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21251 - 21300
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Basic Concepts ... Units of Measure

THE CHOICE OF UNITS from Chapter 4 of The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes
Open file 21251

[PeopleToPeople] Paper ... A Blueprint for Peace in Ethiopia
Open file 21252
US Politics
Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon gets indicted for contempt of Congress
Open file 21253
The White House Press Corps

At White House, frustration over who gets to ask questions
Open file 21254
Supply Chain
In-Transit Product Security

In-Transit Product Security is built on top of a tiny percentage of physical inspection ... Container screening involves just 0.0005% of the overall containers arriving in seaports.
Open file 21255 Open file 21255
The Trump Saga
Trump's handling of the pandemic

Video ... Chris Hayes: It doesn't have to be this way. We can use our vote to make things better.
Open file 21256
US Violence
What is wrong with America?

Video ... Reuters Tracks Down 'Untraceable' Trump Supporters Who Threatened Election Officials
Open file 21257
Policy People
Fiona Hill

Video ... Fiona Hill: Trump’s Popularity Is About The Rise Of A Personality Cult
Open file 21258
Engineering and Technology
Marine Diesel Engines

Video ... Exceptional Engineering | Mega Diesel Engine | MTU (Engine and Turbine Union Friedrichshafen) is a brand of Rolls-Royce Power Systems
Open file 21259
US Freight Rail

Video ... Why They Run Locomotives Back to Back ... but really about US Freight Rail (CSX) in Florida
Open file 21260
US Politics
Not only about Washington and big political positions

The GOP Pulled Out the Stops to Flip School Boards. It Didn’t Work. ... “The school stuff is personal—you can’t mess with people’s kids.”
Open file 21261
Rail ... Diesel Locomotives

Video ... In depth look at the DDA40X #6922 Worlds largest diesel locomotive
Open file 21262

Economics Explained ... China’s Blackouts Are Shining Light On A New Problem
Open file 21263

Video ... Ethiopia | NO MORE Trump, Biden | Abiy Ahmed | Hermela Aregawi | Hermela TV | Tigray War ... ??? Is this official Ethiopian propaganda?
Open file 21264
Natural Rubber

Video ... What The Rubber ‘Apocalypse’ Means For The U.S. Economy
Open file 21265
Human Characteristics

Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity
Open file 21266
Human Characteristics

Video ... The Five Laws Of Stupidity
Open file 21267
US Politics
Steve Bannon

Video MSNBC ... Bannon Insider: 'Bannon's The Ultimate Cockroach'
Open file 21268
Volvo Truck

Video ... The Making of a Volvo American Truck | Exceptional Engineering
Open file 21269
Long Haul Trucking

Trucking : How classic super sleepers work in trucking 2020 . The Snows
Open file 21270
The Trump Saga
Steve Bannon

Bannon After Criminal Contempt Hearing: 'We're Going On The Offense'
Open file 21271
Automobile Engine

Bentley W12 Engine - PRODUCTION ASSEMBLY ... in the UK, I believe?
Open file 21272
Automobile Engine

The W12 Engine - The Science EXPLAINED
Open file 21273
Automobiles ... The EV Revolution

Video ... Ford, GM and BMW WILL SOON CRASH!
Open file 21274
Arms Sales
USA to Saudi Arabia

Never Mind Yemen, Biden OKs $1 Billion in Weapons Sales To Saudis ... Once upon a time, an administration told a story about how it was going to end a war. Then it erased the distinction between peace and a Saudi victory.
Open file 21275
US Politics
Economic Policy

Patience and persistence pay off as Biden gets infrastructure deal across finish line ... Bipartisan bill would have ramifications across the country and delivers on a campaign promise
Open file 21276
US Politics
The Biden Infrastructure Bill

The Infrastructure Bill May Not Be So Historic After All ... Transportation experts say that much of the funds in Biden’s big bill just go towards highways and a carbon-intensive status quo.
Open file 21277
Climate Economics
Climate Finance

Jeffrey Sachs: Fixing Climate Finance ... A comprehensive set of initiatives
Open file 21278
Climate Crisis
Cumulative Emissions

Graphic ... Countries with the greatest cumulative emissions from 1850 to 2021
Open file 21279
Tax Visualization

Visualizing Global Corporate Tax Rates Around the World
Open file 21280
US Social Issues

The Political Right in the USA is pushing hard against access to abortion
Open file 21281
Bloomberg New Economy

Bloomberg New Economy Newsletter for November 18th, 2021
Open file 21282
US Economy
Increasing corporate power

Increasing corporate power has contributed to falling tax payments, rising profitability and social and environmental degradation
Open file 21283
US Economy
Consumer Prices

FRED ... Consumer Price Index (CPI) from 1947 to 2020
Open file 21284 Open file 21284
US Politics
Unacceptable Behavior in The GOP

Representative Paul Gosar – a Republican from Arizona – tweeted an animated video depicting him killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking the President.
Open file 21285 Open file 21285

CASSE Essay ... Resisting the Temptation of Growth at the County Level
Open file 21286 Open file 21286
US Politics
Progressive Politics

How to Stop Progressives From Losing the Working Class ... A new report, based on extensive survey data, suggests “Commonsense Solidarity” might be the answer.
Open file 21287
Climate Crisis

FAST COMPANY ... Reasons to hope: 16 companies, people, and ideas that might save the planet
Open file 21288 Open file 21288
US Economy
US Retail Gasoline Prices

EIA ... Retail Gasoline Prices from 1993 to 2022 ... All grades all formulations
Open file 21289 Open file 21289
US Justice System
A dysfunctional hodge-potch

The New Yorker ... The Outsized Meaning of the Rittenhouse Verdict ... A Wisconsin self-defense law made it difficult for the jury to convict—an outcome that was celebrated by the Republican Party’s violent fringe.
Open file 21290
US Economy
Crude Oil Prices

EIA ... West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Spot Price (FOB) ... 1986-2021
Open file 21291
US Economy
Crude Oil Prices

EIA ... Europe Brent Spot Price (FOB) ... 1987-2021
Open file 21292 Open file 21292
Energy Economics

World Bank ... What triggered the oil price plunge of 2014-2016 and why it failed to deliver an economic impetus in eight charts
Open file 21293 Open file 21293

Something about Namibia ... TPB experience in the excitement of independence
Open file 21294 Open file 21294
US Justice System
A dysfunctional hodge-potch

The New Yorker ... The Outsized Meaning of the Rittenhouse Verdict ... A Wisconsin self-defense law made it difficult for the jury to convict—an outcome that was celebrated by the Republican Party’s violent fringe.
Open file 21295
US Politics
The Manchin standoff

Manchin betrays colleagues who helped him with his latest Build Back Better demands
Open file 21296
US Political Economy
Addressing Socialism

Video ... The Hypocrisy of Bailouts | The Problem With The Economy | The Problem With Jon Stewart | Apple TV+
Open file 21297
Bus Manufacturing

Video ... Mercedes Setra LUXURY BUS - Production Assembly
Open file 21298
Global Progress
Emerging China

Video ... Singapore PM Lee Warns of US-China Miscalculation Over Taiwan ... Bloomberg Conference ... Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum event in Singapore
Open file 21299
SPARE Open file 21300
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