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Video ... Ford, GM and BMW WILL SOON CRASH!

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Peter Burgess
Ford, GM and BMW WILL SOON CRASH! 255,630 views Oct 25, 2021 Connecting The Dots 9.24K subscribers If you're a Tesla and EV fan, you might be aware that an EV Tsunami is about to arrive from China towards western OEM shores. In this video I'll show, with some help from Sandy Munro and The Limiting Factor: * WHEN this Tsunami of Chinese EVs should start * and HOW it would affect the sales of Western OEMs such as BMW, GM and Ford - as well as their stock prices BOTTOM LINE - The Chinese EV invasion should arrive MUCH FASTER than most people (even you!) might think, and its effects on Western OEM's competitiveness and stock prices will be DEVASTATING. Topics: 00:00 Intro and Summary 03:25 Preface - The Valley of Death 05:48 Ch. 1: Meanwhile in China (or - The Training of a Warrior) 07:45 Ch. 2: Why Will the Invasion Start Now? 08:50 Ch. 3: They Have the Capacity! 09:37 Ch. 4: Signs Showing It's Starting Now 11:29 Ch. 5: Can Western OEMs Retaliate? 13:16 Ch. 6: Sandy Munro + Effects on Stocks and Valuation 19:07 What Do YOU Think? Let me know what you think - I'd love to read your comments (I read all of them)! _______ Resources: JPR007 - @jpr007 The Limiting Factor- @LimitingThe _______ PATREON: 🙏 TWITTER: @ConnectingODots _______ Disclosure: I am long stock. I also hold an extremely low amount of #Tesla, #GM, #Ford, #BMW, #BYD, #XPeng, #NIO, #EVs, #ElectricVehicles, #SandyMunro, #MunroLive, #Stocks, #Investing, #CleanInvesting, #LongTermInvesting
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