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Country: Nigeria
A Failing State?

Nigeria Break Up Imminent, Oduduwa Republic Inevitable By Bayo Oluwasanmi ... The signs are all over the place: an Oduduwa Republic for the Yorubas is inevitable.
Open file 12801
0 The Trump Presidency
Economic Projections!

Experts Agree Trump's Rosy Predictions of Economic Growth Are a Mathematic Impossibility ... Analysts say a four percent growth rate is not possible with no boom in productivity.
Open file 12802
Automobile Industry
Emerging problem of Auto Debt

Is Four-Wheel Debt the Next Financial Crisis? ... With late payments on the rise, a dealership upsell begins to look dangerous.
Open file 12803
Germany / Shipping / Banking
Interlinked economics

How The Slowing Shipping Industry Could Spark A Banking Crash In Germany
Open file 12804
Banking and Finance
Deutsche Bank

Signs of Trouble for Deutsche Bank ... A crisis in Germany’s largest bank would be felt by financial markets worldwide.
Open file 12805
Americans for Financial Reform

Why are they trying to hide CEO pay?
Open file 12806
Issue / Company
Stranded Assets / Exxon-Mobil

Exxon Relents, Wipes Oil Sands Reserves From Its Books ... Low prices force the oil giant to stop counting 3.5 billion barrels as an asset, a major turnaround in its accounting.
Open file 12807
Natural Capital / Land
Forest Cover ... Energy and Environment

Americans once moved away from forests. Now forests are moving away from Americans.
Open file 12808
Natural Capital / Climate Change
Dying Trees

The new gold rush: Loggers see money growing on millions of dead trees
Open file 12809
The Trump Presidency
Massive Embarrassment

Politics Analysis ... A majority of Americans are embarrassed by President Trump
Open file 12810
Place / Initiative
Millvale PA / EcoDistricts

Small Town, Big Impact: Resident-Driven Change in Millvale, PA
Open file 12811
Social Media / Media
'ImpactAlpha: The Brief'

'ImpactAlpha: The Brief' ... a periodic email about investment trends
Open file 12812
USA Politics
The Democrats

Alan Dershowitz: Why I Will Leave Democratic Party If Keith Ellison Is Elected DNC Chairman
Open file 12813
The Trump Presidency
Trump's Behavior

Can the US Remain a Super Power Under Trump? ... It will be difficult under a leader who is an international figure of disdain and is often visibly detached from reality.
Open file 12814
The Trump Presidency
Learning from History. Could There Be an American Reichstag Fire?

Don't Underestimate Trump ... February 27 is the anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Reichstag and gave Hitler a pretext to seize total power. Could this happen in the U.S.
Open file 12815
Politics / Activism
Right Wing Activism

A Wave Sweeping America is the Federal and State Preemption of Local Progressive Laws. This allows corporations to boost profits by suppressing local government power, community groups and citizens.
Open file 12816
Technology / Robots / Jobs
What about understanding?

Shelly Palmer ... The 5 Jobs Robots Will Take First
Open file 12817

Client Outcomes Data in Microfinance: Few Have It But Everybody Needs It
Open file 12818
USA ... Military
Powerful ... but Why?

Video ... Monstrously Powerful US Jet Bomber in Action: Rockwell B-1 Lancer in Large Formation
Open file 12819
Failed Projections

Robert Skidelsky ... Economists in Denial
Open file 12820
US Arts and Culture
New York Theatre

Review: ‘If I Forget,’ Clashing Currents in Jewish Identity
Open file 12821
People / Refugees
Assets or Liabilities

Jorge Moreira da Silva ... How Poor Countries Foot the Refugee Bill
Open file 12822
Economic Policy
Robots / Jobs / Universal Basic Income

Kate Aronoff ... How to Share the Wealth If the Robots Start Doing the Work ... Deployed well, both a robot tax and a basic income could fit comfortably into a redistributive agenda.
Open file 12823
Economic Policy
Universal Basic Income

BY KATE ARONOFF ... Why A French Socialist’s Case for Taxing Robots Is Better Than Bill Gates’ Idea
Open file 12824
True Value Accounting for Everything in the Socio-Enviro-Economic System

Draft as of March 1, 2017
Open PDF ... Burgess-TVA-MDIA-draft-170301a
Open file 12825
Climate Change
Porfolio Divestment

University of Pittsburg ... Fossil Free Pitt Coalition urges Board of Trustees to divest
Open file 12826
Clean Money

The Clean Money Revolution: Billionaires of Love by Joel Solomon
Open file 12827
Natural Capital

Sustainable Business Trend: Unlimited Water Becomes a Goal ... by Libby Bernick, Global Head of Corporate Business, Trucost
Open file 12828
The State of Green Business 2017

This article introduces the latest annual assessment of corporate sustainability produced with GreenBiz.
Open file 12829
The Trump Presidency

Speech to Congress ... Trump’s First 100 Days: His speech differed in style, not substance
Open file 12830
Energy: Renewables
Wind Power

The trials and triumphs of offshore wind
Open file 12831
Errors Happen ... but

5 PwC Scandals Far Worse than Oscar Envelopegate Mix Up
Open file 12832
Measuring Waste

Consumption-Based Metrics: The Next Challenge for Zero-Waste Cities
Open file 12833
What is the purpose of business?

Jeff Mowatt 2014 ... What is the purpose of business?
Open file 12834

VIDEO: Teamwork ... The Andrick Group
Open file 12835
Passenger Transport: Rail
Japanese Bulklet Trains

Most Fastest Train On Earth Disappear Within 8 Seconds- The Shinkansen Bullet Train, Japan
Open file 12836
The Trump Presidency
The Military Agenda

Amazing President Trump Marine One Land on Future Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78)
Open file 12837
MOOC Training on Money

Background Material for the Cumbria University MOOC on Money run by Professor Jem Bendell and
Open file 12838

Video ... The History of Money animation
Open file 12839
Royal Navy

Watch Live: The Queen Names Navy's New Aircraft Carrier
Open file 12840
Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA ... Top 20 Social-Media Tools to Add to Your Arsenal in 2016
Open file 12841

Video ... Robert F. Kennedy on GDP in 1967
Open file 12842
Professing Faith in Public

Acts of Faith Perspective ... I’ve worn ash on my head on ESPN for 16 years. This year was different.
Open file 12843
Climate Change / Global Warming
Permafost Thaw

Massive Permafrost Thaw Documented in Canada, Portends Huge Carbon Release
Open file 12844
Climate Change / Global Warming
Sea Ice is melting

Unrelenting Global Warming Sends Sea Ice to Record Low, As Scientists Feel Heat, Too
Open file 12845
Government / Environment
EPA ... a Critical Agency

The Trump Administration and the Environment — Heed the Science ... A March 2017 article authored by eminent scientists working on environmental issues
Open file 12846
The Trump Presidency
Anger Management / Misinformation Angry Trump removes Priebus and Bannon from Air Force One manifest ... Is it really worth it? // The Trump wiretap story is more important than you realize
Open file 12847
Circular Economy
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Circular Economy Overview
Open file 12848
Reputation: The Reputation Institute

The Best 100 Companies for Reputation using the RepTrak system
Open file 12849
Implications of BREXIT
Rethinking Europe

Brexit: Is Britain Facing A Mass Academic Exodus? The world class reputation of British research institutions depends on maintaining excellence in particular fields of research.
Open file 12850
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