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TVM Dialog List 1421
21001 - 21050
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Air Safety

FRONTLINE discussion ... Topic: Boeing's Fatal Flaw
Open file 21001
Management Metrics
Measuring Commitment to Development

The Analytical Framework for CGD's Commitment to Development
Open file 21002
Management Metrics
Fragile States Index (FSI) ... INCOMPLETE / PLACEHOLDER

FSI is based on The Fund for Peace's proprietary Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST)
Open file 21003
Understanding Stock Price Movements

MARKETS ... U.S. stocks’ comeback attempt from Monday’s rout fails with the Dow and S&P flat
Open file 21004
Management Metrics

Two Steps Forward ... The coming net-zero backlash
Open file 21005 Open file 21005
US Politics

OUCH ... Republicans create more government deficits than Democrats!
Open file 21006
Project Syndicate

Building the Green Consensus ... September 20, 2021
Open file 21007
Management Metrics
Triple Bottom Line

John Elkington ... 25 Years Ago I Coined the Phrase “Triple Bottom Line.” Here’s Why It’s Time to Rethink It.
Open file 21008 Open file 21008
TPB Communications
PeterB / Gus Escher

Thread involving Gus Escher
Open file 21009
TPB Communications
PeterB / Jonathan Cloud

Thread involving Jonathan Cloud, Matt Polsky, Ira Feldman
Open file 21010
US Politics
Political communication

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made all sides mad — and got her point across
Open file 21011 Open file 21011

'This is big': House passes amendment to cut US complicity in Saudi bombing of Yemen
Open file 21012 Open file 21012

Eco-Friendly Flooring: How To Make Sense Of Competing Claims
Open file 21013
More than just Economics

Video ... Benjamin M. Friedman of Harvard speaking about Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
Open file 21014

PwC Probably Won’t Be Including Ex-Audit Partner’s PCAOB Fine In Trust Solutions Marketing Materials Anytime Soon
Open file 21015
US Social Trends

More Americans are moving into wildfire zones ... Megafire is colliding with America’s demand for cheaper housing near the great outdoors ...
Open file 21016
US Democracy
Election Manipulation

Democratic Strategy Institute ... using Liz Cheney to raise money for their organization
Open file 21017
US Democracy
Election Manipulation

Rachel Maddow ... 'Backers of Trump's false fraud claims seek to control next elections.'
Open file 21018
US Politics
Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona

Public Citizen ... Senator Sinema ... tell this senator to knock it off
Open file 21019
College Athletics
USC Football

Column: USC’s historic loss wasn’t the miracle Donte Williams needed at the Coliseum
Open file 21020
Webinar Event ... September 28th 2021
Impact Alpha

Agents of Impact Call No.31: Impact Measurement & Management for the SDGs
Open file 21021
GOP Politics
Matt Gaetz

What Matt Gaetz’s Legal Lineup Tells Us About His Troubles
Open file 21022 Open file 21022
Economics ... The Dismal Science!

Umair Haque ... I’m Burned Out on Collapse — And I Bet You Are Too ... The Hidden Cost of Living Through a Time of Fracture, Disintegration, and Catastrophe
Open file 21023 Open file 21023
Little ... if anything ... is sustainable

Sustainability is Destroying the Planet ... Ono Mergen, an environmental scientist calls BS
Open file 21024 Open file 21024
The Trump Saga
Democracy at Risk

Donald Trump Jr. ... My father’s rally was epic
Open file 21025 Open file 21025

Why coffee could cost more at groceries, cafes
Open file 21026 Open file 21026
The Biden Agenda
Hard Ball Negotiation

Left warns Pelosi they'll take down Biden infrastructure bill
Open file 21027
US Politics

The “Resistance” Is Back In Virginia. But This Year, It’s GOP Resistance.
Open file 21028
Banking and Finance
Necessary but also a Constraint

ColdFusion Video ... How The Biggest Banks Get Away With Fraud
Open file 21029
Don't Get Vaccinated

Health ... ‘Don’t get vaccinated’: Fake funeral home is used to promote coronavirus shots
Open file 21030
Media Headlines
The Washington Post ... Today's WorldView

The Washington Post ... Today's WorldView ... September 27th 2021
Open file 21031
Evergrande Collapse

Before China Evergrande neared collapse, its soccer team chased global glory
Open file 21032

Webinar slides ... An EIU discussion about the role of the 'Common Prosperity' initiative on Chinese economic progress
Open file 21033 Open file 21033
The State of the USA
Increasing Fragility

Failing State Index ... A Booming Economy Will Not Save the USA: The USA Needs to Deal with its Polarization Problem
Open file 21034 Open file 21034
CAW Network USA (formerly ACAUS)

CAW Network USA - September 30th Update - Events, Insights and News
Open file 21035
TVM Website Notes
In process backlog

TVM Website Notes ... In process backlog as of October 1st 2021
Open file 21036
US Politics

Fundraising for AOC in Pike County PA
Open file 21037
Media Headlines
The Bloomberg Headlines

The Bloomberg Headlines for October 1st, 2021
Open file 21038
US Politics
Biden's Signature Legislation in Jeopardy

Left warns Pelosi they'll take down Biden infrastructure bill
Open file 21039
Management Metrics
Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

The EU has an important new regulation ... SFDR: What it means for ESG
Open file 21040

ProPublica ... Facebook Grew Marketplace to 1 Billion Users. Now Scammers Are Using It to Target People Around the World.
Open file 21041 Open file 21041
UK Police Misconduct

Not Only Was Wayne Couzens a Police Officer, He Represents Them Too ... It is precisely because of his profession that Sarah Everard was arrested and handcuffed by Couzens
Open file 21042
Global Health
Life Expectancy

Hans Rosling: 200 years of Life Expectancy in 4 minutes - BBC News
Open file 21043 Open file 21043
Global Health

Hans Rosling ... TED Talk ... The best stats you've ever seen
Open file 21044 Open file 21044
Management Metrics
Beyond ESG

Four steps investors can take to move beyond ESG greenwashing and drive real impact
Open file 21045 Open file 21045
Global Steering Group (GSG) for Impact Investment

Impact Management .. Global standards for sustainability accounting must be holistic and inclusive
Open file 21046
Global Steering Group (GSG) for Impact Investment

Video ... Impact Summit 2018: Sir Ronald Cohen on The Power of Impact
Open file 21047 Open file 21047
Impact Investing
Sir Ronald Cohen ... Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Discussion ... Sir Ronald Cohen: Impact Investing Is the Future
Open file 21048 Open file 21048
Canadian Air Power

Nightmare for soviet submarines; the story of the Canadair CP-107 Argus
Open file 21049
Global Trends
Hans Rosling

TED video ... How not to be ignorant about the world | Hans and Ola Rosling
Open file 21050
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