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TVM Dialog List 1293
14601 - 14650

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Technology / Blockchain
How it works
Video ... 01/25/2018: ... Blockchain: Redefining the future
Open file 14601
China / Infrastructure
The New Shanghai Port
The Biggest PORT in the World 2016 - Shanghai port Yangshan Deep Water Port
Open file 14602
WEF Davos 2018
Company / Unilever
Five big announcements we made at Davos this week ... The World Economic Forum provides an opportunity for us to further our advocacy objectives and discuss some of the crucial work we’re doing around the world with our partners.
Open file 14603
WEF Davos 2018
George Soros Remarks
Not Even Orwell or Huxley Could Have Imagined 'Totalitarian' Threat Posed by Facebook and Google, Warns Soros
Open file 14604
WEF Davos 2018
President Trump
VIDEO FULL SPEECH: President Trump Addresses The World Economic Forum DAVOS 1/26/2018, Switzerland
Open file 14605
The Trump Presidency
Investigating Trump
Reports Confirm Trump Not Only Considered, But Actually Crossed 'Red Line' By Trying to Fire Mueller
Open file 14606
WEF Davos 2018
Technology for Good
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting / Society is fractured. These innovators at Davos are fixing it / Our world faces mountainous challenges
Open file 14607
Climate Change / Water Shortage
Cape Town ... South Africa
Climate Bellwether? With Cape Town Almost Out of Water, 'Day Zero' Looms
Open file 14608
Corporate Strategy
Financial Engineering
Open file 14609
Company: PepsiCo
Palm Oil Supply Chain / IndoFood
PepsiCo Admits Connection to Ongoing Labor Abuse In First Public Statement Following Investigative Report
Open file 14610
Organization: Ambrosus
Matthew Roberts talking about Technology
Crossroads: Towards a Universal Browser for Deals
Open file 14611
Social Business: Gitanjali Cooperative
Waste Pickers ... The very poor in India
The Gitanjali Cooperative: A Social Enterprise in the Making (brief)
Open file 14612
Technology: Communications
Proximity WiFi Networks
Can Proximity WiFi Networks Offer An Alternative Distribution Channel To Publishers?
Open file 14613
The Trump Presidency
Important Speaches
The State of the Union 2018 ... C-Span video ... about 80 minutes
Open file 14614
The Trump Presidency
The role of the GOP
The Scariest Part of the State of the Union Wasn't Trump's Speech ... Republicans have never looked more eager to do the president's bidding.
Open file 14615
USA Politics
The Koch Brothers
The Koch Brothers Are Plotting a Right-Wing Takeover of America's Judicial System ... The billionaire magnates have their eyes on the Supreme Court, and that's not all.
Open file 14616
Economics / Philosophy
Monopolistic Capitalism -v- Socialist Monopoly
The Uncomfortable Truth About Whole Foods and Amazon's Grocery Monopoly ... Late capitalism resembles Soviet logic, especially when it comes to consumer options.
Open file 14617
Media: Meredith
Acquisitions / Conecentration of Power
The new Meredith is a next-generation media powerhouse. Now it has acquired TIME
Open file 14618
WEF Davos / B-Team
Standing Up For Social Progress
“If you don’t bring purpose to business, citizens of the world will ask: why are you around in the first place?”
Open file 14619
Initiatives: B-Team
Net Zero by 2050
Net Zero by 2050 ... the B-Team Social Purpose Initiative ... 2018 Report / Communication with Emily Hickson
Open file 14620
Climate / GHG
Don't Fly Campaign
'Do We Really Need to Fly?': Meet the Climate Scientists Walking Their Talk
Open file 14621
Prevention Better than Cure
How Economic Distress Impacts Your Health
Open file 14622
Planetary Boundaries
Planetary boundaries is a concept of nine Earth system processes which have boundaries proposed 2009 by a group of Earth system and environmental scientists led by Johan Rockström from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Will Steffen from the Australian National University.
