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Japan Suite train 2017 ... Your Journey on Train Suite Shiki-shima


Peter Burgess

Japan Suite train 2017 371,379 views Ridha jebali Published on Aug 24, 2017

Japan Suite train 2017 Your Journey on Train Suite Shiki-shima

Train Suite Shiki-shima offers you a prime view of Japan's rich, beautiful natural scenery, the local industries of each region and the unique culture that permeates Japanese people's daily lives. See the diverse seasonal beauty of Japan from the unique vantage point of a luxury train. Prologue Shiki-shima Located at Ueno Station where your journey will begin, Prologue Shiki-shima is a luxurious lounge where you can enjoy various drinks and light refreshments. Relax and enjoy the first taste of your experience on Train Suite Shiki-shima. Opening in Spring 2017 Lounge 'Komorebi' 'Komorebi' Komorebi is a Japanese word for the sunlight that peeks through the trees in a forest. The Shiki-shima Lounge is designed to evoke images of a forest, with tree-patterned features all around you. Bask in the sunlight that streams in through the uniquely shaped glass windows as you watch the beautiful seasonal scenery go by. Site Web : Dining 'Shiki-shima' No travel experience is complete without fabulous food made from the best ingredients. Train Suite Shiki-shima serves fine cuisine from around Eastern Japan, with delicious seasonal ingredients cooked to perfection. The gentle sound of the train and the beautiful scenery outside the window provide a relaxing backdrop to the elegance of the dining room as you enjoy your exquisite meal. Don't miss out on this incredible dining experience that is only possible on Train Suite Shiki-shima. Shiki-shima Suite Deluxe Suite Suite All compartments on Train Suite Shiki-shima are a suite or higher, providing the most comfortable vantage point possible for your journey through the ever-changing landscapes of eastern Japan. The suites seamlessly combine traditional Japanese aesthetics with a futuristic spirit. Each suite has a shower and lavatory, and accessible suites are available for passengers with disabilities. Relax and enjoy a luxurious trip through the breathtaking seasonal beauty of eastern Japan. for more Videos: SHOW MORE 225 Comments

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