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Natural Capital

“Exposed: The Secret Life of Roots” ... One hundred fifty years ago, there was almost 40 inches of topsoil on US agricultural land. Now it’s down to only 18 inches of topsoil and clay underneath.
Open file 17501
The Trump Presidency
Loyal supporters ... and the unsupportable

The Hill ... Sunday shows — Officials rush to Trump's defense on Syria, sanctions
Open file 17502
New York Times reporting

Multiple links to a collection of New York Times reporting on Microfinance
Open file 17503
Newsletter: GreenBiz
Talking Sustainability

One of my television heroes, former late-night host David Letterman — one of the best interviewers in the business, especially these days, in his longer format — used to feature an occasional bit titled “Is This Anything?”
Open file 17504
Important conversation

A climate advocate walks into an oil industry summit ... And says 'ow.' But seriously, folks...
Open file 17505
The Trump Presidency
Hate, violence and stupidity

Backlash erupts at video depicting Trump killing media, critics
Open file 17506
Media and Events
Thomson Reuters and Ethical Corporation

Thomson Reuters acquires Ethical Corporation’s parent company FC Business Intelligence
Open file 17507
Karine Jean-Pierre

Order a copy of my new book? ... I'm Karine Jean-Pierre, MoveOn's chief public affairs officer. I'm also a political analyst on MSNBC. Maybe you've seen me on TV!
Open file 17508
The Trump Presidency
Ralph Nader on Impeachment

‘Abuse of the public trust’: Ralph Nader on why it’s time for the House to announce comprehensive articles of impeachment against Trump
Open file 17509
The Trump Presidency
Race ... issues getting aggravated

College students burn book after Latinx author called out white privilege on campus
Open file 17510
Policy Options
Yanis Varoufakis and David Adler

A recession is coming. When it does, we need to demand a Green New Deal ... Having squandered the last crisis, we cannot make the same mistakes again. A Green New Deal is the only reasonable response
Open file 17511
About Capitalism
Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff: We Need a New Capitalism ... The current system has led to profound inequality. To fix it, we need businesses and executives to value purpose alongside profit.
Open file 17512
Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences

Yesterday, IPA-affiliates Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer were named co-winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for their “experimental approach to alleviating global poverty.”
Open file 17513
People in Politics
Ilhan Omar

Why Ilhan Omar Is the Optimist in the Room ... The Minnesota representative is bringing an organizer’s mind-set to Congress.
Open file 17514
The Modern Economy
Systemic Dysfunction

Brad Zarnett ... How Billionaire Greed Ruined a Perfectly Good Strategy Called Corporate Sustainability. (Part 1)
Open file 17515
Small Business
Problems and Solutions

Sustainability In MSMEs – Problems and Solutions ... and essay written by a consultant working in India
Open file 17516
Climate Crisis / Financial Crisis
One will result in the other

Firms ignoring climate crisis will go bankrupt, says Mark Carney ... Bank of England governor warns of financial collapse linked to climate emergency
Open file 17517
Metrics / Reporting
TBL Accounting

Social Accountability International and Center for Sustainable Organizations to Certify Triple Bottom Line Accounting Functions
Open file 17518
US Politics
AOC and Bernie Sanders

Ocasio-Cortez to endorse Sanders for president
Open file 17519
US Politics

NYT Opinion ... Trump Is Winning the Online War ... The technical superiority and sophistication of the president’s digital campaign is a hidden advantage of incumbency.
Open file 17520
MSNBC News October 15, 2019

MSNBC News October 15, 2019 ... collection of news briefs from MSNBC
Open file 17521
NYT News ... Middle East
Turkey / Syria / Kurds / US retreat

Trump Followed His Gut on Syria. Calamity Came Fast. ... All the warnings were there. But President Trump’s reliance on his instincts, and his relationships, led him to ignore the consequences of a move that has emboldened Russia, Iran and the Islamic State.
Open file 17522
Military Engineering
What has Great Britain invented?

