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TVM Dialog List 1406
20251 - 20300

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Media / Headlines
Mother Jones Daily Newsletter

Mother Jones Daily Newsletter ... February 16, 2021
Open file 20251
Biden Policy Options
Student Debt

Here's how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to Biden's refusal to forgive $50k of student debt
Open file 20252
Winter Storm Viola

Winter Storm Spreads Snow and Potentially Damaging Ice Into the East Through Friday
Open file 20253
Rick Perry

Former Governor Rick Perry makes stunning claim that dangerous Texas blackouts are worth it to avoid regulation
Open file 20254
Media / News
Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer ... THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2021
Open file 20255
Media / Social Media
Changing Landscape

Facebook Blocks News in Australia, Diverging With Google on Proposed Law ... With Australia moving to make the tech companies pay for news, Facebook took a hard line, while Google has struck deals to pay publishers.
Open file 20256
Media / News
The Sunday-Morning News Shows

How the Trump Era Broke the Sunday-Morning News Show ... Any number of hallowed political and media institutions fell apart. So why should the most hallowed political-media institution of them all escape unscathed?
Open file 20257
Serena Williams

Serena Williams’s Australian Open Catsuit Has Already Won ... The tennis champion is changing the game in multiple ways.
Open file 20258
The Former Guy

Trump’s Dreaded Nickname ... The Former Guy (TFG)
Open file 20259
Media Headlines

AlterNet ... February 18th 2021
Open file 20260
Texas Freeze

Experts warn Texas crisis could become a 'mass casualty event’
Open file 20261
Us Politics
Chaos in the GOP

Trump is on a warpath to make McConnell's life a living hell
Open file 20262
Institute for New Economic Thinking

Institute for New Economic Thinking ... CBO Not Competent to Assess Economics of Minimum Wage
Open file 20263
Economic Analysis

CBO Not Competent to Assess Economics of Minimum Wage
Open file 20264
John Maynard Keynes

An except from Galbraith’s review of Paul Davidson’s Who’s Afraid of John Maynard Keynes?
Open file 20265
Major storm emergency

7 Million Texans Wake Up Without Clean Water Due To Winter Storms
Open file 20266
Texas Weather Crisis

Texas’s Power Crisis Has Turned Into a Disaster That Parallels Hurricane Katrina
Open file 20267
Record amounts of snow

WINTER STORM ... The Most Snow-Fatigued Cities in the U.S. Right Now
Open file 20268
Workplace Conditions

Opinion ... Don’t Look Away From Amazon Workers’ Latest Union Drive ... Americans should contemplate the human cost of speedy delivery.
Open file 20269
The State of Texas

Opinion ... Ted Cruz’s Excellent Adventure ... At least he didn’t bring up the Green New Deal.
Open file 20270
Workers Defense Project partnering with the Texas Organizing Project

MoveOn mobilizing for the Texas emergency ... Workers Defense Project partnering with the Texas Organizing Project
Open file 20271
US Politics
Election 2020 Data

Daily Kos Elections ... With polarization at a peak, the number of House 'crossover districts' is at its lowest in a century
Open file 20272
US Politics
TVM accountability initiative

Daily Kos Elections' presidential results by congressional district for 2020, 2016, and 2012
Open file 20273
US Politics
Senate Races

Don't look now, but GOP already in disarray over Senate battleground races
Open file 20274
US Politics
The Biden Approach

OPINION ... Biden’s Revolution Is Doing What Obama and Clinton Did Not ... the 46th president is respecting the left
Open file 20275
TPB site admin

Links from around February 23rd 2021
Open file 20276
US Politics
The GOP fringe

Lauren Boebert, Second Amendment warrior, really hates constitutional 'rewrites'
Open file 20277
US Politics
GOP ... Ted Cruz of Texas

Opinion ... Ted Cruz’s Excellent Adventure ... At least he didn’t bring up the Green New Deal.
Open file 20278
Biden Presidency
Secretary of Agriculture

Why Bernie Sanders took a stand against a Biden nominee and voted against Tom Vilsack reprising his role as secretary of agriculture
Open file 20279
Texas Storm
ERCOT resignations

ERCOT board members living outside of Texas now resigning amid winter storm aftermath
Open file 20280
ProPublica's Big Story

ProPublica's Big Story ... WED. FEB 24, 2021
Open file 20281

Technology / Facebook ... Sheryl Sandberg and Top Facebook Execs Silenced an Enemy of Turkey to Prevent a Hit to the Company’s Business
Open file 20282
US Politics
Not white and male

Biden nominees who aren't white men are mysteriously facing tough confirmation fights
Open file 20283
US Politics

With exit of David Perdue, Georgia's GOP Senate primary could prove a disastrous mess
Open file 20284
Biden Government
Policy Options

Did You See Yellen's Crazy New Proposal? Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will consider proposals to tax 'unrealized gains' in the stock market.
Open file 20285

Open file 20286
Activism / Media / Headlines
Center for Public Integrity

Center for Public Integrity
Open file 20287
Climaye Denial and other matters

DeSmotUK ... Friday 25 February 2021
Open file 20288

Shell’s 'Delusional' Net Zero Strategy Commits $8 Billion to Fossil Fuels
Open file 20289
Illicit financial flows

A tide-turning moment in the global struggle for tax justice ... Targeting illicit financial flows in the Sustainable Development Goals
Open file 20290

Tax Justice Network ... Global Network for Tax Justice
Open file 20291
US Politics
Rand Paul

Exchange between GOP senator, transgender nominee draws fire from Democrats ... Sen. Rand Paul’s questions contained ‘harmful misrepresentations,’ committee chair says
Open file 20292
Media / Headlines
The Washington Post ... Politics A.M.

The Washington Post ... Politics A.M.... February 26, 2021
Open file 20293
UD Politics
COVID-19 relief bill

House Democrats pass sweeping $1.9T COVID-19 relief bill with minimum wage hike
Open file 20294
Some useful history

From 2013 ... Justin vs UKIP ... Bankers, Bradburys and Greenbacks
Open file 20295
Real People

This Rural Liberal Set Out to Talk to His Pro-Trump Neighbors ... It didn’t go well — until it did.
Open file 20296
Media / Headlines
The Washington Post - The Post Most

The Washington Post - The Post Most ... February 27th 2021
Open file 20297
Media / Headlines

AlterNet Headlines ... February 28th 2021
Open file 20298
US Politics
Senator Josh Hawley

No, Josh Hawley: We don’t hate America if we want to learn from history’s mistakes ... BY THE KANSAS CITY STAR EDITORIAL BOARD
Open file 20299
SPARE Open file 20300
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