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TVM Dialog List 1396
19751 - 19800

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Media / Headlines

AlterNet ... RAW STORY ... TODAY'S TOP STORIES ... October 24th 2020
Open file 19751
The Trump Saga
Lincoln Project pushing back

'Nuts!' Lincoln Project mocks Jared and Ivanka for their 'comical' threat to sue over Times Square billboards
Open file 19752
Worth Reading
How America has fallen apart

Porter Stansberry : How I'm 'Opting Out' of the Chaos Engulfing America
Open file 19753
Virtual Event:
Impact Entrepreneur

IMPACT PRIVATE EQUITY FUNDS: AN INSIDER'S VIEW ... Thursday, October 29, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM (EDT)
Open file 19754
Media / Headlines

AlterNet ... October 23rd 2020
Open file 19755
Breaking News / MoveOn

Breaking News (via MoveOn)
Open file 19756
People's Action

People's Action ... DONATE NOW, DEFEAT TRUMP
Open file 19757

White space ... by Joel Makower on the eve of the VERGE virtual conference
Open file 19758

What's going on with Foxconn? ... a piece from Bloomberg Technology
Open file 19759
Tech Company Expensify

Technology ... Expensify CEO Emails 10 Million Customers Urging Them to Vote for Biden ... There was intense debate within the company over whether to send the message, says David Barrett, the CEO.
Open file 19760
The VERGE Conference 2020

Info from the chat
Open file 19761
The Trump Saga
A deeper swamp

FBI Sits on Report Detailing White-Supremacist Terror Threat
Open file 19762
Capital market disconnect

Dow closes 650 points lower, posts worst day since early September
Open file 19763
The Trump Saga
Trump not in control

Paul Krugman ... Time, chance and the coronavirus
Open file 19764
Media / Headlines
The Conversation

The Conversation ... October 28th 2020
Open file 19765
The Trump Saga
The suburbs are different

No, President Trump, suburbia is no longer all white — and Black suburbanites are more politically active than their neighbors
Open file 19766
Responsible Business USA

Responsible Business USA ... October 27th, 28th and 29th
Open file 19767
Responsible Business

Responsible Business USA ... October 2020 ... About the speakers
Open file 19768
Company / Initiative

INVIZION, a technology company that aims to address the global waste problem through their revolutionary waste tracking blockchain-based solutions
Open file 19769
Political Theatre
Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz to Twitter CEO: 'Mr Dorsey, who the hell elected you...?'
Open file 19770
USS Texas

USS Texas - 104 years old and still going
Open file 19771
Covid Impact October 2020

Dow sinks more than 900 points for its worst drop since June amid rising virus cases globally
Open file 19772
Story of Stuff Project

Re: Nestlé's Troubled Waters ... Michael O'Heaney, The Story of Stuff Project
Open file 19773
Bristol Brabazon

The Largest Aircraft Ever Built By Britain: The Bristol Brabazon
Open file 19774
Responsible Business USA 2020

Thursday October 29th chat dialog
Open file 19775
Media / Headlines
Washington Post ... The Daily 202:

The Washington Post ... October 29th 2020
Open file 19776
Baruch College on Pandemic Response

Chat dialog
Open file 19777
Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund

Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund ... the Trump Saga
Open file 19778
Media / Headlines
Activism ... NationofChange

NationofChange – Progressive News and Activism .... October 29th 2020
Open file 19779
The Trump Saga
Please, please ... end it now!!!!!!

Politics ... Why Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg are so adamant about the imperative of defeating Trump
Open file 19780
Media / Headlines
Inside Clean Energy

Inside Clean Energy ... October 29th 2020
Open file 19781
PRODUCTION TRENDS 1999, 2009 AND 2019.

STATISTA: These Countries Produce(d) the Most Cars
Open file 19782
Peggy Noonan

Twitter sends new Biden-Harris ad full of Black folks drumming and dancing straight to Peggy Noonan
Open file 19783
Media / Headlines
Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended ... October 30th 2020
Open file 19784
The Trump Saga
More Presidential Corruption

Some of the mystery around why Barr was so anxious to fire U.S. Attorney Berman has been solved
Open file 19785
Company Interaction

Chat material from conversation with The Harford concerning their website UX
Open file 19786
Media / Headlines
CNBC Evening Brief

CNBC Evening Brief October 30th 2020 ... Stocks sell off once again | Worst week on Wall Street since March | U.S. election looms
Open file 19787
Media / Headlines

AlterNet ... October 31, 2020
Open file 19788
Porter Stansberry ... Stansberry Research
Rich but Stupid

Is this the only way to 'opt out' of America's chaos?
Open file 19789
Doom and Gloom

The Coming Economic Collapse [Not my idea of reality]
Open file 19790
The Trump Saga
Maybe ... maybe not !!!!!

Trump aides preparing for a election day wipe-out as donors regret donating to president's campaign: report
Open file 19791
Progressive Policy
Public Banking

'Banking for the People': Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez unveil bill to foster creation of public banks across US
Open file 19792
Progressive Policy
The Squad ... and more

Some people ask what an old Jewish white guy has in common with young women of color like @AOC, @AyannaPressley, @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib.
Open file 19793
The Trump Saga
Hail Mary

Don’t Be Fooled When Trump Touts Greatest-Ever GDP Report
Open file 19794
Media / Headlines
The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast ... October 31st 2020
Open file 19795
The Trump Saga
4 events in Pennsylvania in one day!

President Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks at a Make America Great Again Victory Rally in Montoursville, PA
Open file 19796
Media / News
Mother Jones

The importance of truly fearless and independent journalism
Open file 19797
The Stansberry Digest

'Make Hay While the Sun Is Shining'... Because Serious Storm Clouds Are Building ... Porter Stansbury and Ron Paul
Open file 19798

I'm worried ... Robert Reich
Open file 19799
SPARE Open file 19800
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