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TVM Dialog List 1394
19651 - 19700

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Law and Order
Physicians for Human Rights

“Now they seem to just want to hurt us”: Dangerous Use of Crowd-control Weapons against Protestors and Medics in Portland, Oregon
Open file 19651
Economic Impact of Covid 19
Estimates of GDP for 2020

ECONOMY: COVID-19: Impact on the global economy› How Hard Will GDP Be Hit in 2020?
Open file 19652
ZanaAfrica Foundation

Sunday is International Day of the Girl. ZanaAfrica Foundation works in Kenya support of girls' success.
Open file 19653
Event: October 13th 2020
Baruch ... Zicklin School of Business

Webinar on NYC's Looming Fiscal Crisis ... October 13th 2020
Open file 19654
Company: Facebook
Completely out of control

Facebook Just Forced Its Most Powerful Critics Offline ... 'Nothing says 'free speech' quite as much as a multibillion-dollar corporation with a global monopoly getting its critics shut down.'
Open file 19655
US Politics 2020
Gaming the System

Democratic Voters Beware: “Vote by Mail” in US Battleground States Is a Trap
Open file 19656
US Politics 2020
First Presidential Debate

Biden 1, Trump 0 in the First Round ... Democrats who had been anxious about how Biden would perform can breathe a sigh of relief.
Open file 19657
Media / Headlines
Fast Company Compass

Fast Company Compass ... October 9th 2020
Open file 19658
Media / News Headlines

Open file 19659
The Covid-19 Social Crisis
Covid induced perfect storm

NEWS ECONOMY & LABOR ... One-Third of Americans Can’t Pay Their Bills as Stimulus Talks Stall
Open file 19660
The Trump Saga
Impact of Covid diagnosis on the President

NEWS POLITICS & ELECTIONS ... Citing Trump’s COVID Diagnosis, Pelosi Plans Discussion of His Possible Removal
Open file 19661
Energy: US Electricity Monopolies
Dominion Energy in Virginia

Democrats who campaigned against Virginia’s largest public utility, Dominion Energy, swept into office. Then the company’s lobbying efforts kicked into high gear. Here’s how it fought against legislation meant to lower residents’ electric bills.
Open file 19662
US Politics 2020
Trump and the GOP under fire

Chris Wallace is furious, and Trump campaign adviser (Steve Cortes)is bad at lying
Open file 19663
US Politics 2020
The 2020 vice presidential debate

WATCH: The full 2020 vice presidential debate ... Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.
Open file 19664
US Politics 1960
Kennedy vs. Nixon

WATCH ... Kennedy vs. Nixon: The first 1960 presidential debate
Open file 19665
US Politics 2020
The first 2020 presidential debate

WATCH: The first 2020 presidential debate
Open file 19666
The Trump Saga
What role for AG Barr

Video: William Barr stumped by Kamala Harris' question ... (TPB Ignorance is Bliss!)
Open file 19667
The Trump Saga
What role for AG Barr

Video ... Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) ... Lawmaker to Barr: I'm starting to lose my temper
Open file 19668
The Trump Saga

'Evil': Three Ex-Trump Aides Join To Oust Trump After Debate Debacle | MSNBC
Open file 19669
The Trump Saga
Covid-19 Policy ... wrong again

White House Blocked C.D.C. From Requiring Masks on Public Transportation
Open file 19670
Media / News

More Stories From NPR ... October 10th, 2020
Open file 19671
The US Economy
Huge drop due to Covid-19

THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS ... 3 Months Of Hell: U.S. Economy Drops 32.9% In Worst GDP Report Ever
Open file 19672
US Politics 2020
Kamala Harris

A Brief History of Kamala Harris and the Knights of Columbus ... from the perspective of the National Review
Open file 19673
Media / Headlines
Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended ... October 10th 2020
Open file 19674
US Supreme Court
Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

More Barrett efforts to cover up her past revealed, questions about the health of Republicans swirl
Open file 19675
US Politics and Society
How big is the 'fringe' right wing/

Michigan sheriff says accused terrorists were within their rights to 'arrest' Gov. Whitmer ... Sheriff Dar Leaf says accused Michigan terror plotters were within their right to arrest governor
Open file 19676
The Trump Saga
It keeps getting worse

Trump goes berserk after AG Barr says his bogus Russia report won't drop before the election
Open file 19677

Oct 13, 2020 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Open file 19678
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren on Wielding Political Power

At the New Yorker Festival, the progressive leaders talk about what will be necessary to defeat Donald Trump at the polls, in the legislature, and in the streets.
Open file 19679
Media / Headlines
The Intercept

The Intercept October 10, 2020
Open file 19680
US Economy
Economic and Social Impact of Covid is Deep

FED LENDING SAVED CORPORATE AMERICA. IT COULD DO THE SAME FOR CITIES AND STATES ... Local budgets are facing a wave of austerity that could be avoided with low-interest lending by the Fed, a new report suggests.
Open file 19681
Media / Headlines
Daily Kos Recommended

Daily Kos Recommended October 11th 2020
Open file 19682
The Trump Saga
Covid's impact on the Presdient

Trump's flopping around like a fish on a hot, sunny dock nearing the end
Open file 19683
The Trump Saga
Different Reality

Chris Wallace fires back at Lara Trump for lies about wearing masks at debate: ‘I’m not making this up’
Open file 19684
The Trump Saga
What exactly is Trump's health status

Doctor busts White House physician for ‘cherry-picking’ info to get Trump back out on the campaign trail
Open file 19685
The Trump Saga
Managing the Health Misinformation

White House blocks medical experts on Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force from appearing on ABC's 'This Week'
Open file 19686
RAS Aquaculture
Economics and Progress

Consumers can now buy land-based farmed salmon. Do they care enough to pay for it? ... Most consumers don’t even understand that over half the world’s seafood supply is farmed.
Open file 19687
US Politics
Republican strategy / goals

Here's the simple reason why Republicans think they can afford to abandon the American people
Open file 19688
US Politics
Susan Collins

Susan Collins wrote legislation that made millions for her husband's consulting firm
Open file 19689
Alternatives to Capitalism

From pandemics to climate change, the real problem is capitalism itself
Open file 19690
Related Migration

Open file 19691
Related Migration

HOW CLIMATE MIGRATION WILL RESHAPE AMERICA ... Millions will be displaced. Where will they go?
Open file 19692
Fisheries Investment
Salmon Projects

Feedmaker Nutreco reveals itself as Pure Salmon backer ... BLOCKED INFORMATION
Open file 19693
US Politics
Supreme Court Nominations

Amy Klobuchar rains down fire on Barrett hearing — telling the judge the proceeding is a 'sham'
Open file 19694
Media / Headlines
Washington Post

Washington Post ... The Post Most ... October 13th 2020
Open file 19695
State of the USA

National Security ... FBI: Whitmer plotters also discussed kidnapping Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam
Open file 19696
American Sustainability Business Council

Creating an Economic System that Works for All ... Wednesday, October 21, from 2-3 PM EST
Open file 19697
The Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity at Baruch College

Baruch College Revisits a 2006 Conference on Pandemic Preparedness - Thursday, October 29th
Open file 19698
US Politics 2020
About the debates

Trump and Pence adopt a strategy of authoritarian white masculinity
Open file 19699
SPARE Open file 19700
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