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Energy / Environment
Discussion at the Andlinger Center, Princeton University

Professor Michael Oppenheimer speaks on Trump and emerging energy technologies
Open file 12551
Initiatives ... B-Team
Transparency / Ownership Transparency

Why business leadership on beneficial ownership transparency is critical in 2017
Open file 12552
FinTech / Blockchain
Seratio / Blockchain Lab

Washington DC and Beijing Launch of Blockchain Lab for UN Sustainable Development Goals
Open file 12553
Food / Agriculture
A broken unsustainable system

Healthy food for the future must be added to the global agenda today
Open file 12554
Regenerative agriculture

Regeneration: Global Transformation in Catastrophic Times
Open file 12555
New Economics Foundation (NEF)

Most Brits share the same vision of national success ... but why don't our measures of progress?
Open file 12556
Economic Efficiency
National Level

Open file 12557

Yhe rail system has failed. What next? A system must put service, not shareholders, first.
Open external link
Open file 12558
Metrics and Markets

An examination of the relevance of ESG ratings for SRI decisions from a market perspective and identification of the dynamics that will affect the development of the ESG ratings industry in the future.
Open file 12559
Sustainability / Supply Chain / SDG goals
Event: Global Sourcing Council

Sustainability / Supply Chain / SDG goals ... Event: Global Sourcing Council ... January 12, 2016
Open file 12560

Health and Human Services ... ONC announces Blockchain challenge winners
Open file 12561
US Politics
The Obama Legacy

President Obama Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Vice President Biden
Open file 12562
Metrics / Reporting
Integrated Reporting

Illuminating value through best practice corporate reporting
Open file 12563
Global Sourcing Council

Global Sourcing Council ... GSC 2017 Annual Meeting
Open file 12564
Engineering and Technology

The Twin Sails Bridge, Poole, UK
Open file 12565
Engineering and Technology

Russky Bridge: Russia’s Billion-Dollar Vanity Bridge
Open file 12566
CREDO Petition to Congress

'Ensure the safety and security of the United States by immediately passing a bill forcing the president, vice president and their families to divest all assets that create financial conflicts of interest and ... ETC ...'
Open file 12567
Initiative / Metrics

About EcoVadis / The EcoVadis methodology
Open file 12568
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

Robert Reich Speechless After Pundit Claims Trump Is Free to Be Corrupt Because He Won the Election ... “This is total disdain for the democratic institutions of government and total disdain for public trust,”
Open file 12569
PBS ... Intangible Capital

Employment in tangible and intangible industries
Open file 12570
USA Election 2016
The Legitimacy of a Donald Trump Presidency

Is President elect Trump going to be a 'legitimate' President of the United States?
Open file 12571
USA ... Health Sector
US Health Sector Dysfunction

Noam Chomsky: America's Healthcare System Is an 'International Scandal,' ACA Repeal Will Prove a Catastrophe ... Chomsky wonders why Americans don't demand access to universal healthcare.
Open file 12572
FOOD / Nutrition
Plant based foods

3p Weekend: 10 Companies Bringing Plant-Based Protein Mainstream
Open file 12573
Energy / Renewables
Coal - v - Renewables

Wyoming Bill Would Outlaw Renewable Energy
Open file 12574
Ocean Conservation / Activism
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Spots Dead Whale on Japanese Ship in Australian Sanctuary ... Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Open file 12575
USA - Politics
Post election activism

Stand With John Lewis!
Open file 12576
US Politics
Trump Transition

The Guardian: Trump has bared his fangs to Merkel. He will do untold damage to Europe. The president elect praises Brexit, cosies up to Putin and likely take an axe to Nato and established trading systems.
Open file 12577
US politics ... 2016
Explaining Trump

The Guardian ... Gary Younge Opinion ... How Barack Obama paved the way for Donald Trump
Open file 12578
Climate change

KISS ... We need a Ladybird book of climate change deniers ... Prince Charles will be doing a Ladybird book on Climate Change
Open file 12579
Energy / Climate Change

The Archdruid Report ... Druid perspectives on nature, culture, and the future of industrial society ... Climate Change Activism: A Post-Mortem
Open file 12580
Energy / Renewables
Corporate purchasing of renewable energy

TheGuardian ... The new bottom line ... Why is corporate America picking wind power over solar? ... Google, Microsoft, Dow Chemical and others are buying five times more wind than solar electricity
Open file 12581
International Center for Remote Sensing Education, Inc.

International Center for Remote Sensing Education, Inc. / Tim Foresman
Open file 12582
Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)

The Clinton Global Initiative’s Ignominious End ... The Clinton Foundation filed papers this week warning that 22 staffers will be laid off on April 15, when the Clinton Global Initiative is formally shut down.
Open file 12583
Graphene based material

MIT Invented The Material We'll Need To Build In Space ... It's ten times stronger than steel but is only 5% as dense, and it could revolutionize architecture on Earth, too.
Open file 12584
The Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign represents a force of more than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide.
Open file 12585
Integrating environment and economy

Australia must make the environment integral to economic decision-making
Open file 12586
Taking into account environmental degradation

The economy worse off since 1978
Open file 12587
Experimental Ecosystem Accounting

UN-SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting
Open file 12588
People ... Super Model
Natalia Vodianova

Part of the story of Natalia Vodianova
Open file 12589
UK ... Steel Industry
British Steel Crisis

The British steel crisis did more good than harm to the industry
Open file 12590
UK ... Steel Industry
British Steel Crisis

Britain’s steel industry: decline isn’t just down to Tata
Open file 12591
China / Climate Chain
Business Opportunity

For China, climate change is no hoax – it’s a business and political opportunity
Open file 12592
Metrics for the National Economy
Many Alternative

GDP Sucks. Here Are Some Better Alternatives
Open file 12593
Food / Waste / Climate Change
Food Waste Book Review

Post-Harvest Loss Reduction ... Book Review: Food Foolish ... The Hidden Connection Between Food Waste, Hunger and Climate Change
Open file 12594
Value Banking
First Green Bank

Year In The Life of First Green Bank Documentary (Trailer)_Dec 2016
Open file 12595
Initiative / Idea
Capital Institute ... Regenerative Capitalism

Capital Institute ... Reimagining Capitalism (Trailer)
Open file 12596
Initiative / Idea
Capital Institute ... Regenerative Capitalism

Capital Institute ... Reimagining Capitalism (Full Version)
Open file 12597
Peter Burgess Linkedin Connections
John Elkington

John Elkington ... connections
Open file 12598
USA Politics
Trump Transition

Robert Reich: 4 Takeaways From Trump's Latest Twitter Tantrum ... Trump consistently misuses the term 'fake news' and takes credit for things he had nothing to do with.
Open file 12599
TVM Website Admin
Links to useful resources

Partial listing of URLs used to develope TVM information base ... February 2017
Open file 12600
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