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TVM Dialog List 1037
1801 - 1850
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Bubbles. Society and Economy
An example of averages always being wrong

ERIC SCHMIDT: We Don't Talk About Occupy Wall Street In The Valley Because We Don't Have Those Problems
Open file 1801
Technology, Society and Economy
Competition in the Pad technology space

December 27, 2011 CNET News Nanotech - The Circuits Blog ... 'Xoom 2' is no iPad 2--and that can also be a good thing
Open file 1802
Freedom, Society and Economy
Freedom of expression, secrecy, transparency

Bradley Manning vs the US military A look at the Bradley Manning case and its implications for whistleblowers, plus the story behind award-winning photos.
Open file 1803
Activism ... Egypt
What progress for the Arab Awakening in Egypt?

Egypt: Revolution revisited ... The ongoing revolution in Egypt has widened the gulf between state and private media.
Open file 1804
International ... Iran and UK
Iran vs UK: History of a media war ...

A look at the media crossfire between London and Tehran; plus, some fake twitter accounts have caused a stir.
Open file 1805
Country ... UK
National history, national pride

Citizens of global Britain, unite! ... Great Britain must draw on the experiences and aftermath of the past to imagine a new Global Britain.
Open file 1806
Dignity, Society and Economy
'Virginity tests' on Egypt protesters are illegal, says judge ...

Decision in Egypt may open door to financial compensation for women subjected to tests during anti-government protests
Open file 1807
Philip Alston

PLACEHOLDER Formerly at the UN and specialist in international law and the legality of robotic war
Open file 1808
Rita J. King

PLACEHOLDER Futurist with an interest in robotics
Open file 1809
Banking, Society andf Economy
Is Santander Britain's worst bank?

Santander gained a million customers last year, and pays the highest rate on an Isa. It's also top of the complaints league
Open file 1810
Banking. Society and Economy
Santander comes into the USA

Santander ... a huge (Spanish) Eurobank, rated 'Britain's worst,' now accused of gouging US consumers
Open file 1811
Economic Trends, Society and Economy
Occupy and the 1%

Mother Jones Charts: Who Are the 1 Percent?
Open file 1812
Civil Rights, Society and Economy
Powers of the US administration

Did Congress Just Endorse Rendition for Americans?
Open file 1813
Politics ... USA
Robert Reich on 2012

My Political Prediction for 2012: It’s Obama-Clinton
Open file 1814
Technology. Society and Economy
Solving the problem of crowded sidewalks

Technology often has more than a single use. Works well in Japan, but might not do so well in New York.
Open file 1815
Music, Society and Economy
A beautiful Native American song

Cherokee Morning Song
Open file 1816
Music, Society and Economy
Native American

Native American - Amazing Grace (in cherokee)
Open file 1817
Music, Society and Economy
Music in Edinburgh

Amazing Grace - bagpipes - Edinburgh Military Tatoo 2009
Open file 1818
Music, Society and Economy
Music in Edinburgh

The Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009
Open file 1819
Mahatma Ghandi

A very relevant set of ideas from Mahatma Gandhi
Open file 1820
Country ... Syria
The uprising in Syria

Arab observers fan out across Syria
Open file 1821
Sustainability, Society and Economy
A non-growth philosophy

Richard Heinberg: why end of growth can mean more happiness
Open file 1822
Military, Society and Economy
Top 10 Biggest Armies

It would be interesting to know how these armies rank in terms of cost
Open file 1823
Activism, Society and Economy
Danny Schechter ... Media misses the big story

The year's top story is not getting coverage ... The financial industry may end up doing what the media isn't - exposing its abuses and bringing itself down.
Open file 1824
Housing, Society and Economy
Homeless 'occupy' abandoned US homes

A growing number of organisations are joining the 'home occupations' movement.
Open file 1825
Resources, Society and Economy
The dragon looks north

China grows hungry for Arctic resources and shipping routes as northern ice melts.
Open file 1826
The Policy Advisory Board of

Per website in December 2011 ... The Policy Advisory Board of
Open file 1827
Activism ... USA
Full Show 12/27/11 Occupy Iowa Caucuses?

Full Show 12/27/11 Occupy Iowa Caucuses?
Open file 1828
Freedom, Society and Economy
The case of Bradley Manning

Manning’s legal strategy could lead to plea deal
Open file 1829
Civility, Society and Economy
Net Etiquette ... G+etiquette

Communication is best when there is civility
Open file 1830
Pollution, Society and Economy
Different handling of spills in Brazil and USA

Brazilians charge Big Oil for spill...why didn't we?
Open file 1831
Banking, Society and Economy
The biggest banking scams in 2011

7 of the Nastiest Scams from Wall Street Banksters
Open file 1832
Technology, Society and Economy
State of the arms race ...

between repressive governments and anti-censorship/surveillance Tor technology (and why American companies are on the repressive governments' side)
Open file 1833
Conversation about the new tools of social media

How to Earn Trust and Reputation in Social Media
Open file 1834
Military in Control

US 'deeply concerned' after Egyptian forces raid NGO offices in Cairo
Open file 1835
Taxation, Society and Economy
Powerful companies don't pay fair share

BUT NOBODY PAYS THAT ... G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether
Open file 1836
Education, Society and Economy
Higher education

Doctoral degrees ... The disposable academic ... Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time
Open file 1837
Technology, Society and Economy
A new type of auto engine

Professor Norbert Mueller at Michigan State University describes his wave disk generator
Open file 1838
To the Occupy movement – the occupiers of Tahrir Square are with you

In many ways we in Egypt are part of the same struggle, and we are watching in solidarity. Keep going, don't stop, occupy more
Open file 1839
Iraq without America
Sovereignty without security ... The departure of American troops has already been followed by a resurgence of sectarian hatred
Open file 1840
Education, Socioety and Economy
On-line access to eduction

M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education For All
Open file 1841
Propaganda, Society and Economy
Enshrining the lies of the US' 1%

Paul Rosenberg ... What chance does truth have, if Americans cannot cast off lies that directly steal money from their own pockets?
Open file 1842
Transparency, Society and Economy
The keys to change across the Arab world

Transparency, accountability and citizen's rights must take centre stage in new constitutions across the region.
Open file 1843
Military, Society and Economy
Saudi buys nearly $30bn in US warplanes

Riyadh signs deal with US for 84 new fighter jets in move meant to counter Iran's regional influence.
Open file 1844
Letters to a dictator

Mohammad Nourizad's dissidence to the Iranian government comes in the form of admonishing, public letters.
Open file 1845
Energy, Society and Economy
Fracking Across the United States

Fracking Gone Wrong: Finding a Better Way
Open file 1846
Activism ... USA
What is the story of Occupy Wall Street?

The Anarchivists: Who Owns the Occupy Wall Street Narrative?
Open file 1847

WHAT IS NESTORIA? ... Welcome to the Nestoria blog. Nestoria is a property search engine.
Open file 1848
International Affairs ... UK
Britain's imperial echoes have led it to a ruinous decade of wars

The UK has been belligerent to the Muslim world – while not being threatened by any state
Open file 1849
Metric, Society and Economy
Introduction to Impact Investing

Impact investing uses profit-seeking investments to generate societal and environmental good in addition to financial returns.
Open file 1850
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