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Garbage / Waste
Plastic Pollution

ENVIRONMENT ... This Woman Single-Handedly Picked 2 Metric Tons of Plastic Trash Off Canada's Beaches “We have a plastic problem here.” Why Global Citizens Should Care
Open file 16801
Cigarette Butts

ENVIRONMENT ... This Is the Single Greatest Source of Ocean Trash (Hint: It's Not Plastic Straws) ... It’s also the least regulated.
Open file 16802
People / Thought Leaders
Austin Robinson

Sir Edward Austin Gossage Robinson, CMG, OBE, FBA (20 November 1897 – 1 June 1993, Cambridge, England)[1] was a University of Cambridge economist and a fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
Open file 16803
People / Thought Leaders
Joan Robinson

Joan Robinson studied economics at Girton College, Cambridge, Immediately after graduation in 1925, she married the economist Austin Robinson. In 1937, she became a lecturer in economics at the University of Cambridge.
Open file 16804
People / Thought Leaders
Larry Summers

Lawrence Henry Summers (born November 30, 1954) is an American economist and, inter alia, former Vice President of Development Economics and Chief Economist of the World Bank (1991–93)
Open file 16805
Work For People's Action

Progressive Breakfast: The AMA Stops Us From Getting Health Care
Open file 16806
The Trump Presidency
Swamp on Steroids

State visits are not vacations. No more taxpayer dollars for Trump’s family holidays.
Open file 16807
The Trump Presidency
Trump on Trade

Trump Forged His Ideas on Trade in the 1980s—and Never Deviated ... The president has been consistent on trade for decades, unlike on other issues, dating to the rise of Japan as a global economic power
Open file 16808
Transport UK
Passenger Rail

VIDEO ... Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail
Open file 16809
US Passenger Rail

VIDEO ... AMTRAK ACELA First Class - what's it like?
Open file 16810
US Rail

VIDEO ... Amtrak's Southwest Chief: Chicago to Los Angeles
Open file 16811
People / Event
Speakers at Access Now Conference

Access Now Conference in Tunis 2019
Open file 16812
Country: Sudan
Political Violence

PRI's The World / Dozens dead in Sudan after military, protesters clash
Open file 16813
Activism / Action Network
Climate News

Calling on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, AND NBC to talk about a Climate Crisis
Open file 16814
Energy / California
Solar and other renewables

California Advances an Ambitious Climate Policy That Should Be a Model for the World ... The state is on the verge of passing a rule requiring 100 percent of its electricity to come from carbon-free sources
Open file 16815
Climate Change Activism
Bloomberg Philanthropy

Michael Bloomberg Pledges $500 Million to Move U.S. ‘Beyond Carbon’
Open file 16816
Corporate Influence

Influential Science Nonprofit ILSI Exposed as a Food Industry Lobby Group
Open file 16817
Climate Activism
Rezwan Razani

Graduates in Your Life? Climate Crisis Congrats!
Open file 16818
Technology / Analytics
Corporate Concentration

TECHNOLOGY ... Here's Why Google Just Spent $2.6 Billion to Buy a Startup You've Never Heard Of ... Google's parent company, Alphabet, announced that Google Cloud will acquire Looker, a data analytics and business intelligence service.
Open file 16819
Leveraging Sustainability For Economic Profit

Revised from Leveraging Sustainability For Economic Profit, published by Environmental Leader and others 2012. ©Christopher Gleadle 2019.
Open file 16820
Power without Principle

A Lack of Accountability at Artforum’s Panel on “Art, Activism and Accountability”
Open file 16821
People's Action / Action Network

It's Time to Fight ... The Far Right thinks our freedom is theirs to take. In state after state, extremists are redrawing voting maps and writing laws to give themselves a permanent grip on the ballot box.
Open file 16822
Transport / Coal

SD70MAC led coal train climbs Mullan Pass
Open file 16823
Thought Leaders
Yanis Varoufakis

