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The Trump Presidency
What Grade Level?

Trump Speaks At Fourth-Grade Level, Lowest Of Last 15 U.S. Presidents, New Analysis Finds
Open file 14501
The Trump Presidency
The Ongoing Investigations

A Watergate Moment? The Fusion GPS Testimony Could Change History ... Dianne Feinstein’s decision to release Glenn Simpson’s testimony has a long history, and could have a huge impact.
Open file 14502
Energy / Fracking
Groundwater Pollution

ENVIRONMENT ... A Fracking Company Is Suing a Victim of Its Own Pollution for Speaking Out (Video) ... A Pennsylvania resident is being sued by the company that polluted his water.
Open file 14503
Technology / AI
Platform Wars at CES

The ambient AI wars are no longer about letting you use a speaker to control other devices–they’re about putting cloud-based brains in gadgets of all sorts.
Open file 14504
Food / Wellness
Plant Based Diet

Teacher who had heart attack inspires 1,300 colleagues to try 10-day plant-based diet
Open file 14505
Food / Wellness
Plant Based Diet

Plantricious to the rescue ... This is a name to remember: Plantricious.
Open file 14506
Economics / Employment

More Trouble in Coal Country: 370 Mining Jobs Lost in One Blow ... Mepco, Inc. announced that it will close a Pennsylvania mine, the 4 West Mine in Greene County, PA
Open file 14507
Food / Meat
US Consumption Trends

Get Ready: USDA Projects A Whopper of A Rise in Meat Consumption
Open file 14508
Personal Finance
Universal Basic Income

Open file 14509
Thinkers / David Suzuki

Consumer society no longer serves our needs
Open file 14510
US International Trade

Coal on the Chopping Block as Trump Ponders NAFTA Withdrawal
Open file 14511
Tech Wealth
Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel submits bid for Gawker, faces challenges
Open file 14512
Social Media
Using Linkedin

How to Get 10 Times the LinkedIn Connections in Just 10 Minutes a Day ... Want to boost your LinkedIn connections quick? Start by implementing these eight strategies.
Open file 14513
Technology /// Crytpocurrencies

Why This Cryptocurrency That's Not Bitcoin Is Worth $83 Billion ... Ripple wants to make the financial system more efficient, not replace it.
Open file 14514
Events in New York 2018
NY Accounting Show ... July 11-12, 2018, at the Javits Center in New York.

New owners plan to greatly expand NY Accounting Show
Open file 14515
Food / Consumer Products
Ethical Supply Chains

8 guiding principles for building ethical global supply chains
Open file 14516
Transport / Automobiles
Honda Accord

Honda’s New Accord Is a $30,000 Master Class in Game Theory The auto giant is speeding into a dying market … with good reason
Open file 14517
Place versus Company

Climate Liability News / New York City Files Climate Lawsuit Against Five Biggest Oil Companies
Open file 14518
Climate Litigation
Society -v- Oil Industry

Climate Liability News / Exxon Launches Legal Retaliation Against California Climate Suits
Open file 14519
Blockchain Companies

Top 10 Companies of the Blockchain Industry in 2017
Open file 14520
People / Tech Leaders
Crypto Technology

Open file 14521
My opinion ... Vanderbilt got this wrong

Vanderbilt suspends doctor after complaint about his public protest of white supremacy on Twitter
Open file 14522
The Trump Presidency
Growing Personal Wealth

Trump's wealth comes from money laundering, and it's gotten worse since he entered the White House
Open file 14523
Cost of Climate Change
Record US costs in 2017

By Jeffrey Sachs ... Scientists have shown that human-induced climate change has greatly increased the frequency and intensity of such disasters
Open file 14524
The Trump Presidency
Activism / Resist / Women's March

Trump’s worst nightmare: Millions of women marching
Open file 14525
Workplace Conditions
Care Givers / Domestic Staff

Short Video: National Domestic Workers Alliance
Open file 14526
Climate Change
Smithfield Foods

Washington Post / WorldPost Opinion ... Change is afoot in Trump country
Open file 14527
Not Politics

