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The Trump Presidency

David Brooks ... Opinion | OP-ED COLUMNIST ... The Week Trump Won
Open file 14001
Country / China
Engineering / Nature

VIDEO: First glass suspension bridge in China's Guangxi turns one year old
Open file 14002
People / Noam Chomsky
About the USA

NEWS & POLITICS ... Chomsky: Imagine a World Without Neoliberals Privatizing Everything in Sight ... A proposal for a progressive social and economic order for the United States.
Open file 14003
Region / Africa
Economic Issues / Illicit Trade

WORLD ... The American War Machine Is Already on the Death March Across the African Continent ... The root causes of the conflicts are the same as elsewhere: environmental destruction, joblessness, war.
Open file 14004
The Trump Presidency
Special Council

Discussion about progress as of 171028
Open file 14005
The Trump Presidency
The Russian Connection ... or not!

Paul Manafort Surrenders to FBI in Russia Probe
Open file 14006
Stream / Role of Insects

Insect ‘Armageddon’: five crucial questions answered
Open file 14007
Technology / AI
Thoughts about the Future

Joichi Ito ... Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto ... Designing our Complex Future with Machines.
Open file 14008
Technology / Blockchain
Blockchain for Management, Accounting and Accountability

New public blockchain platform integrates with SAP
Open file 14009
Country: Bahrain
Repression of Freedom of Speach

Free Bahrain's Leading Human Rights Defender Nabeel Rajab In prison for speaking up for the freedom to speak! No one should be jailed for #FreeExpression. #Bahrain must free Nabeel Rajab at once!
Open file 14010
Worker Wages / Executive Compensation
Top Management

GE Comp Plan Changes Will Likely Align Pay and Performance
Open file 14011
Ocean Plastic

ENVIRONMENT ... Shocking Photos Show Extent of Plastic Pollution in Caribbean
Open file 14012
Country: China
Air Pollution

Since China launched its 'action on air pollution' local governments have been shutting down smaller outdated steel plants. Beijing Starts the Biggest Shutdown of Steel Factories in History
Open file 14013

The agenda for the upcoming SASB Symposium (2017) has been finalized! ... Speakers / Agenda
Open file 14014
Vehicle Safety
Vehicular Homicide

One way to reduce truck terrorism: design less dangerous and deadly trucks and make them hard to get
Open file 14015
Pollution / Air

Most CO2 Emissions Are Coming From World’s Biggest Companies. What to do?
Open file 14016
Country: China

When China Leads
Open file 14017
USA / Energy and Environment
Climate Change

Trump administration releases report finding ‘no convincing alternative explanation’ for climate change
Open file 14018
Transport / Passenger Rail

Japan Suite train 2017 ... Your Journey on Train Suite Shiki-shima
Open file 14019
Transport / Air
Boeing 747

BOEING 747-8X NEW JUMBO JETS ... several years of designing, building and deploying a better Boeing!
Open file 14020
Transport / Rail Freight
USA / Southern Pacific

Video ... 15 engines on a loaded Southern Pacific coal train on Tehachapi Loop!
Open file 14021
P3 Financing Initiatives

New Report Reveals Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions Through Public-Private Partnerships // Paper details successful collaborations addressing fiscal and climate considerations
Open file 14022
Corporate Governance / Management
CEO policy and performance

Study: CEOs Who Invest In Social Responsibility Initiatives Risk Their Jobs
Open file 14023
People / Activist / Promoter
Mark Snallwood

Can Organic Agriculture Reverse Climate Change? ... A walk to change how we look at climate change
Open file 14024
Research / Food / Agriculture
Oxford / Monsanto

Oxford Study Attacks Regenerative Agriculture — Monsanto Ally?
Open file 14025
USA / Politics
Climate Sceptics

Science’s Top Foe in Congress Is Retiring ... Scientists rejoice.
Open file 14026
USA / Politics
Grand Corruption / Lobbying

Jeffrey D. Sachs Opinion ... Big Data and Big Money have subverted our democracy
Open file 14027
Global Footprint Network

Today (Nov. 4) is the first anniversary of the landmark Paris Climate Agreement entering into force.
Open file 14028
Impact of Home Building

Weighing the Economic Benefits vs. Environmental Impacts of New Buildings
Open file 14029
Impact of Home Building

Impact of Home Building and Remodeling on the U.S. Economy // Special Studies, May 1, 2014 // Economics and Housing Policy // National Association of Home Builders
Open file 14030
Company: Interface
Environmental Leader

Interface Changes the Story on Climate Change from Pessimism to Optimism
Open file 14031
Working Conditions / Wages
Initiatives: Global Living Wage Coalition

Global Living Wage Coalition ... Living Wage Benchmark Reports
Open file 14032
Book by the Ankers
Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC)

Anker methodology for estimating living wages published
Open file 14033
Issues: Technology
Tech Platforms out of control

Tell the FEC: Regulate Facebook and other social media campaign advertising
Open file 14034
Transport / Rail
UK Passenger Steam

Tornado: 100 MPH Steam Engine Documentary 2017
Open file 14035
Country / China
Presdient Xi / 19th Party Congress

What the 19th Party Congress tells us: Analysis of personnel changes
Open file 14036
Agriculture / Palm Oil
Supply Chain / Working Conditions

Leading Global Palm Oil Supplier Announces Labor Reform
Open file 14037
USA / Militarism
The Issue of Genocide

WORLD ... Is the U.S. the Largest Purveyor of Genocide on the Planet? ... American policy has deadly consequences for people all over the world.
Open file 14038
Employment / Workplace Conditions / Wages
Collective Bargaining

Strengthening collective bargaining is essential to reforming the rigged economy
Open file 14039
Global Warming

The U.S. government just released a report confirming everything we know about climate change.
Open file 14040
Countries: China
Recent History in Review

VIDEO ... News quiz on China-U.S. relations, ahead of Donald Trump's China visit
Open file 14041
Transport / Passenger Rail
British Steam

VIDEO ... Heroic 'Black 5s' to the Rescue. Day 1 & 2 of The Great Britain VI. 20th & 21st April 2013
Open file 14042
Resources / Mining
Biggest Companies

Mining giants – the top ten richest mining companies
Open file 14043
US Politics
Democratic Party Exposed

Demo-Catastrophe: It Was Worse Than We Thought, and Bigger Than Bernie vs. Hillary ... Donna Brazile’s bombshell may be overstated, but it helps explain the fiasco of 2016—and how we got there.
Open file 14044
The Trump Presidency
The Tax Plan

ECONOMY ... Want to Know What Happens with Large-Scale Tax Cuts? Just Take a Look at Kansas ... The lessons from Kansas could echo across the country.
Open file 14045
Country; Saudi Arabia
Power Grab / Corruption

Saudi Arabia Begins Freezing Bank Accounts of Corruption Suspects
Open file 14046
Event: Blockchain for Wall Street

Blockchain for Wall Street in 2017 ... Distributed Ledger Directions / Realities for Financial Markets
Open file 14047
Event: Blockchain for Wall Street

About Blockchain for Wall Street in 2017 ... Distributed Ledger Directions and Realities for the Financial Markets ...
Open file 14048
The Trump Presidency

She flipped off President Trump — and got fired from her government contracting job
Open file 14049
Shipping / Pollution
Use of Bunker C Fuel

Uncharted Territory ... The shipping industry needs to deliver cleaner cargo ships, or we’re all sunk.
Open file 14050
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