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TVM Dialog List 1393
19601 - 19650

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Census 2020
A Corrupt Process

Wilbur Ross Defies Federal Court Order With Move to Shutter Census Early
Open file 19601
The Trump Saga
Possible Tax Fraud ... or worse ???

Trump Paying Ivanka “Consultant Fees” Is Tax Fraud, Says Watergate Prosecutor
Open file 19602
Politics 2020
The first debate

That 'debate' was bad for America — but it was even worse for Trump
Open file 19603
US Tax System
Essentially dysfunctional

Trump tax revelations shine a spotlight on IRS enforcement
Open file 19604
Politics 2020
The first debate

Ocasio-Cortez calls Trump a 'white supremacist' after debate
Open file 19605
Net Impact New York Professional Chapter

Are you still interested in social impact? What I have mossed over the past few months.
Open file 19606
Media / News Headlines
Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs ... September 30, 2020
Open file 19607
Country: South Afica
Political Corruption

SACP welcomes arrest of corruption suspects
Open file 19608
Media / News Headlines
Polity ... Creamer Media

Polity ... Creamer Media... South Africa ... October 1st 2020
Open file 19609
Media / Headlines
The New Yorker Recommends

The New Yorker Recommends ... October 3rd 2020
Open file 19610
US Politics 2020
More Trump Daga

Trump Has COVID: What the Hell Happens Now? ... Trump's presidency and his reelection have been thrown into chaos overnight.
Open file 19611
Company ... Facebook
Really Big and Really Bad

ACTIVISM ... SunOfUs ... The man filling Facebook with lies ... his name is Joel Kaplan -- a former Bush aide and coal lobbyist
Open file 19612
Event ... TBLI Virtual Conference
Schedule for October 5th

About the Run The World - Online Events Platform
Open file 19613
Some Republican Double Talk

The Irony of Democrats Complaining about Trump’s Taxes ... The president benefited from the kind of tax complexity Democrats tend to prefer.
Open file 19614
Better Politics
Dogs make more sense

Why can’t Democrats make this their primary talking point? ... People love dogs. America loves dogs. Americans in red states love dogs, I’m sure of it.
Open file 19615
Media / New Headlines
Medium Daily Digest

Medium Daily Digest ... October 3rd 2020
Open file 19616
The Trump Saga
Trump ... Catastrophic Irresponsibility

Visual timeline of Trump’s movements before his positive coronavirus test ... Washington Post videos and photos show Trump frequently flouted guidelines.
Open file 19617
Media / News Headlines
Washington Post

Washington Post ... Today's Headlines ... The morning's most important stories, curated by Post editors. ... October 3rd 2020
Open file 19618
The Trump Saga

Murder, He Said ... America’s Maestro of Death and Destruction
Open file 19619

Message KKR & Co now!Tell KKR & Co: Divest from the Coastal GasLink pipeline!
Open file 19620
The Trump Saga
Biden Harris -v- Trump Pence

Trump just gave Kamala Harris a secret weapon to use against Pence in the debate: journalist
Open file 19621
Sexual Harassment
Fox News

Fox News paid $4 million to cover up sexual harassment allegations against Kimberly Guilfoyle: report
Open file 19622
US Politics
Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.)

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) will not seek reelection or run for governor of Pennsylvania in 2022, two sources confirmed to The Hill.
Open file 19623
The Trump Saga
Is Covid-19 a hoax?

The White House’s history of lying makes it difficult to assess the truth of Trump’s condition. But allies are bracing for an election blowout, and at least one G-7 nation is predicting president Ivanka.
Open file 19624
Workplace Predation

The Secret History of Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Departure from Fox
Open file 19625
Freedom United ... Forced Labor / Organ trade

Freedom United October 5th 2020
Open file 19626
TPB ... We need better management

This is Why We Need a New Enlightenment ... Human Beings Need to Rethink Their Place in a World They’ve Destroyed
Open file 19627
Not the be all end all

Pope calls on global community to confront 'destructive effects of empire of money'
Open file 19628
Ray Anderson

Carpet and Floor Covering Manufacturing
Open file 19629
The Trump Saga
Superspreader events

McEnany tests positive for COVID-19
Open file 19630
The Trump Saga
Covid mismanagement ... stick it to workers!

Trump ordered meatpacking plants open — now, workers are left holding the bag
Open file 19631
Living Life
What Trump and Covid have Wrought

Tomgram: Frida Berrigan, Pandemic Living ... The Long Haul Or Living Through Pandemic-Plus By Frida Berrigan
Open file 19632
The Trump Saga
HaHa ... he beat the Corona (Chinese) virus

After Donald Trump's deranged balcony address, we're all gasping together ... The president tells us he beat coronavirus like a man: the kind who takes all the best drugs and leaves everyone else exposed
Open file 19633
The Trump Saga
Sick Humor

Trump Leaves Hospital, Says 'Don't Be Afraid of COVID': A Closer Look ... Late Night with Seth Meyers
Open file 19634
ICAS Event
CA Summit 8 October

CA Summit ... Learn ... Grow ... Inspire
Open file 19635
November 19 @ 12:30 pm - 4:15 pm EST

ACAUS Beyond Accounting Virtual Conference 2020 ... Beyond Accounting Virtual Event
Open file 19636
What is in a name?

TECHNOLOGY ... Microsoft Just Did the 1 Thing No Brand Should Ever Do ... The tech giant is rebranding its search engine.
Open file 19637
US History Revisited
The Oligarchs’ Revenge ... The making of the modern right.

Open file 19638
The Trump Saga
A irresponsible monster

Medical Dispatch ... The Recklessness of Trump’s Return to the White House
Open file 19639
Media / News Headlines
Morning Report

Morning Report ... October 7th 2020
Open file 19640
The Trump Saga
Trump loses control of his Covid message

“Super-Spreader” Trump Wants to Return to Oval Office Despite Being Contagious
Open file 19641
World Affairs

NEWS WAR & PEACE ... 19 Years After US Invasion, Afghanistan’s Civil War Rages Despite Peace Talks
Open file 19642
US Politics 2020
Harris winner by a mile

Here are 5 standout moments from the vice presidential debate
Open file 19643
The State of Society

Trump is the grotesque id of the ruling elites
Open file 19644
US Politics 2020
Harris winner by a mile

The touch of historic irony behind Kamala Harris’ debate triumph
Open file 19645
Media / Headlines
Yale Environment 360

Yale Environment 360 ... October 8th 2020
Open file 19646
What are the policy options

OPINION ... Our Burning Planet: Why We Must Learn to Live With Fire
Open file 19647
Policy Options for China
Optimizing the Yangtze River

With Activists Silenced, China Moves Ahead on Big Dam Project
Open file 19648
Physicians for Human Rights ... Portland, Oregon

Alert ... DHS MUST Stop Using “Less-Lethal” Crowd-Control Weapons on Protestors and Medics
Open file 19649
Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)

DHS MUST Stop Using “Less-Lethal” Crowd-Control Weapons on Protestors and Medics
Open file 19650
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