Capitalism will eat democracy -- unless we speak up | Yanis Varoufakis (2016)
Open file 16824
Thought Leaders
Yanis Varoufakis / Noam Chomsky

Yanis Varoufakis with Professor Noam Chomsky at NYPL, April 16, 2016 | DiEM25
Open file 16825
Thought Leader / Economist
Nicholas Kaldor

Nicholas Kaldor was a Cambridge economist in the post-war period.
Open file 16826
Thought Leaders
Yanis Varoufakis

VIDEO ... Yanis Varoufakis: The Future of Capitalism | The New School 2016
Open file 16827
Thought Leader
Yanis Varoufakis

Panama Papers: Debate with Yanis Varoufakis ... British Channel 4 ... not much Varoufakis and rather weak
Open file 16828
Adam Nicolson:

Adam Nicolson: The King James Bible | Nat Geo Live
Open file 16829
People / Politics
Stuart Eizenstat

The Weapons Industry Lobbyist Advising Joe Biden ... Stuart Eizenstat has worked as a powerful political advisor, as well as a corporate lobbyist for the oil and arms industries.
Open file 16830

Open file 16831
Company: Amazon
Impact on Climate

3 takeaways from that failed Amazon employee shareholder resolution on the climate crisis
Open file 16832
Healthcare Activism
AMA Meeting 2019

Protesters Rally, Disrupt Opening Session at AMA Meeting ... Activists urge the association to support Medicare for All
Open file 16833
Industry: Aquaculture
Company: Nordic Aquafarms

Nordic Aquafarms announces plans for RAS facility in California
Open file 16834
Industry: Aquaculture
Company: Nordic Aquafarms

Nordic Aquafarms selects construction managers for Belfast, Maine RAS
Open file 16835
Industry: Aquaculture
Company: Nordic Aquafarms

Nordic Aquafarms counters Sierra Club Maine’s opposition to project
Open file 16836
Industry: Aquaculture
Company: Cape d’Or

Cape d’Or showcasing promise of RAS salmon
Open file 16837
Industry: Aquaculture
Companies: Emergent Holdings, the parent company of Whole Oceans, and Kuterra LP

Whole Oceans' parent company aims for majority stake in Canadian Atlantic salmon RAS
Open file 16838
Country: Ethiopia
Rights of Indigenous People

Oakland Institute ... Ethiopia's Indigenous Face Acute Hunger, Displacement by Dam and Sugarcane Plantations
Open file 16839
Urban Decay
Mobile Alabama

Blight is eating American cities. Here’s how Mobile, Alabama, stopped it
Open file 16840
Climate Crisis
Company: Amazon

Inside the growing climate rebellion at Amazon ... The online giant is facing a growing revolution from within that demands it get serious about climate action.
Open file 16841
Quality of Life

Sweden is a top performer on well-being. Here’s why
Open file 16842
Professional Organization
Cooper Brothers & Co. to PwC

Some History of Cooper Brothers & Co. from the early days of Coopers and of Lybrand until the modern PwC
Open file 16843
BP World Energy Review

BP ... Launch of The Statistical Review of World Energy for 2018, event survey and review
Open file 16844
Thought Leader
Bill Bonner

The American Bolsheviks are coming…
Open file 16845
Industry Economic Dynamics
Professional Basketball

The NBA industry just lost a ton of business
Open file 16846
Peter Benson

The Hon Peter Benson LVO MA FCA ...
Open file 16847
Company: Etsy
Integrated Reporting

Keeping Reporting Human: Etsy’s Integrated Reporting Journey
Open file 16848
Thought Leaders
Alexander Betts

VIDEO ... Why Brexit happened -- and what to do next | Alexander Betts
Open file 16849
US Politics and Policy
Family Leave

JEZEBEL INTERVIEW: 'People Rise to the Occasion:' How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Office Makes an 'Unusual' Parental Leave Policy Work. Intdrview with AOC's legislative director
Open file 16850
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