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Economic Analysis
Umair Haque

America is Committing Economic Suicide ... The American Economy Is About to Die From Coronavirus — Because Nobody Saved It
Open file 18601
Computer History

Video ... Birth of BASIC at Dartmouth
Open file 18602

Would the proposed A330 AWACS have been a better fit for the RAF compared to the Boeing Wedgetail?
Open file 18603
Media / News
Fareed’s Global Briefing ... April 3, 2020

Fareed Zakaria: This Is Only the First in a Series of Crises
Open file 18604
Media / News
Bloomberg ... April 4, 2020

Open file 18605
Crude Oil Price Crash

Trump Meets U.S. Oil Leaders After OPEC+ Urges Cuts to Stem Rout ... Big obstacles remain to an accord to mop up giant surplus ... Oil surges on prospect of global deal before paring some gains
Open file 18606
Oil Markets ... January 2020

New Decade, New OPEC Oil Curbs. ... Same Mixed Results
Open file 18607
Coronavirus Economy

'Portrait of Disaster': Initial Unemployment Claims in US Jump from 211,000 to 6.6 million in Just 3 Weeks
Open file 18608
Events ... Fridays April, May and June 2020
COVID-19 Emergency Response Group Invitation: COVID-19 Emergency Response Group @ Weekly from 1pm to 2pm on Friday from Fri Apr 10 to Fri Jul 3 (EDT) (
Open file 18609
The Trump Presidency
The Oil Crisis

So who did Donald Trump invite to the white > House for a closed-door meeting yesterday? ... Oil industry executives.
Open file 18610
Media / New

DeSmog ... April 4th, 2020
Open file 18611
Industry Economics
Fisheries / Seafood

FULL NETS AND EMPTY SHELVES ... When it comes to seafood, the current crisis is one of oversupply not undersupply
Open file 18612
Media / News
NEF (New Economics Foundation)

News from NEF: Minimum Income Guarantee; wellbeing and crisis
Open file 18613
Media / Newsletter

SARAH LAZARUS & CROOKED MEDIA ... Apr 3, 2020 ... The Trump Saga
Open file 18614
The Trump Presidency
The President's Vindictiveness

Open file 18615
Coronavirus Crisis
Impact on Stock Markets

Today's Market | Market Outlook ... The Worst Is Yet To Come
Open file 18616
Media / News

Alternet ... RAW STORY ...TODAY’S TOP STORIES ... April 4, 2020
Open file 18617
SPARE / EMPTY Open file 18618
Media / News

How will our lives change after the pandemic?
Open file 18619

Corona cure held hostage ... Pharma giant Gilead may have found the cure for coronavirus. But if we leave it up to Gilead, only the rich will be able to afford the drug.
Open file 18620
An investment mindset .. from Stansberry Research

A terrifying new trend is creating thousands of new millionaires (Barron’s estimates 20,000 to 200,000 so far) while at the same time destroying the financial future for many others...
Open file 18621
The Trump Presidency
Massive Hypocracy

'As the U.S. slides toward autocracy' ... Thomas Drake, RootsAction Education Fund
Open file 18622
Citiworks Invitation

Zoom meeting invitation -April NYC Citiworks Zoom Meeting
Open file 18623
The Trump Presidency
Coronavirus Response

This new Trump-McConnell talking point is bullsh*t ... they have settled on a new talking point to shift the blame of their enormous coronavirus failures away from themselves and onto Democrats:Surprise ... Surprise
Open file 18624
Health / Coronavirus
Eradication Strategy ... Health experts call for Roosevelt-style programs to kill virus, revive economy
Open file 18625
Media / News
Bloomberg Technology ... April 6, 2020

Bloomberg Technology ... Amazon’s unforced error and other news
Open file 18626
Media / News
Bloomberg Green ... April 6, 2020

Bloomberg Green ... A year without climate diplomacy and other stories
Open file 18627
The Trump Saga
Dumb know-it-all

The Army warned Trump two months ago that COVID-19 was a 'black swan' on the way to wreck America
Open file 18628
Sustainability Accounting Methods
SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)

Well Wishes from SASB ... TPB response to the SASB message from Janine Guillot
Open file 18629
The Trump Saga
What A Day: Vote or die, or both

What A Day: Vote or die, or both ... The official U.S. coronavirus death toll has surpassed 10,000, the real death toll is probably much higher, and a centralized federal effort to distribute medical supplies has yet to materialize.
Open file 18630
Opinion / Jeffrey Sachs
The Health Pandemic

Jeffrey Sachs: This is how we conquer Covid-19
Open file 18631
Coronavirus Crisis
Capital Markets

The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Be The End Of The Middle Class
Open file 18632
Media / Newsletter
IIX from Singapore

The global pandemic does not discriminate. ... Are we ready to be inclusive?
Open file 18633
Food and Agriculture
Indoor Farming

Vertical farms ‘in pole position’ to disrupt the food system: Barclays Capital
Open file 18634
Federico Fioretto / Embedded Sustainability Index

Bringing Sustainability into the Business World ... Guest Name : Federico Fioretto, Founder and CEO at Exsulting Language : English, Publication date: April, 05. 2020
Open file 18635
Congressional Leadership
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Join me for Be A Hero’s next organizing call on Tuesday
Open file 18636
Event ... Impact Investing
When: Apr 21, 10AM - 4PM EDT

Fwd: The World’s Impact Investors are Coming Together on April 21 - Free Virtual Summit
Open file 18637
Policy Options

Paul Krugman ... NYT Opinion Piece describng the policy chaos being created by the Covid-19 pandemic ... April 7, 2020
Open file 18638
Media Consumption
Visual Capitalist

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Media Consumption, by Generation ... This visualization explores how each generation’s media consumption is changing amid the frenzy of pandemic-induced quarantines.
Open file 18639
US Leadership
Elizabeth Warren interviewed by Ezra Klein

Elizabeth Warren has a plan for this, too ... “When you have a plan and people can see it, they can start making their plans,” Warren says.
Open file 18640
Rich, Powerful People
Jeff Bezos

The Jeff Bezos Empire in One Giant Chart
Open file 18641
The Covid-19 Emergency
Congressional Response

The Anatomy of the $2 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Bill
Open file 18642
Connection / Collaborator
Federico Fioretto

Podcast ... Federico Fioretto ... CEO bringing Sustainability and Circularity into the Business World, Inspirational Speaker.
Open file 18643
Event ... Apr 7, 2020

NEW YORK CITIWORKS & Frank Wennin are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting ... Peter Burgess founder of is our guest speaker.
Open file 18644
Coronavirus Pandemic

NACV Solution (Corona Virus) ... Ozone Can Be Used To Destroy The New Coronavirus And Disinfect Areas ... Source : Thailand Medical news Feb 05, 2020 2 months ago
Open file 18645
Webinar: April 9, 2020
World Resources Institute

Build Back Better: Shaping the U.S. Stimulus Package for Infrastructure
Open file 18646
The Coronavirus Crisis
Economic Impact

Dystopia Now ... The Heisenberg Report
Open file 18647
Media / Newsletter
Bloomberg Green

Bloomberg Green ... Sustainability’s new era
Open file 18648
Investment Analysis
Impact of Coronavirus ... For Tesla, Coronavirus Changes Everything
Open file 18649
The value of immigrants

Eight U.K. Doctors Died From Coronavirus. All Were Immigrants.... In a country where anti-immigrant sentiment gave rise to the Brexit movement, Britain’s health care system depends heavily on foreign doctors, who are now on the front lines fighting the epidemic.
Open file 18650
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