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Impact Accounting
There is conversation. but little management numbering

Video ... GSK case study - Successfully measuring the impact of partnerships

A very interesting video, and very good that there is quite substantive conversation about the idea of impacts and their measurement ... but my takeaway is that there is really no management numbering that is efficient. The corporate world is very clear about the numbers around profit and economic wealth accumulation, but nobody is able to number the impact associated with social capital (people and their quality of life) and natural capital (depletion of natural resources and degradation of natural systems). I am also bothered that context is missing in terms of the scale of the revenues, free cash flow, profits, benefit for investors etc for corporate GSK and the scale of the partnership between GSK and Save the Children. Peter Burgess ...
Peter Burgess

The Responsible Business Summit Europe 2018
June 2018, London

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Monitoring / Evaluation / Accounting / Learning (MEAL)
GSK case study - Successfully measuring the impact of partnerships

Liam Dowd via 8:32 AM (36 minutes ago) to me

Hi Peter,

One of the toughest challenges of a multi-stakeholder partnership can often be accurate measurement of impact.

In an exclusive case-study session at our recent Responsible Business Summit Europe, GSK and Save the Children shared their insights into their pioneering and highly impactful partnership. Both GSK and Save the Children have developed ways to measure their impacts and create learnings that drive continual improvement within the partnership.

the impact of partnerships How do we successfully measure impact and drive continual improvements?

In this exclusive case-study session GSK and Save the Children will share their insights into their pioneering and highly impactful partnership. Hear how both GSK and Save the Children have developed ways to measure their impacts and create learnings that drive continual improvement within the partnership


Lisa Bonadonna, Global Head GSK-Save the Children Partnership, Global Head Access Medicines Portfolio, GSK

Chirtsopher Hook, Director, Sustainability Strategy, Accenture Strategy

Simon Wright, Director of International Development, Save the Children UK


Zahid Torres-Rahman, Founder and CEO, Business Fights Poverty


This latest Ethical Corporation magazine has just been published and is a full-issue focus on the spectacular growth of battery storage and micro-grids, which have emerged as key enablers of the clean energy revolution. Subscribers can access the magazine here


Business transformation case study with Interface - with Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development, Interface EMEA

Workshop: Identifying partners that will enable your vision for large-scale change - with Enel, Zurich Insurance Group, Unilever, Toilet Board Coalition, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels

Future Resilience Keynote: Planning for a disruptive business horizon - with David Grayson Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility Cranfield School of Management


We've just published our latest instalment around the TCFD guidelines. The guidelines have added a renewed focus and attention on climate-related reporting. The guidelines have created a big shift in the fact they ask companies to report on future climate impacts. And, whilst recommendations are voluntarily at present, there's signs that mandatory regulation is on its way.

The 9-page briefing features expert response on the increasing expectations around the guidelines and potential impacts. There's insight from senior executives at CDP, GRI, Ørsted, Carbon Credentials and CDSB.

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I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you.

Warm regards,

Liam Dowd Managing Director Ethical Corporation

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