Here is a fine example of British ingenuity put to work. Its a Nimitz class carrier of the USN. What on earth did Britain have to do with an American aircraft carrier?
Open file 17523
Big problem ... getting worse

Why Politicians Aren't Incentivized To Fix Big Problems Like Homelessness
Open file 17524
Family Office Insights

Arthur Andrew Bavelas ... Family Office Insights ... A Linkedin Group and meeting organizer for Family Offices and Possible Projects
Open file 17525
Passenger Rail

My INCREDIBLE trip on the Arctic Circle Sleeper Train (2019)
Open file 17526
Passenger Rail

Britain's NEW high speed train: The AZUMA!
Open file 17527
Passenger Rail

Video ... Rovos Rail - Pride of Africa. From Cape Town to Dar Es Salaam
Open file 17528
The Trump Presidency
Speaking out ... Senator Richard Blumenthal

Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut ... Another reason I'm suing Trump: ... Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.
Open file 17529
From the WEF 2019

Push back ... calling out the billionaires ... taxation too low ... lots of really rotten jobs
Open file 17530
International Finance
Bretton Wood Institutions

The Guardian view on the IMF and World Bank: back a global Green New Deal ... At 75, the Bretton Woods institutions face an identity crisis. It’s time for them to chart a fresh course
Open file 17531
What has gone so wrong?

Donald Trump’s sanity is not the question. The real issue is how he got into office ... To reduce his presidency to a frail mind is to ignore the fact he’s an emblem of free-market, white supremacist nationalism
Open file 17532
What correlation with stock value

Facebook, Visa among the stocks with high ESG marks — enough to outrun the S&P 500 ... Companies with increased environmental, social and governance scores have put up outsized returns over the past five years, FactSet research shows
Open file 17533
Energy and Sustainability
Energy Companies

Profile information for 100 energy companies
Open file 17534

Petition: Stand with Sen. Merkley: Pay workers, not CEOs.... 'Rein in inflated CEO pay and make sure workers receive their fair share. Pass Sen. Merkley's Fair Share for Workers Act.'
Open file 17535

Petition demanding NBC fire complicit executives and make changes to stop sexual abuse and cover-ups?
Open file 17536
Use of Prairie Strips

Iowa’s farmers – and American eaters – need a national discussion on transforming US agriculture ... excellent piece from Lisa Schulte Moore ... Professor of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Iowa State University
Open file 17537
Algae Into a Material as Hard as Steel

Researchers Turn Algae Into a Material as Hard as Steel. Thomas Brück of the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and his team developed a process that uses algae oil to create carbon fibers.
Open file 17538
Social Media

After 30,000 connections, I’m all LinkedOut ... Our columnist finds to his horror that he’s reached his limit of LinkedIn connections, with requests building up faster than he can cull.
Open file 17539
Chocolate / Child Labor
Massive Greenwash!

Scorecard ranks top chocolate brands on child labor. Who flunked?
Open file 17540
US Politics: Bernie Sanders
Bernie's Back

Campaign Chronicles ... Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Make a Show of Force in Queens
Open file 17541
Canada / USA

Special Report: The USMCA, Updates & Upshots
Open file 17542
Canada / USA

Special Report: The Importance of Canadian Trade
Open file 17543
Ralph Bunche Institute / CUNY Graduate Center

On Tuesday, October 29, we will be hosting Andrea Sangiovanni (European University Institute) for a talk entitled 'Self-Determination and the Right to Exclude'
Open file 17544
Coca Cola

Open file 17545
Mark Steyn

Video ... The End of the World as We Know It, with Mark Steyn
Open file 17546
US Policy and Politics
Shields and Brooks

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s Syria ‘blunder,’ impeachment outlook
Open file 17547
Jim Mattis

Video: General Jim Mattis brings insight and clarity to the nature of war / Reflections with General James Mattis - Conversations with History
Open file 17548
US Politics
Republican hard ball

Rep. Katie Hill resigns from Congress 'with a broken heart' after revenge porn smear campaign
Open file 17549
Privacy, surveillance and more

Facing up to tech abuses ... Bloomberg staff on Russian capabilities
Open file 17550
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