Open file 14623
TPB Draft Notes
for B-Team Emily Hickson
TPB Draft Notes for B-Team Emily Hickson ... not sent ... a much shorter version was eventually sent
Open file 14624
Bribery and Corruption
Enabling Professionals
Scots shell firms play key role in Latin America's bribery 'mega scandal'
Open file 14625
James Craven
James Craven ... Professor of Economics and Geography (semi-retired)
Open file 14626
Company: P&G / Brand: Gillete
Deceptive Advertising
Open file 14627
Urban Planning
Density's Next Frontier: The Suburbs ... According to a new study, the continuing low density of inner suburbs is a major cause of the housing crisis—and a potential solution.
Open file 14628
Transport / Infrastructure
US Construction Costs
Why It's So Expensive to Build Urban Rail in the U.S. ... It’s not just the Second Avenue Subway: Nearly all urban rail projects in the U.S. cost much more than their European counterparts.
Open file 14629
Science and Technology
Data about Nature
Can Scientists Learn to Make Daily ‘Nature Forecasts’?
Open file 14630
Some text from MDIA slides
Accounting for RISK
Open file 14631
Transport / Renewable fuels
Company: Nikola
New Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell Truck Factory Rumbles Into Arizona
Open file 14632
International Finance
The future role of the Renminbi
Project Syndicate: Could the Renminbi Challenge the Dollar?
Open file 14633
WEF Davos 2018
Commentary: Joseph Stiglitz
Post-Davos Depression ... JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ
Open file 14634
Recent US / China Relations
People: John Pilger
Director John Pilger: Disastrous consequences if US proceeds with “policy of provocation” ... filmed early 2017
Open file 14635
Country: Japan
People: John Pilger
John Pilger - Japan Behind The Mask ... probably filmed in the early 1980s
Open file 14636
Country: USA
Crumbling America1 Full Documentary ... America's Crumbling Infra-Structure
Open file 14637
US Politics / Election 2016
Russian Interference
What was Russia's real impact on the 2016 election?
Open file 14638
Region / Africa
With respect to President Nkrumah and Ghana
Ghana’s first president accurately predicted what Africa’s former European colonizers would do
Open file 14639
Country / Ghana
President Akufo-Addo
TANT MIEUX ... A speech by Ghana’s president calling for Africa to end its dependency on the West is a viral hit ... French President Emmanuel Macron speaks with Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo in Accra
Open file 14640
Ideas matter more than Wealth
Sign the Petition: Kick Climate Deniers out of Science Museums
Open file 14641
India / International Business
Modern-day slavery
Modern-day slavery in focus ... Workers held captive in Indian mills supplying Hugo Boss ... Guardian inquiry into concerns raised by Hugo Boss reveals Tamil Nadu firm, which also supplies major UK brands, stops women leaving factory
Open file 14642
Technology / Disaster Response
Future thinking by Red Cross
AARATHI KRISHNAN ... Beyond Survival Kits: Humanitarian Aid Is Going Wireless, Communal, And Autonomous Citizenship kits, floating cities, and AI disaster response: The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies reimagines how it responds to those in need.
Open file 14643
Event / COMMIT Forum 2018
About the event / speaker opportunity
“Complex and overwhelming.” That’s the description of the current corporate reporting landscape by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission
Open file 14644
Brochure and application process for speakers at the COMMIT-FORUM-2018
Open file 14645
WEF Davos 2018
Discussing Financial Sector
Video: The Next Financial Crisis ... Are the overheated markets headed towards another financial crisis?
Open file 14646
World Ocean Observatory
About the World Ocean Observatory
Open file 14647
Ocean Degradation
Alanna Mitchell in 2011
TEDxCalgary - Alanna Mitchell - Sea Sick: Ocean in Crisis
Open file 14648
Everything you should know
Everything you should know about happiness in one infographic
Open file 14649
Happy Relationship
An infographic telling it all about Happy Relationships ... from
Open file 14650

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