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20601 - 20650
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Event / Webinar
Wednesday, June 9th 1:15 to 2:45 PM EDT

The Economic Development Power of Clean Energy ... Arizona Example
Open file 20601
Government Oversight
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)

Shakeup at the PCAOB: SEC removes Duhnke, plans new board members
Open file 20602
US Politics
Kamala Harris goes to Guatemala

Guatemalans tell Kamala Harris to ‘go home’: ‘Trump won’
Open file 20603
Media / Outlines
On the Money - The Hill Finance

On the Money - The Hill Finance - June 9, 2021
Open file 20604
Biden Administration
Infrastructure talks

Biden ends infrastructure talks with key Republican
Open file 20605
Biden Administration
Infrastructure talks

Schumer: White House-GOP infrastructure talks 'seem to be running into a brick wall'
Open file 20606
Biden Administration
Infrastructure talks

Bipartisan group prepping infrastructure plan as White House talks lag
Open file 20607
US Taxation
The taxes on the wealthy

Some US billionaires had years where they paid no taxes: report
Open file 20608
US Economy

Biden administration seeks to thread needle on inflation
Open file 20609
Economic Growth
World Bank projection

World Bank projects strongest post-recession growth in 80 years
Open file 20610
Corporate Reporting
The Value Reporting Foundation (TheVRF)

IIRC and SASB form the Value Reporting Foundation
Open file 20611
US Infrastructure

Webinar ... The Port Authority of NY & NJ presents Doing Business and Navigating Our Ports
Open file 20612

The Spring Model ... The IIRC’s Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group has published a new model for integrated thinking and strategy.
Open file 20613
The Trump Saga
Over? ... but maybe not!

Why Trump's primary political skill may also be his surprising weakness
Open file 20614
Climate Responsibility
Corporate Con

The 'Big Con' revealed: Report details the fossil fuel industry's deceptive 'net zero' strategy
Open file 20615
Media / News Headlines
On the Money - The Hill Finance

On the Money - The Hill Finance ... The Hill ... Wed, Jun 9, 5:23 PM (15 hours ago)
Open file 20616
US Politics
About the GOP

The Republican Party is a Cult Says Fmr. GOP Congressman Mickey Edwards | Amanpour and Company
Open file 20617
An all-electric Bentley

Video ... Is a £350k electric Bentley S1 the future of classic cars? | Top Gear
Open file 20618
Low taxes for the super-rich

The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax
Open file 20619
Media Headlines
Washington Post ... June 12th 2021

Saturday's Headlines: G-7 leaders try to signal that the page has turned on Trump era
Open file 20620
Media / Headlines
Inside Climate News

Inside Climate News ... 06/10/2021
Open file 20621
Climate Crisis
Sea Level Rise

Climate and Environment ... This melting glacier was already the biggest source of sea level rise. Then things got worse.
Open file 20622
Financial Advice / Assets Under Management

Top firms in 2020 for Assets Under Management (AUM) from Accounting Today
Open file 20623
Global Diplomacy
G7 in Cornwall, UK

G7 to agree tough measures on burning coal to tackle climate change
Open file 20624
Global Diplomacy
G7 in Cornwall, UK

In Pictures: World leaders bask in Cornwall sun at G7 summit
Open file 20625
US Politics
Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano

This PA lawmaker is a Christian zealot, an academic fraud and an insurrectionist. He's the tip of the iceberg
Open file 20626
US Politics
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

Women detail drug use, sex and payments after late-night parties with Gaetz and others
Open file 20627
Management Metrics

Links to GRI sector standards together with TVM commentary (in progress)
Open file 20628
International Affairs

The G7, and why we won’t backslide on climate again
Open file 20629
US Economy 2021

Rising prices: What meat, clothing and five other everyday items tell us about inflation
Open file 20630
US Economy 2021

Economy ... What used cars tell us about the risk of too much inflation hitting the economy
Open file 20631
Top 10 Trading Nations

Trade pattern changes since 1980 ... China: 40 Years of Soaring Exports
Open file 20632
US Politics
Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

Democrats say they're at a turning point with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.).
Open file 20633
China and Taiwan

China and Taiwan conflict ... Is war between China and Taiwan inevitable?
Open file 20634
US Economy
The mandate of the Federal Reserve

Fed changes its approach to inflation, as leaders aim to navigate future crises and reach full employment
Open file 20635
Burgess Link List
June 2021

Burgess Link List ... June 2021
Open file 20636
India’s Growing International Clout

Gurjit Singh ... A changing global context, a more transactional world and China’s assertiveness increase India’s pool of potential friends.
Open file 20637
How the Economy Really is Rigged Against You

Umair Haque ... How Corruption, Greed, and Ideology Made America the World’s First Poor Rich Country
Open file 20638
Accountancy Profession

PwC reorganizes U.S. firm structure, sets new international strategy
Open file 20639
US Politics
VP Kamala Harris

Harris rebounds after difficult trip
Open file 20640
Electric Vehicles
Lordstown Motors

Ohio’s EV Truck Savior Is Running Out of Juice ... The start-up Lordstown Motors gave hope to a region that could use some, but now the company is flailing.
Open file 20641
US Politics

Will Biden Be Forced to Give Up What Some Say is His Best Shot at Tackling Climate Change?
Open file 20642
Climate / Agriculture
Economic Impact

Drought spreads in key U.S. crop states
Open file 20643
CHR Sunday Forum
with David Blight

June 20th 2021 ... David Blight, Sterling Professor of History and African American Studies at Yale
Open file 20644
US Politics
Wilbur Ross

Trump's Commerce Secretary raked in more than $53 million while holding public office
Open file 20645
TPB Reading

You read the paper Malaria: current status of control, diagnosis, treatment, and a proposed agenda.... A related paper is available on Academia.
Open file 20646
Climate Crisis
Brad Zarnett

How ethically bankrupt politicians are paving the way towards ecocide ... An approach that can best be described as “immunity via collective failure” with a sprinkle of “lying by omission” on top.
Open file 20647
Nick Hanauer

TED Talk ... Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming | Nick Hanauer
Open file 20648
MIT Event
“Exploring Impactful Leadership,”

MIT Sloan Senior Lecturers Bridget Scott Akinc and James Rhee, ... Tuesday, June 22, 2021 10:00 AM–11:00AM (EDT)
Open file 20649
US Politics
Mayor of New York

Socialists Were Once Serious Contenders for Mayor of New York, and They Will Be Again
Open file 20650
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