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TVM Dialog List 1422
21051 - 21100
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Global Data
Hans Rosling

TEDxSingapore ... Numbers are boring, people are interesting | Hans Rosling
Open file 21051
Paul Polak

Video about the work of Paul Polak and IDE in the field of International Development.
Open file 21052 Open file 21052
Peter Burgess

Verizon website chat ... very angry customer ... October 2nd 2021
Open file 21053
Media Headlines
Inc. This Morning

Inc. This Morning ... October 4th 2021
Open file 21054
Net Positive

Paul Polman on his new book (co-written with Andrew Winston) and 'courageous companies'
Open file 21055
US Wedge Issues

Ben & Jerry's Opinion ... Why SB 8, Texas’s Anti-Abortion Law, Must Be Overturned ... Texas's New Abortion Law Is Racist Here's Why
Open file 21056
Management Metrics
The Impact Management Project

A forum for building global consensus on how to measure, assess and report impacts on people and the environment
Open file 21057
Management Metrics
The Impact Management Project (IMP)

Impact Classification System to be managed by the GIIN ... IMP+ACT Alliance chooses the GIIN as new host for the ICS
Open file 21058
TPB Working Paper

Revisiting MDIA to apply TVM approaches (2021)
Open file 21059
Webinar ... October 14th 2021
Democracy for America

Conversation with Larry Krasner ... a transformational leader to Philadelphia's District Attorney’s office ... October 14th 2021
Open file 21060

Decarbonizing the Built Environment
Open file 21061
Organised by The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG)

GSG Global Impact Summit, the most influential impact investing event delivering impact solutions for people and planet ... October 6th, 7th and 8th 2021
Open file 21062
Internet Activity

Statista graphic showing the scale of activity in one minute
Open file 21063
US Foreign Policy
Too much military

Let’s Stop Calling the Military Budget a ‘Defense’ Budget
Open file 21064 Open file 21064
US Foreign Policy
Too much military

With Military Actions in 159 Countries, America Is Now the World’s Police Force
Open file 21065 Open file 21065
Media / Headlines
The New Republic

The New Republic headlines for circa September 30th 2021
Open file 21066
The Socio-Enviro-Economic System

A Cambridge University graphic to describe the Socio-Enviro-Economic System
Open file 21067 Open file 21067
Media Headlines
Telegraph Dispatches

Telegraph Dispatches for October 6th 2021
Open file 21068
China / Taiwan

Why China could soon invade Taiwan
Open file 21069
Management Metrics
Managing for SDG performance

UNDP and Duke University of launch an Impact Measurement and Management course
Open file 21070
Media News Headlines
The New Republic

Media News Headlines ... The New Republic ... October 7th 2021
Open file 21071
Management Metrics

SASB Standard-Setting Digest - October 2021
Open file 21072
Mnaagement Metrics
International System of Units (SI)

Some basics about essential units of measure and the International System of Units (SI)
Open file 21073
US Politics
The Debt Limit Debate

Top Republican says 10 GOP senators will help advance debt hike
Open file 21074
US Politics
Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D) Arizona

What does Kyrsten Sinema want? Is it all about the people (business interests) thaty fund her campaigns?
Open file 21075
UK Rail

Video ... Preston to Carlisle
Open file 21076
US Economy
Employment and Wages

CNBC ECONOMY ... September’s jobs creation comes up short with gain of just 194,000
Open file 21077
US Economy

CNBC ECONOMY ... Key inflation gauge watched by the Federal Reserve hits another 30-year high
Open file 21078
The Trump Saga
Not over yet!

The Memo: New Trump revelations bolster critics while fans shrug
Open file 21079
The Trump Saga
Maybe worse than anyone imagined

The GOP’s fanciful defense of Trump’s DOJ plot
Open file 21080
US Politics
The result of money driving politics

Sanders hits Manchin over demand to drop child, Medicare provisions: 'Explain that to the people of West Virginia' Also addresses Synema of Arizona.
Open file 21081
US Politics
Debt limit debate

McConnell vows GOP won't help raise debt ceiling in December after Schumer 'tantrum'
Open file 21082
The Trump Saga
Who said what, when?

White House orders release of Trump records to Jan. 6 committee
Open file 21083
US Politics
Debt limit debate

Schumer frustrates GOP, Manchin with fiery debt ceiling speech
Open file 21084
The Individual / Household

The individual / household emissions footprint ... the example of the Holthaus family
Open file 21085
The Trump Saga
Ivanka ... Trump's daughter

Steve Mnuchin stepped in to prevent Donald Trump from appointing Ivanka to head up world bank
Open file 21086
US Politics
Difficult to understand

A Biden DOJ official is blocking a Democrat-led inquiry into Trump's election fraud crusade — why?
Open file 21087
US Politics
Senator Kyrsten Sinema

'Cruel and unfathomable': Sinema pushing $100 billion in climate cuts from reconciliation bill
Open file 21088
Devex Newswire Devex Newswire for October 11th 2021
Open file 21089
US Politics
Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Political operatives warn 'obstructionist' Kyrsten Sinema: 'We’ve unseated much more powerful people'
Open file 21090
World Development
World Bank / IMF

Inside Development ... World Bank annual meetings ... 5 things to watch at the World Bank-IMF annual meetings
Open file 21091

Telegraph Dispatches ... October 11th 2021
Open file 21092
Progress and Performance
Better ... for some, on the average

Seven charts that show the world is actually becoming a better place
Open file 21093 Open file 21093
US Politics
CNN Reporting

GOP leadership still supporting Trump and his 'big lie' about the election and the January 6th insurrection
Open file 21094

Video ... The $100BN Railway in the Desert ... in the Arab Emirates
Open file 21095 Open file 21095
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Webinar: Business Travel Reimagined ... Oct 12, 2021 09:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Open file 21096
The Trump Saga
Not over yet ... and as dangerous as ever

The media is lying ... Donald J Trump
Open file 21097
Market Demand
A fundamental change

Who needs gasoline? Observations about the growing role of electricity in the world.
Open file 21098
Paul Polak

Video ... Paul Polak receiving Honorary Degree at the University of Western Ontario
Open file 21099
SPARE Open file 21100
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