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15451 - 15500

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Company: Facebook
What is a reasonable value?

Open file 15451
People / Accountants
Dr. Sean Stein Smith

Accountants to Watch: Dr. Sean Stein Smith ... Dr. Sean Stein Smith wants accountants to understand the future of their profession right now.
Open file 15452
Impact Accounting
There is conversation. but little management numbering

Video ... GSK case study - Successfully measuring the impact of partnerships
Open file 15453
An individual act of courage and commitment

CITIZENSHIP This College Student Stopped a Deportation in Sweden by Holding Up a Flight She’s being hailed as a hero. Why Global Citizens Should Care
Open file 15454
Not-for-profit Finance
Depends on availablility of wealth

France's Kylian Mbappé Donates World Cup Earnings to Kids With Disabilities ... The 19-year-old powerhouse is a sports hero and a humanitarian. ... Why Global Citizens Should Care
Open file 15455
Climate Change
The many ways climate is changing

How climate is changing ... information from NASA pm the effects of cliate change
Open file 15456

Antarctic Melt Accelerates Sea Level Rise—and the Likelihood of Climate Migration
Open file 15457
The Coal Industry
Mountaintop Removal

Study shows in detail the extent of coal industry's devastating mountaintop removals
Open file 15458
Pumped energy storage

City Of Los Angeles Wants To Turn Hoover Dam Into World’s Largest Pumped Energy Storage Facility
Open file 15459
Climate / Sustainability

GreenBiz .... Taking Care of Business by Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor
Open file 15460
Climate Change
Agriculture / Food

The biggest culprit behind climate change may surprise you
Open file 15461
Climate Change
Impact on America

Americans’ best option in the face of climate change is to retreat from the coasts
Open file 15462
Climate Change
Upcoming event

A call to action to clean-economy entrepreneurs ... In September, the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco
Open file 15463
Changing Minds

Speaking of climate change: A CSO's guide
Open file 15464
Transport UK
Passenger Rail

The railways are a mess. But it’s not all Chris Grayling’s fault ... Fragmented rail privatisation has resulted in a fiasco for which no one person or company can justly be held responsible
Open file 15465

Tell UPS: Stop funding ALEC ... 76% We've reached 19,158 of our goal of 25,000.
Open file 15466
Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon extended interview on Europe's far-right and Cambridge Analytica
Open file 15467
Technology / Software
Java and what's next

The Trend To 'Open Source' Software And What It Means For Businesses And Consumers
Open file 15468
Climate Change
Heat Islands in Urban Areas

Extreme heat kills more than a hundred New Yorkers yearly. Here's how the city's tackling the problem.
Open file 15469
Climate Change / Media
Important news -v- profit

Is climate change a “ratings killer,” or is something wrong with for-profit media?
Open file 15470
Company: Google
Market: China

Google is asking for trouble in China
Open file 15471
Energy Generation USA
Renewables / Offshore Wind

First Big U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Offers $1.4 Billion to Customers / Project expected to cut monthly power bills up to 1.5% / Vineyard Wind project will be 18% cheaper than alternatives
Open file 15472
Energy Generation UK
Renewables / Offshore Wind

UK Clean Electricity Surpassed 50% In 2017 As Renewables Soar
Open file 15473
Sustainable Investment / ESG

Loose ESG definition impacts passives
Open file 15474
Companies: Facebook
This makes no sense ... is this a case of stupid technology?

EXCLUSIVE: 'Facebook Bans Imam for Slamming Terrorists'
Open file 15475
Place: Medellin, Columbia
No longer the murder capital of the world

How Medellin went from murder capital to hipster holiday destination
Open file 15476
Company: Wells Fargo
Massive misfeasance

Confidential emails reveal a top Wells Fargo advisor’s despair after he cried fraud. He could stay at Wells if he was silent, but spoke up anyway — and became a whistleblower.
Open file 15477
Real Estate
Nexus for Money Laundering / Dirty Money

Crackdown on dirty money shook Miami real estate. Now, Rubio wants to take it national
Open file 15478
Place: Medellin, Columbia
No longer the murder capital of the world

In 1991, Medellín had the highest homicide rate of any city in the world (380 per 100,000 people), a rate which has since dropped more than 90% (2015).
Open file 15479
Cambridge University Engineers’ Association (CUEA)

Engineering Alumni – Can you help? Way forward for the Cambridge University Engineers’ Association
Open file 15480
The Trump Presidency
Comparison: Adolph Hitler -v- Donald Trump

Historian Richard Frankel, an expert on Nazi Germany explains how 'Average' Citizens Enabled Hitler Just Like Trump. 'Ordinary People Will Do Horrible Things' ... but history doesn’t have to repeat itself.
Open file 15481
Pope Francis

How Pope Francis became a movie star ... about the making of a film
Open file 15482
Pope Francis

Francis: The Pope From The New World - Full Documentary
Open file 15483
Climate Change
Apparently Getting Worse

Climate change: 'Hothouse Earth' risks even if CO2 emissions slashed
Open file 15484
Energy: Coal / USA
Significant decline since 2008

It’s Tuesday, August 7, and oh, ship! U.S. coal shipments are falling fast.
Open file 15485
Food / Nutrition
High-Protein Foods

20 Delicious High-Protein Foods to Eat // Protein makes up the building blocks of organs, muscles, skin, hormones and pretty much everything that matters in your body.
Open file 15486
People / Leadership
Indra Nooyi ... Chairman / CEO PepsiCo

PepsiCo CEO Steps Down After 12 Years of Innovative Leadership // Indra Nooyi: Recycling Rates Are Declining. PepsiCo Has a Plan to Change That
Open file 15487
Cost, Price and Value
Is this the price of a clean beach or value?

What’s the value of a clean beach? Here’s how economists do the numbers
Open file 15488
Natural Capital
Measuring Value

Putting a value on injuries to natural assets: The BP oil spill
Open file 15489

6 reasons why the practice of silvopasture will help save modern farming
Open file 15490
Need funds to suport conservation and clean up

Capital idea: Groundbreaking efforts look to finance ocean protection
Open file 15491
The ultimate garbage dump

The Ocean is everyone's business .. so its nobody's business
Open file 15492
US Retail
Amazon and Online retailing

Amazon Captures 5 Percent of American Retail Spending. Is That a Lot? ... It depends on how you look at it. Even though it’s behind Walmart, Amazon is still huge and growing fast.
Open file 15493
People / Journalist
Shira Ovide

Articles by Shira Ovide ... Shira Ovide is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering technology. She previously was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.
Open file 15494
Social Media
Reversal or a simple slowdown

What’s behind social media’s user growth hiccup?
Open file 15495

How the Digital Economy Has Exacerbated Inequality
Open file 15496
War / Militarism
US -v- Afghanistan

The true costs of the Afghan war, America's longest and most invisible war
Open file 15497
USA / Military
The Proposed New Space Force

How the Space Force took over Washington
Open file 15498
The myths about immigration

The Fog of Immigration
Open file 15499
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