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TVM Dialog List 1346
17251 - 17300

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Country: Mozambique
Dangerous Dysfunctional Politics

Cracks form in Mozambique’s latest push for peace ... ‘Renamo will not disarm because it is a militarised political party.’
Open file 17251
Country: Myanmar
Resource Wealth / Social Crisis

From gemstones to jade and hydropower to petroleum, Myanmar is almost embarrassingly rich in natural resources. So how did it end up one of the poorest countries in Asia?
Open file 17252
Social Impact
Happy Countries

The 10 Happiest Countries To Live In The World 2019 - Seen as the World’s Safest Countries
Open file 17253
Climate Activism
Movements to Act on Climate Crisis Mitigation

Fridays for the Future NYC /
Open file 17254
TPB Communications
Dialog with Sustainable Brands

Are we really making the progress SB is reporting?
Open file 17255

Open file 17256
US Politics ... Climate Change
Candidates on the Climate

US POLITICS ... U.S. presidential candidate Booker proposes $3 trillion climate change plan
Open file 17257
Climate Crisis
US Presidential Candidate Plans

Cory Booker ... Cory’s Plan to Address the Threat of Climate Change
Open file 17258
Doing nothing has biggest cost

Leaving Homeless Person On The Streets: $31,065. Giving Them Housing: $10,051.
Open file 17259
Homeless Shelters

The cost of homelessness: Why do two new homeless shelters in Brooklyn cost so much?
Open file 17260
Marketing and Promotion
Linkedin Tips

What Makes a Good LinkedIn profile? from Sara Grillo
Open file 17261
Data Dimension

Data limitations ... The Pitfalls of HUD’s Point-in-Time Count
Open file 17262
Sustainability Initiative

Prince Harry Launches Sustainable Travel Initiative 'Travalyst' With 5 Big Industry Players
Open file 17263
Impact Measurement & Management

How IRIS+ is Transforming Impact Measurement & Management: The Problems it Solves and a Live Demo
Open file 17264
The Trump Presidency
Pushing the envelope on financial misfeasance

Donald Trump Has Never Explained a Mysterious $50 Million Loan. Is It Evidence of Tax Fraud? A Mother Jones investigation has uncovered new information about a puzzling Trump deal.
Open file 17265
Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and friends) in NYC

Breakfast with Jeff Pulver (and friends) in NYC / September 2019
Open file 17266
Organization News

Newsletter text from ACEEE ... ACEEE's September Newsletter ... Highlights
Open file 17267
Countries ... UK
Boris Johnson and Brexit

Boris Johnson ... Johnson should beware – forcing a crisis rarely ends well for aspiring strongmen
Open file 17268
The Trump Presidency
Congenital Liar ... Trump cannot help hiself!

'Sharpiegate': Trump insists Dorian was forecast to 'hit or graze' Alabama ... James Comey among critics, saying ‘America deserves better’
Open file 17269
Country: UK
Bexit politics getting nastier

Senior doctor threatens to sue Rees-Mogg after anti-vaxxer remarks ... David Nicholl accuses Commons leader of abusing parliamentary privilege
Open file 17270
Brexit / Boris Johnson
UK's Constitutional Crisis

Boris Johnson ... The Guardian view on Tory purges: a historic betrayal ... Editorial ... By forcing sensible, moderate MPs into exile Boris Johnson is extinguishing a valuable Conservative tradition in British politics
Open file 17271
NGO ... Energy Efficiency

About the ACEEE ... The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
Open file 17272
NGO ... Energy Efficiency

About the ACEEE ... The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
Open file 17273
Country: UK / Brexit
The problem is more than Brexit

Britain is mired in democratic crisis – but it goes much deeper than Brexit ... It features throughout our everyday lives: in our privately run academy schools and the outsourcing of our public services
Open file 17274
Economic Trends
Country GDP projections

A Visualization of the $86 Trillion World Wide Economy ... According to projections, 7 of the world's 10 largest economies will be in emerging markets by 2030 - here's a visualization of the $86 Trillion worldwide economies.
Open file 17275
Monetary Policy
Negative Interest Rates

It's Official: This Central Bank Policy Is a Disaster
Open file 17276
Engineering and Technology

