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TVM Dialog List 1345
17201 - 17250

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Accounting Profession
Big 4 Leadership

Another Big 4 firm will soon have a new person residing in the corner office.
Open file 17201
Not for Profit Leadership

Not for Profit Leadership Changes as reported by in August 2019
Open file 17202
E-Commerce partnerships

Transportation News ... FedEx’s Breakup with Amazon Draws Battle Lines in the Fight for Next-Day Shipping Services
Open file 17203
Gun Violence
No action politicians

'Do something!' Iowa crowd boos at senator's response to a teacher describing live shooter drills
Open file 17204
Push back against AOC getting nasty

AOC says Dov Hikind can’t sue her over ‘personal’ Twitter
Open file 17205
The Trump Presidency
Surprise, surprise !

Trump appears to be guilty of yet another (financial) crime
Open file 17206
The Trump Presidency
Mental Health ... and no, this is not about gun control

The plutocracy is okay with governance by a madman, but the masses cannot be
Open file 17207
Online global consultation

Discussion: Digital Challenges and Solution for Sustainable Development ... 23 Aug - 24 Sep 2019
Open file 17208
Corporate Sustainability
Mostly PR

The Business Roundtable's new statement shows 200 CEOs are stuck in yesterday's CSR
Open file 17209
Corporate Goals
No longer just maximizing profit for stockholders

A week ago, 181 CEO of the United States major companies on the change in capitalism: no longer an exclusive commitment to shareholders, but a commitment to all stakeholders (customers, employe
Open file 17210
Corporate Goals
No longer just maximizing profit for stockholders

Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, and 30 other companies tell the Business Roundtable CEOs to put up or shut up
Open file 17211
Public Finance

If US Federal Deficits Are This Huge Now, What Happens When The Recession Hits?
Open file 17212
International Affairs
G7 ... 2019

Biarritz was an empty charade. The G7 is a relic of a bygone age ... From Syria to the US-China trade war, the list of issues left untackled by the world’s leaders is shamefully long
Open file 17213
Finance / Public Finance
Development Assistance

The IMF is hurting countries it claims to help ... The fund’s loan agreement with Ecuador will worsen unemployment and poverty
Open file 17214
The Trump Presidency
Well done ... Yamiche Alcindor

PBS reporter calls Trump a liar to his face ... Okay, she was kinda-sorta diplomatic about it, but still.
Open file 17215
The Trump Presidency
Trump’s ‘Obama envy’

WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: Trump’s ‘chronic case’ of ‘Obama envy’ is going from bad to worse
Open file 17216
Some Corporate Leadership

Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling assault rifles — and now their sales are surging
Open file 17217
The Trump Presidency
Wrecking the System

Trump admin official reveals why she’s refusing to work for the president any longer — and warns of a ‘growing exodus’
Open file 17218
US Society
The American Dream

Is the American dream dead, deferred, or just different? ... “Both the concept and reality of American Dream are both under fire today,” Healey, 59, told me.
Open file 17219
US healthcare System
Expensive / Dysfunctional

Another Grim Reminder that Obamacare Has Made Healthcare More Expensive
Open file 17220
Sustainable Behavior
It Depends on Multiple Factors

Local Sourcing Is Better: Myth or Not?
Open file 17221
SPARE Open file 17222
Ethical Corporation

The Responsible Business Summit West ... October 9-10, 2019 · Hilton Mission Valley · San Diego, USA
Open file 17223
US Politics
Why is social justice a Wall Street problem?

