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People's Action

People's Action ... DONATE NOW, DEFEAT TRUMP


Peter Burgess
“We’re not going to control the pandemic.” George Goehl, People's Action Unsubscribe 3:07 PM (27 minutes ago) to me Dear Peter: Trump wants to give up on controlling the spread of COVID-19. We’ve just had the worst two days of new cases so far, and here’s what Trump’s chief of staff had to say about it this morning on CNN: “We’re not going to control the pandemic.” Other countries have controlled their pandemic, but Trump’s team is too incompetent and too lazy to even try. What a disgrace. DONATE NOW, DEFEAT TRUMP But let’s be honest: As long as Republicans control the White House and the Senate, saving people’s lives will never be more important than corporate profits. That’s why Trump doesn’t want to do what’s needed to control the pandemic, and that’s why the Senate hasn’t passed the relief bill sent to them months ago by House Democrats. The most effective thing that you can do to end this nightmare is to donate to our efforts to contact voters in battleground states. Chip in now. One year ago today, Biden warned that, “We are not prepared for a pandemic,” and that Trump was making it more likely that Americans would die when the next one hit. And here we are, with Trump’s incompetence and lies causing an unthinkable death toll. We’re headed into the final week of the campaign. So far, we’ve made 30 million attempts to reach voters in battleground states. We’ve spoken with hundreds of thousands of conflicted voters. Leading academics say our program is 102 times more effective than typical presidential voter persuasion efforts. We can do this, but we need your help to keep our program going. Donate now. We need a president who will put saving lives before making money for himself and his friends. We’ve only got nine days to get it done. Let’s leave it all on the field, together. In solidarity, George Goehl People’s Action
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