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20301 - 20350
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Media / Headlines
The Washington Post ... Politics A.M.

The Washington Post ... Politics A.M. ... March 1st, 2021
Open file 20301
US Politics
GOP members ... Madison Cawthorn

The making of Madison Cawthorn: How falsehoods helped propel the career of a new pro-Trump star of the far right
Open file 20302
Media Headlines
The Hill’s Morning Report

The Hill’s Morning Report ... March 1st, 2021
Open file 20303

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to jail for corruption
Open file 20304
Media / News Summary
The Washington Post ... The Daily 202

The Washington Post ... The Daily 202 ... February 1st 2021
Open file 20305
Biden Administration
Cabinet Appointments

Neera Tanden withdraws from nomination as Biden budget chief
Open file 20306
Stock Market / Investment

MAD MONEY ... Cramer’s week ahead: February jobs report could trigger a ‘tsunami of selling’
Open file 20307
March 31 at 11am New York time.

Webinar on SDG Progress: Survey Highlights from GlobeScan and the SustainAbility Institute by ERM
Open file 20308
US politics
January 6th

Pelosi warns of threat from 'all the president's men'
Open file 20309
US Politics
Kelly Loeffler

Kelly Loeffler Just Lost Her WNBA Team to a Player She Refused to Meet ... A massive story just went down in Atlanta, if we take the time to acknowledge it.
Open file 20310
Progress of AI

Yet another major breakthrough in the world of AI… Artificial intelligence (AI) has just taken another step forward.
Open file 20311
Urban Sea / Camden

Video about Lehr Jackson urban developments and the initaitives for Coopers Ferry and
Open file 20312
The Trump Saga
About Jared Kushner

Video ... #DemocracyNow ... Extended Conversation with Vicky Ward on “Kushner, Inc.”
Open file 20313
Jeremy Grantham

Video ... Why Jeremy Grantham Says the Next Crash Will Rival 1929, 2000
Open file 20314
Wall Street Crash 2008

Video ... Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis | Full VICE Special Report | HBO
Open file 20315
US Society
January 6th

MAGA MELTDOWN ... “This has been a bunch of crap,” Richard Barnett screamed in court on Thursday, as he complained that other Capitol rioters have been released from jail.
Open file 20316
The Trump Saga
Post Trump

TRUMPLAND ... Josh Hawley Is the Villain, and America Is the Victim ... The competition to be the next Trump is stiff. But ladies and gentlemen, we have a clear winner.
Open file 20317
Fragile Market

February 27, 2021 ...MAD MONEY ... Cramer’s week ahead: February jobs report could trigger a ‘tsunami of selling’
Open file 20318
US Politics
Covid Relief $1.9 Trillion

Biden gets involved to help break Senate logjam ... helping to break an eight-hour stalemate between centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and other Democrats
Open file 20319
US Politics
Minimum Wage legislation

'Shameful': Millionaire Senators Vote Against Popular Minimum Wage Raise That Would Lift Millions Out of Poverty
Open file 20320
Media / Headlines
Bloomberg Technology

Main story ... Google recently announced what looks like a major improvement in digital privacy. About Google's FLoC
Open file 20321
US Public Policy
Fiscal stimulus

Joe Biden just unleashed a quiet revolution in American politics
Open file 20322
US Politics
Feud ... Trump -v- Trump

Trump just hit the Republican Party where it hurts
Open file 20323
UK Royals
Meghan & Harry

The 8 biggest bombshells from Oprah's Meghan & Harry interview, from racist royals to tabloid bias
Open file 20324
Technology / Transport
BAC Concorde

QUORA ... Was Concorde ever photographed going Mach 2.0? If so, how?
Open file 20325
Banking and Finance
Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company

The failure of Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company in 1984, the largest in US history at the time, and its subsequent rescue gave rise to the term 'too big to fail.'
Open file 20326
Media / Headlines
Inside Climate News

Inside Climate News .... March 13th 2021
Open file 20327
Impact on Climate

InsideClimateNews ... Big Banks Make a Dangerous Bet on the World’s Growing Demand for Food
Open file 20328
Media Headlines

Warming Trends: The Value of Natural Land, a Climate Change Podcast and Traffic Technology in Hawaii
Open file 20329
Basic Income

Biden’s Stimulus Plan Contains an Experiment in Universal Basic Income ... The bill’s child tax credit has the potential to change the way that the United States addresses poverty.
Open file 20330 Open file 20330a
Economic Policy
Universal Basic Income

Who Really Stands to Win from Universal Basic Income? ... It has enthusiasts on both the left and the right. Maybe that’s the giveaway.
Open file 20331 Open file 20331a
The 1960s

The New Yorker ... The Making of the New Left ... The movement inspired young people to believe that they could transform themselves—and America.
Open file 20332
US Politics
Mitch McConnell

McConnell offers scathing 'scorched Earth' filibuster warning ... “Let me say this very clearly for all 99 of my colleagues: Nobody serving in this chamber can even begin, can even begin, to imagine what a completely scorched-Earth Senate would look like,”
Open file 20333
American Hate
Trump Legacy ... but not entirely

Biden says he will wait to assign motive for Atlanta shootings ... The shootings Tuesday night at three massage parlors killed eight people, including six Asian women.
Open file 20334
Banking Processes

4 Steps to Success - Kick-start your real-time payments strategy
Open file 20335
Media / Headlines
Medium Daily Digest

Medium Daily Digest ... March 18th 2021
Open file 20336
United Kingdom

Umair Haque ... How Britain Became the Dumbest Society in the World ... Britain is Becoming the World’s Newest Failed State
Open file 20337
Civilization is Self-Destructing

Umair Haque ... This is How Our Civilization is Self-Destructing ... The Real Economics of Our Civilization Say It’s Going to Implode
Open file 20338
Burgess Link List
March 2021

Burgess Link List
Open file 20339
High Speed Rail

the net present value of China’s high-speed rail (HSR) network that is operational at the end of 2019
Open file 20340
Country / China
Economic Performance

Reversion to the Mean: Why Chinese Investment in the US Did Not, In Fact, “Collapse”
Open file 20341
North Korea
Weak Economy ... Strong Nuclear Missiles

North Korea Says It’s Ghosting Endless Calls and Emails From Team Biden
Open file 20342
Financial Crisis 2008
Video History

Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis | Full VICE Special Report | HBO
Open file 20343
US Politics

Mitch McConnell's secret weakness is now exposed — and he can't stop what's coming
Open file 20344
Rule of Law
Has its limits

The messy truth about prosecuting an ex-president
Open file 20345
The Biden Administration
FDA Commissioner

The Biden-Administration Fight You Aren’t Hearing About ... the FDA is functioning under acting commissioner Janet Woodcock rather than a Senate approved appointment.
Open file 20346

Open file 20347
The National Review

A-Canceling We Will Go ... the National Review complaining mightily
Open file 20348
Being Gamed by the Investment Community

THE CAPITAL LETTER ... Putting the Grift in ESG
Open file 20349
The Trump Saga
Surprise Surprise

Former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach club has been partially closed because of a COVID outbreak.
Open file 20350
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