Wall Street’s 2020 nightmare just might be coming true ... For plutocrats, this summer has gotten a bit scary.
Open file 17224
Free Trade is Good for the World

The corporate media is boosting Trump’s myths about trade. Here’s the truth.
Open file 17225
Economic Analysis
Dean Baker

Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer By Dean Baker
Open file 17226
Climate Crisis
Good ideas, but no management

Drawdown ... Climate Leadership Series: The Ideas Travelling Faster Than Climate Change
Open file 17227
The Opioid Crisis

The Great Opioid Shakedown Of 2019 Will Be A Pyrrhic 'Victory'
Open file 17228
Filthy Rich
Sordid Stories of Entitled Rich Men

My Night With Epstein Pal Jean-Luc Brunel and His Terrified Models ... I don’t remember why I was in the nightclub Les Bains Douches that evening, but what happened there and afterward is a crystal-clear memory.
Open file 17229
Human Capital
Former Inmates

This tech worker’s transition from a life sentence to a career is a lesson for the whole industry ... As more tech companies begin to pay lip service to the idea of hiring people with criminal records, one former inmate’s journey to a tech career shows how possible it is.
Open file 17230
Food / Seafood
OSO from Madagascar

Organic shrimp centerpiece of Citarella's seafood campaign
Open file 17231
Climate Action

A 23-Year-Old Sunrise Movement Founder Says the “Adults in the Room” Aren’t Taking Climate Change Seriously ... Young people are going to force candidates to talk about climate change, even after the DNC shot down a climate debate.
Open file 17232
Climate Crisis
Role of Media

How to fill the gaps in the Media's climate crisis coverage
Open file 17233
The Trump Presidency
White House Personnel Changes

POLITICS ... Oval Office 'Gatekeeper' Reportedly Fired For Making Inappropriate Comments About Trump's Daughters
Open file 17234
The Trump Presidency
Presidential Misdirection

ECONOMY ... Trump Slams Central Bank: ‘We Have a Fed Problem’
Open file 17235
Climate Crisis
Hurricane Season USA 2019

Hurricane Dorian’s impacts could be resounding — here’s what to watch for ... The storm could hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane in the next few days.
Open file 17236
Luxury Cars
Lotus Evija

Lotus rises from the dead with a 2,000-horsepower electric sports car
Open file 17237
Uber for Trucks

Technology ... IFC-Backed Uber of Trucks Reshapes Nigeria’s Haulage Market
Open file 17238
Weak wage growth

Wage growth is weak for a tight labor market—and the pace of wage growth is uneven across race and gender
Open file 17239
EPI on Wages
Part of the series Labor Day 2019: How Well Is the American Economy Working for Working People?

Wage growth is being held back by political decisions and the Trump administration is on the wrong side of key debates
Open file 17240
Science - v- Ideology
Handling Climate Change Denial

The Fight Against Racism Shows How to Combat Climate Denial ... The only response to willful ignorance is shame.
Open file 17241
EPI on Wages
Part of the series Labor Day 2019: How Well Is the American Economy Working for Working People?

Labor Day 2019 ... Working people have been thwarted in their efforts to bargain for better wages by attacks on unions
Open file 17242
EPI on Wages
Part of the series Labor Day 2019: How Well Is the American Economy Working for Working People?

Low-wage workers are suffering from a decline in the real value of the federal minimum wage
Open file 17243
Wages / Employment
Employment Discrimination

EPI Report ... Black workers endure persistent racial disparities in employment outcomes
Open file 17244
Management Priorities
Stockholders or Stakeholders

6 Ways CEOs Can Prove They Care About More Than Shareholder Value
Open file 17245
Wind Energy
About wind turbines killing birds

Wind farms are hardly the bird slayers they're made out to be—here's why
Open file 17246
Banking and Finance
Systemic Disruption

The future of banking ... from Quartz
Open file 17247
Labor Day
Why in September, not on May 1?

Labor Day became an American Federal Holiday in 1894. Most other countries celebrate Labor on May 1st.
Open file 17248
Climate Crisis
Extreme Weather

Why Are Hurricanes Like Dorian Stalling, and Is Global Warming Involved? ... Hurricanes Harvey and Florence also stalled, leading to extreme rainfall. Research shows it's a global trend.
Open file 17249
US Politics

AOC Sets The Record Straight On Who She's Blocking On Twitter — & Why
Open file 17250
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