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20551 - 20600
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US Energy

CNBC ... SUSTAINABLE FUTURE ... ‘A huge moment’: U.S. gives go-ahead for its first major offshore wind farm
Open file 20551
US Society
Society and Corporate Behavior

BBC ... POLLUTION from energy generation ... The strange deal that created a ghost town
Open file 20552
West Africa / Gambia

BBC ... Chinese fish meal factories are turning West Africa’s fish into powder
Open file 20553
The Biden Presidency
The American Jobs Plan / Made in America Tax Plan

FACT SHEET: The American Jobs Plan ... MARCH 31, 2021 • STATEMENTS AND RELEASES
Open file 20554
Paul Krugman

Krugman ... Wonking Out: Return of the monetary cockroaches ... an infestation of monetary cockroaches.
Open file 20555 Open file 20555a
Economic Inequality
Great Wealth

The Real 'Big Lie' Is That Billionaires Are Tolerable ... Great wealth should be seen as deranged hoarding.
Open file 20556
Pro-military has a more popular message

VIEWPOINT ... We Need to Build a Strong Peace Movement. The Anti-Apartheid Movement Can Show Us How.
Open file 20557
US taxation
Politics is a challenge here

New York, New Jersey, California face long odds in scrapping State and Local Tax deductions (SALT)
Open file 20558
Ransome Attacks

Colonial breach underscores concerns over paying hackers
Open file 20559
US health
Covid 19 crisis management

Major miscommunication ... CDC lifting mask use: The honor system isn't good enough
Open file 20560
US Politics
Republicans out-of-control

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) verbally assaults Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Open file 20561
US politics
Republicans ... Sen. Rand Paul

‘You are entirely and completely incorrect’—Dr. Fauci educates Rand Paul on medical research
Open file 20562
Unfair, Immoral, Anti-social

Taxation isn’t theft, but avoiding taxes is ... How can any small business compete with a large corporation that doesn’t pay a single penny in federal taxes?
Open file 20563
US Climate

This map of the U.S. heating up is horrifying. Show it to every climate denier you know ... The U.S. looks like it’s on fire.
Open file 20564
US Politics
Republicans' vacuous talking points

Psaki stumps reporter who attempts to disguise GOP-fabricated talking points as genuine questions
Open file 20565
US Politics
Democrat infighting?

Virginia Democrats send message to statehouse candidates: Progressives need not apply
Open file 20566

Pourquoi le B-2 a-t-il été fabriqué s'il est si rarement utilisé ?
Open file 20567
Media Headlines
Amanpour and Company

Tonight on Amanpour and Company ... Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Open file 20568
Price Volatility

Bitcoin’s plunge intensifies, tanks 30% to $30,000 in single day amid broad cryptocurrency sell-off
Open file 20569
Enterprise Data Security eSummit

Enterprise Data Security eSummit ... Tuesday, May 25th at 11;00 EDT
Open file 20570
The Trump Saga
Civil or Criminal ... those are the questions

Trump Legal Bombshell? 45 'Might Be Implicated' In Giuliani Probe
Open file 20571
US Politics
New York City

Why Progressive Activists Are Terrified of Andrew Yang ... The left has won a string of impressive victories in New York. That streak could soon come to an end.
Open file 20572
US Politics
Richard Blumenthal

Advocating for accountablity ... No 'Get Out of Jail Free' cards for Trump cronies
Open file 20573
US Politics
Rep Tim Ryan ... GOP have no shame ... individualism at its worst

@RepTimRyan goes off on Republicans for opposing a Jan. 6th commission ... Muslims attack on 9/11 - hearings /// Muslims attack Libya emb - hearings /// White Nationalist attack The Capital - it was just a tour.
Open file 20574
The Trump Saga

Open file 20575
US Politics
Rick Santorum

CNN's Chris Cuomo corners Rick Santorum over Native American comments
Open file 20576
Bill Gates

How Bill Gates’ Carefully Curated “Tech Savior” Image Unraveled
Open file 20577
US Politics
Former PA Senator Rick Santorum (R)

CNN's Anderson Cooper is forced to cut Rick Santorum off before he gets too racist
Open file 20578
The Trump Saga
Criminal Probe from New York

Video ... Trump Cornered? Feds Trying To Flip Trump Org. Exec In Criminal Probe
Open file 20579
US Politics
Fmr. GOP Sen. Jeff Flake

Video ... Fmr. GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: Republicans Are Indulging Trump's Base | Amanpour and Company
Open file 20580
The Trump Saga
January 6th

Amanpour ... A New Study Shows Us the Single Biggest Motivation for the Jan. 6 Rioters | Amanpour and Company
Open file 20581
US Politics
January 6th

Video ... Amanpour ... Ronan Farrow: Who Were the Rioters on Jan. 6th? | Amanpour and Company
Open file 20582
High Fashion
Sexual Predation

60MinutesAustralia ... Former models expose the ugly truth of the beauty industry | 60 Minutes Australia
Open file 20583
North Korea

Hidden cameras expose Kim Jong-un's clandestine weapon and drugs trade | 60 Minutes Australia
Open file 20584
The Trump Saga
Completely unhinged

Video ... Axios: Trump tried to pull troops from around world after election loss
Open file 20585
The Trump Saga
Enough Already

Scrambling Trump Torches GOP For Not Backing His Election Lies | MSNBC
Open file 20586
The Trump Saga
Years of bad behavior

Omarosa on Trump 2024: It’s Difficult to Run 'Behind Bars' | Zerlina.
Open file 20587
Mercedes -v- Rolls-Rpyce

Video ... 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 vs Rolls-Royce Cullinan // Battle Of The ULTIMATE Ballers
Open file 20588
Covid 19 Update

The Hill Healthcare ... Welcome to Tuesday’s Overnight Health Care.
Open file 20589
Not fit for purpose

Jeffrey Sachs: How a Third Reconstruction could end American poverty
Open file 20590
Quatar Economic Forum RSVP to join Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jim Yong Kim and Steven Mnuchin at QEF

Open file 20591
Business Analytics for Success

TECHNOLOGY ... This Was Steve Jobs's Most Important Observation When He Returned to Apple. It Changed EverythingIt had nothing to do with the products.
Open file 20592
The Trump Saga
Money and Power Corrupts

NYT reporter explains Trump's plan to 'tar' the New York investigations that threaten him
Open file 20593
US Politics / UK Royals
Meeting being planned

The White House is making plans for President Biden to meet with England's Queen Elizabeth II in June, a U.S. official told CNN on Wednesday.
Open file 20594
Business Analytics for Success

TECHNOLOGY ... This Was Steve Jobs's Most Important Observation When He Returned to Apple. It Changed EverythingIt had nothing to do with the products.
Open file 20595
US Politics
Billionaire Socialism

Bernie Sanders Is Fighting a Massive 'Bailout' to Jeff Bezos' Space Company
Open file 20596
Reiss Center on Law and Security and the NYU Washington, DC Program

Insanity Defense: A Conversation with Congresswoman Jane Harman and Andrew Weissmann
Open file 20597
Book Writing
A How To e-book

“How To Write, Publish, & Sell Your Own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable EBook In As Little As 7 Days – Even If You Can’t Write, Can’t Type, And Failed High School English Class!”
Open file 20598
Event / Webinar
Mon, Jun 28, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Sixty Minutes with Ecological Economists Hazel Henderson and Kate Raworth
Open file 20599
SPARE Open file 20600
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