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How will our lives change after the pandemic?


Peter Burgess
How will our lives change after the pandemic?

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It may be hard to imagine at the moment, but one day soon we’ll reach a normal again. What that normal like, though, won’t be the same as what came before. ​No one knows exactly what comes next, but we have some clues about how our lives will evolve. Take advantage of our free 7-day trial to read our latest field guide, “The world vs. coronavirus” where we examine what will change once the pandemic is over, including:
  • What will be the next normal in the workplace? Quartz talked to CEOs, consultants, and other workforce authorities about what we stand to gain and lose from the changes wrought by the coronavirus crisis—and what’s impossible to predict.
  • What will be the next normal in diplomacy? The pandemic has upended the global balance of power and now some European countries find themselves turning to China for help. If it can avoid a resurgence of the virus, China can position itself as the world’s benefactor.
  • What will be the next normal in climate change? When the dust clears, the air will be cleaner—but can it last?
  • What will be the next normal in working out? Professional athletes don’t normally work from home, but many Olympians have found themselves training in their living rooms. We checked in with six elite athletes in different parts of the world to discuss how they’re staying fit, healthy, and prepared for world-class competition—while remaining isolated.
  • What will be the next normal in education? Schools may be revolutionized by this experience or they may revert back to what they know. Education may be slow to change, but the post-coronavirus economy will demand it.
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