Was the relative crudity of the MiG-25 a surprise to the U.S. Air Force once they had a chance to look at it after the 1976 defection of the Soviet pilot in Japan?
Open file 17277
Milken Institute

Panel Discussion ... The Chinese Economy in the Next 30 Years: Political Reform vs. Status Quo?
Open file 17278
Roivant Sciences / Alyvant

Roivant Sciences launches new Alyvant subsidiary ... Alyvant will be focused on connecting de-identified patient data with physician data to connect patient populations with suitable medications.
Open file 17279
Education ... what gets taught
Reality ...what we have to live through!

Business leaders as social visionaries? With caution and more depth, please.
Open file 17280
Climate Crisis
The Bjorn Lomborg agenda

What AOC & co. get horribly wrong about Dorian and climate change
Open file 17281
Linkedin Dialog
A TPB comment about GDP

A TPB comment about GDP
Open file 17282
Company / Banking and Finance

The 2018 Financial Report ... Jaime Dimon CEO Letter
Open file 17283
Engineering and Technology
Aircraft from WWII

Which twin-engine fighter from WWII was the best? Was it the P-38 Lightning?
Open file 17284
Managing for Value
Integrated Value Management from Andrew Swan

Optimizing Business Value: CEO spotlight on Integrated Value Management
Open file 17285
Extreme Weether Events
Hurricane Dorian / Bahamas

After Hurricane Dorian, Celebrity cruise ship in Bahamas reroutes to deliver food, aid ... The Celebrity Equinox's kitchen staff is preparing 10,000 meals, with guests even pitching in to help in the aftermath of the hurricane.
Open file 17286
Energy from Waste

This African city is turning a mountain of trash into energy ... A new energy plant in Addis Ababa could revolutionize Africa's approach to waste.
Open file 17287
Urban Planning
Road Congestion

The 'fundamental rule' of traffic: building new roads just makes people drive more ... After years spent widening the interstate 405 freeway in Los Angeles, travel times are slightly slower than
Open file 17288
Environmental Degradation
Abandoned mines

What happens to abandoned mines? So who's responsible for cleaning up these mine sites, considering they pose such danger?
Open file 17289
The Trump Economy
Fish rot starts with the head

THE ROT IN THE OBAMA-TRUMP ECONOMY IS BEGINNING TO STINK ... (TPB note: Why Vanity Fair ascribes any of this to Obama is beyond me!)
Open file 17290
Climate Crisis
EV Conversion

Why city fleets are leading on green vehicles ... Transport Weekly: This is the greenest public fleet in America
Open file 17291
The US Abortion Argument

Dutch Doctor Sues FDA For Right To Prescribe Abortion Pills To U.S. Women Online ... “There is a human right here to be defended,” said Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, who sees the internet as a way around America’s most restrictive anti-abortion laws.
Open file 17292
Climate Strike

re: Strike! ... Climate Strike in September 2019 ... fund raising by
Open file 17293
Think Tank: Accion / CFI
Center for Financial Inclusion

We're thrilled to announce that Mayada El-Zoghbi is joining us CFI as its new leader
Open file 17294
Higher Education
MBAs and Sustainability

The Best Business Schools for Social Impact ... Social Impact and the MBA: Business Schools Where the Two Are Synonymous
Open file 17295
Tensie Whelan
Sustainability at NYU

NYU Stern School of Business. the Center for Sustainable Business and its Director Tensie Whelan
Open file 17296
SIPA / Columbia Energy Center

Event: Getting Carbon Tax Rates Right | New York, NY | September 17 2019
Open file 17297
Real World Spycraft

Will the CIA’s Former Top Spy Fall Prey to Putin’s Murderous Mole Hunt? ... The Russian daily Kommersant on Tuesday published the name and biography of a man living under his own name with his wife and children near Washington, D.C.
Open file 17298
US Politics
Elizabeth Warren

Wall Street executives are saying Elizabeth Warren's 2020 bid has 'got to be stopped' ... Why? Because as Kramer (of CNBC) told the panel 'Well, it would be.... a suboptimal situation for the banks.'
Open file 17299
Open file 17300
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