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TVM Dialog List 1331
16501 - 16550

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Corporate Responsibility
Slave Labor in the Supply Chain
Two Major Brazilian Fashion Brands Land on 'Dirty List'
Open file 16501
Ghana / Economy
What’s Wrong With Ghana’s Economy – Only 2% Of Employment Is In Formal Sector
Open file 16502
US Politics
Homeland Security
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen leaving Trump administration amid surge of migrants
Open file 16503
US Economy / Politics
Universal Basic Income
Andrew Yang wants to tax Silicon Valley to fund universal basic income plan
Open file 16504
SPARE Open file 16505
SPARE Open file 16506
SPARE Open file 16507
Quality of life
BBC Video ... Sweden: The good vs the bad. ... Sweden is usually recognised as being innovative, transparent and progressive, with good healthcare, welfare and gender equality.
Open file 16508
Metrics / Measurement
Two Steps Forward ... A tale of two circles
Open file 16509
US Politics / News
The Daily 202 / 190411
The Daily 202: Julian Assange’s arrest is another aftershock of the 2016 election
Open file 16510
People / US Politics
Rep. Ilhan Omar
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ... Full Extended Interview With Rep. Ilhan Omar
Open file 16511
Jet Engines
GE's Big Bet on Goliath Engines
Open file 16512
Climate Change
Video of Congressional Hearing
Congressional Hearing: The Need for Leadership to Combat Climate Change (Secretaries Hagel and Kerry)
Open file 16513
Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Warren Proposes New Tax On Big Corporate Profits
Open file 16514
US Presidential Politics
Bernie Sanders
As Sanders Calls For 'Medicare-For-All,' A Twist On That Plan Gains Traction
Open file 16515
US Politics
Tweet Stream for @AOC
Tweet Stream from @AOC on 190412
Open file 16516
US Domestic Hate
Why the Highlander Attack Matters ... The arson attack on the Highlander Center, a longtime leader in racial and social-justice work, is not merely a hate crime—it’s an act of war.
Open file 16517
Plastic Pollution
Huge Costs have been Ignored
Marine plastic pollution costs the world up to $2.5tn a year, researchers find ... Scientists warn that social and economic price of plastic waste to global society has been underestimated
Open file 16518
The 350 Organization
This week, activists around the U.S. took action against the world’s largest funder of fossil fuels — JPMorgan Chase.
Open file 16519
Quality of Life
Need for Sleep
Which countries get the most sleep – and how much do we really need?
Open file 16520
Global Economy
Open file 16521
The Trump Presidency
Tax Returns
‘Lock him up!’: Calls grow for Mnuchin to be jailed for interfering with the release of Trump’s taxes Vice President's office
Open file 16522
Progress in Africa
Accelerating economic development in Africa ... interview with Amrote Abdella, Regional Director of Microsoft 4Afrika.
Open file 16523
News Media
Project Syndicate
Example ... This week at Project Syndicate ... APRIL 14, 2019
Open file 16524
Author: Yan Xuetong
Leadership and the Rise of Great Powers
Open file 16525
Region ... Europe
Focus on France
Is Europe Becoming Gaullist?
Open file 16526
World Bank
Policy and Performance
BJØRN LOMBORG ... The World Bank Must Change Course
Open file 16527
Human Rights / Democracy
The Rising Cost of Strongman Rule in Cambodia
Open file 16528
Activism / Strikes
Stop & Shop
The largest private sector strike in years is playing out at supermarkets across the Northeast ... “They’re a billion-dollar company because of us.”
Open file 16529
SNL Humor
This is serious stuff
SNL cold open pits Lori Loughlin, Michael Avenatti, and Julian Assange in a battle over “crazy” crimes Each tries to prove the crimes they are accused of are worse than everyone else’s.
Open file 16530
US Politics
Terrible Behavior
Ilhan Omar, AOC, and the silencing of women of color in Congress ... Members of the GOP and the New York Post vociferously condemned Rep. Ilhan Omar over her description of 9/11.
Open file 16531
US Politics
Tweet Trail
The Tweet trail for @AOC around April 13
Open file 16532
US Politics
Push back on Pence
Christians revolt: Students at this top evangelical university are demanding Pence step down as commencement speaker — and suggesting Buttigieg deliver the address instead
Open file 16533
Human Rights / Democracy
The Rising Cost of Strongman Rule in Cambodia
Open file 16534
A wrong metric of system performance
What’s Driving the Global Slowdown?
Open file 16535
Economic Trends
Global Economy
Barry Eichengreen ... Emerging Risks for Emerging Economies
Open file 16536
Region: Europe
The Brexit Impossibility Triangle
Open file 16537
The Myth of Market Efficiency
How the Market Is Betraying Advanced Economies
Open file 16538
We win, you lose OR win-win
Peaceful Coexistence 2.0
Open file 16539
TPB: GDP Growth per se is a bad Goal
The Future of Economic Growth
Open file 16540
Politics and Power
Israel Doubles Down on Illiberal Democracy
Open file 16541
[TPB ... Wrong goal and metrics for success!]
How Western Economies Can Avoid the Japan Trap
Open file 16542
The Trump Presidency
Destroying Accepted Norms
JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ ... Trump’s Most Worrisome Legacy
Open file 16543
Military / Navy
The Battleship Era
Which battleships would have had a chance of taking down Bismark or Tirpitz one on one?
Open file 16544
The Trumpe Presidency
Divide and Win
Rep. Ilhan Omar has seen an ‘increase in direct threats on my life’ since Trump’s attack
Open file 16545
Climate Impact
All talk ... not much walk
This is what we need to do to build healthy, happy cities
Open file 16546
Climate Action
The Climate Project is using the World Economic Forum
The one essential element needed to accelerate action on climate change
Open file 16547
It's a crisis
Glaciers and Arctic ice are vanishing. Time to get radical before it's too late
Open file 16548
Initiatives / Activism ... Green New Deal
This is big. Be part of the first Green New Deal.
Open file 16549
Climate Crisis
Thousdands of indicators
CLIMATE CHANGE ... Most Recent Events ... Most Recent Headlines
Open file 16550

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