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TVM Dialog List 1251
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An idea for better corporate performance ... but what about society and what about the environment?
Open file 12501
Climate Change
Role of Forests / Forestry
ECONOMY ... Next ‘Renewable Energy’: Burning Forests, if Senators Get Their Way
Open file 12502
Trump and Twitter
This Has to Be the Dumbest Statement by a New York Times Reporter in 2016 ... Amy Chozick delivered a bizarre and infuriating Trump apologia, right under the wire.
Open file 12503
Thinker / Idea
Wolfgang Streeck ... Failing Capitalism
Capitalism Is Collapsing -- and the Weird Thing Is That Nothing Is Rising to Replace It Author Wolfgang Streeck describes the phenomenon as 'a death from a thousand cuts.'
Open file 12504
Thinker / Idea
Wolfgang Streeck ... Capitalism
Capitalism Is Collapsing -- and the Weird Thing Is That Nothing Is Rising to Replace It ... Author Wolfgang Streeck describes the phenomenon as 'a death from a thousand cuts.'
Open file 12505
International Public Management Network
Clay G Wescott ... International Public Management Network
Open file 12506
Ideas / Economics
RICARDO HAUSMANN ... Does Capitalism Cause Poverty?
Open file 12507
Social Media Activism
170203 ... Companies must refuse to build Trump’s Muslim registry
Open file 12508
Municipal Accounting
Dated accounting systems ... but its really worse
Open file 12509
The State of the USA< br> Post Election Trump Induced Trauma
Engelhardt, It Can Happen Here (In Fact, It Did!) ... The Real Face of Washington (and America) Thank You, Donald Trump By Tom Engelhardt
Open file 12510
Energy / Renewables
Some of the Issues
From 2012 ... Germany's wind power chaos should be a warning to the UK ... Germany has gone further down the 'renewables' path than any country in the world, and now it's paying the price
Open file 12511
Energy ... Natural Gas
North Sea
Denmark ... This North Sea nation is about to lose 90% of its natural gas production
Open file 12512
Energy / Oil and Gas
Profits For Oil Producers Just Dropped 30 Percent Across This Entire Nation
Open file 12513
Stories predicted for 2017
The Top 10 stories you need to know about today in O&G
Open file 12514
Trump Transition
Americans' Political 'Psychotic Break' ... People have discovered that their sense of self is in some significant way false.
Open file 12515
The problem of Congerssional Ethics
GOP Backtracks After Elizabeth Warren Shames Them—and Trump—for Secretive Attempt to Scrap Independent Ethics Panel ... Yet another sign that Democrats will need to stiffen their spines constantly in 2017.
Open file 12516
Trump Transition ... Betsy DeVos appointment
Inside Donald Trump's Extremist Education Agenda ... The Hillsdale College connection links Trump to the extremist, right-wing evangelical community of Betsy DeVos.
Open file 12517
Fossil Fuels / Climate
Trump Transition
Donald Trump's 'Carbon Bubble' Economy Is Bound to Pop—the Only Question Is How Bad It Will Be ... Trump's economic policies are built on many flawed assumptions, especially a fossil-fuel boom that won't end well.
Open file 12518
Thinkers ... Robert Reich
Trump Transition
Robert Reich: 15 Signs of Impending Tyranny Under President Trump ... Consider yourself warned.
Open file 12519
Middle Easr
Israel and Palestine
America’s Blind Infatuation with Israel ... Lessons from Amos Oz on the coexistence of Jews and Arabs.
Open file 12520
Branko Milanovic ... Can Inequality Be Reduced? ... What are the realistic options to tackle the scourge of crass inequality in rich welfare states?
Open file 12521
Food / Retail
Local food / Cooperatives
BLOG: FOOD ... Why Shop at a Food Co-op?
Open file 12522
US Military Capabilities
Massive Amount of US KC-135 and KC-10 During Emergency Take-off + B-52 Air Refuel
Open file 12523
Trump Wins
Post election Intelligence Squared Debate ... Trump: An American Tragedy?
Open file 12524
Trump Transition
Trump Humiliates Billionaire David Koch By Throwing His Guest Off Trump Golf Course.
Open file 12525
USA ... Politics
Trump Transation
Senior Trump adviser (Kellyanne Conway) coming to Buffalo for exclusive fundraising event
Open file 12526
Peter Burgess draft dialog
About Metrics
The state of metrics and the data architecture for a better system
Open file 12527
Tom Friedman
January 4, 2017 ... Thomas L. Friedman ... From Hands to Heads to Hearts
Open file 12528
Listing of people associated with this initiative
Open file 12529
Natural Capital ... Water
Managing the impact of impervious surfaces
Open file 12530
USA Transport ... Rail
Freight trains
Freight Train (1954)... a video showing how a freight train is prepared for departure.
Open file 12531
Natural Capital ... Land
Mangrove Forests
Video ... Mangroves : Reducing the Risk of Disaster through Nature-Based Solutions
Open file 12532
Land / Mangrove Forest
Mangrove Action Project
Mangrove Action Project ... VIDEO ... Community Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration
Open file 12533
Forests / Forest Products
Initiative ... Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Alternative approaches to illegal logging ... Research backs incentives, monitoring and transparency for timber sustainability
Open file 12534
Scientific Information
Publications of the US Government
References to documents prepared by the US Department of the Interior regarding the environment
Open file 12535
Extreme engineering projects
The LONGEST TRAIN Rail Tunnel in the World Technology Documentary ... new rail tunnels under the Swiss Alps
Open file 12536
Extreme engineering projects
Video ... The world's largest Road Train Truck in South Africa, tunnelling in Dusseldorf, US coastline protection
Open file 12537
Guns don't reduce poverty
Video ... Arms for the Poor ... a very short introduction to a documentary film prepared in THE 1990S ???
Open file 12538
Climate Change
Trends and events
Top 10 Weather Events of 2016 (#2 Will Surprise You)
Open file 12539
People ... the hateful alt right
Milo Yiannopoulos
Don't let Simon & Schuster spread hate speech ... petition to get Yiannopoulos hate speach book deal cancelled
Open file 12540
Teachers' Issues
Chris Emdin of Columbia University ... The failure cycle causing a shortage of black male teachers
Open file 12541
USA Politics 2017
GOP bevavior in Washington
Imagine ... McConnell shocked, shocked! that Democrats might block Trump SCOTUS nominee
Open file 12542
USA Politics 2017
About the President Elect
Trump's Poor. And Putin knows it. ... an opinion piece, but something I tend to agree with!
Open file 12543
Environmental Health
Circle of Poison ... Pesticides made in the United States are wreaking havoc in the developing world
Open file 12544
Energy / Climate Change
Existential Risk
Energy ... I May Be Facing Felony Charges, But the Real Radicals Are Running the Fossil Fuel Companies
Open file 12545
Energy / Climate Change
Existential Risk
Energy ... I May Be Facing Felony Charges, But the Real Radicals Are Running the Fossil Fuel Companies
Open file 12546
USA ... Politics
Trump ... the US President Elect
Meryl Streep just took down Donald Trump at the Golden Globes and she never once mentioned his name.
Open file 12547
Climate Change
Ice Melt
Antarctica’s fourth biggest ice shelf is on the verge of collapse
Open file 12548
Natural Capital / Oceans / Coral Reefs
Coral Reefs in Dangerous Decline
GHOST REEFS ... Nearly all coral reefs will be ruined by climate change.
Open file 12549
Energy / Solar
Solar panel efficiency
Do Solar Panels Use More Energy Than They Generate?
Open file 12550

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