In Defense of Economic Populism
Open file 14528

Open file 14529
China / Impact Investment
Social Value 99

Discover China’s 'Social Value 99'The world’s first ranking list for A-share listed companies, with integrated performance in profit and social impact to outperform most major stock market indexes...
Open file 14530
Technology / Blockchain
The Platform Competition

Noam Levenson / NEO versus Ethereum: Why NEO might be 2018’s strongest cryptocurrency ... NEO is a platform with a purpose. Can it compete with Ethereum? Or better yet, does it even need to?
Open file 14531
Energy / Oil
Market Supply and Demand

Peak oil demand and long-run oil prices ... BP chief economist Spencer Dale and Bassam Fattouh, director of The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, argue that this focus seems misplaced.
Open file 14532
Energy / Renewables
Cost competitiveness

All Renewables Will Be Cost Competitive With Fossil Fuels by 2020
Open file 14533
Energy / Renewables
Cost competitiveness

2017 IRENA Report on Renewable Power Generation Costs
Open file 14534
Gender Equity
The Changing Landscape

Fear stalks the BBC, and women like me are being gaslighted and lied to ... The Humphrys-Sopel ‘banter’ over Carrie Gracie reflects a wider contempt for women who demand equal treatment with men
Open file 14535
Transport / Passenger Air
Airbus / A380

Airbus says A380 superjumbo production could end ... but the company selling more aircraft than Boeing!
Open file 14536
Transport / Cars
Honda Accord

And the North American Car of the Year is ... 2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T
Open file 14537
Energy / Oil Industry
Being sued for costs to society

NYC Sues Oil Industry, Saying ‘Greed’ Put State at Risk; Oil Giants Say No
Open file 14538
Energy / Renewables
Declining costs

In Colorado, a glimpse of renewable energy’s insanely cheap future ... Even with storage, new renewables beat existing coal.
Open file 14539
Impact of cars and trucks

Cars and trucks are America’s biggest climate problem for the 2nd year in a row ... Overall emissions are falling, but not fast enough to hit international targets.
Open file 14540
Companies: BlackRock
Communications from Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock

On Leadership ... World’s largest money manager to CEOs: You must do good for society
Open file 14541
Companies: BlackRock
Communications from Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock

Larry's Fink's 2018 Letter to Shareholders ... Chairman's Letter to Shareholders from BlackRock's 2016 Annual Report.
Open file 14542
Companies: BlackRock
Communications from Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock

Open file 14543
Energy / Transportation
Private Car ... Electricity -v- Gas

WORLD CHANGING IDEAS ... Owning An Electric Car Is Twice As Cheap As Owning A Gas Vehicle ... Want to save money? Stop paying for gas.
Open file 14544
Transport / EVs
Company / Shenzhen’s BYD

The Biggest Electric Vehicle Company You’ve Never Heard Of ... Shenzhen’s BYD, which started as a battery company, is a giant in China—and its ambitions are increasingly global.
Open file 14545
Company: Evian
Issue: Plastic Container Pollution

WORLD CHANGING IDEAS ... Evian Will Make All Its Water Bottles Out Of 100% Recycled Plastic ... Can the bottled water industry solve its sustainability problem?
Open file 14546
Natural Systems: Trees
Reforestation: Profit - v- Good

WORLD CHANGING IDEAS ... Planting Trees To Save The Planet Is Turning Into Big Business ... As part of the Paris Agreement, countries are reforesting an area the size of South Africa. The opportunity is enormous–and so are the potential benefits.
Open file 14547
Natural Systems: Trees
Reforestation: Profit - v- Good

The Business of Planting Trees: A Growing Investment Opportunity ... a report from WRI and The Nature Conservancy
Open file 14548
Natural Systems: Trees
Reforestation: Profit - v- Good

Planting Trees Has Become a Big Business
Open file 14549
Companies: BlackRock
Communications from Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock

CLIMATE & ENVIRONMENT ... BlackRock Preaches Long-Termism, But Some Critics Aren’t Buying the Sermon
Open file 14550
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