Our Window of Opportunity
Open file 1799
Music, Society and Economy
Mary had a baby

The message of Mary had a baby in the context of a Negro Spiritual is very though provoking
Open file 1800
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