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TVM Dialog List 1248
12351 - 12400

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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JUST Capital
Company Justness

Some of the companies that have a high ranking in the JUST Capital analysis process
Open file 12351
JUST Capital
JUST Capital methodology

JUST Capital methodology ... JUST Capital gives the public a voice on how they want companies to behave
Open file 12352
JUST Capital
Personnel Board of Directors, Research Council, Management Team

Open file 12353
People ... Richard Shaw CBE
University of the West of Scotland

Former University Principal receives Honorary Doctorate ... 208
Open file 12354
The Purpose of the Corporation

The Modern Corporation ... a research effort of Frank Bold and the Cass Business School, City University
Open file 12355
Global disaffection with leadership

From Trump to Erdogan: The Rise of the “Identitarians” ... Supporters of identity politics feel safer by shutting doors to the rest of the world. Who pays the price? How did elites contribute to it all?
Open file 12356
Passenger Transportation
Company ... Uber

Uber’s risk factors ... here’s what Uber’s investors should worry about
Open file 12357
Energy ... Solar

A breakthrough in solar electricity generation ... beyong the silicon based solar panel!
Open file 12358
Hydrogen / Fuel Cell Power

Nikola Unveils Its Hydrogen Powered Semi-Truck ... the Tesla of heavy duty trucks!
Open file 12359
Transportation / Logistics
Container ship industry

Maersk Continues Ocean Carrier Consolidation Trend, Says It Will Acquire Hamburg Süd
Open file 12360
News Feed

Grist news active links as of 161203
Open file 12361
News Feed

Grist news on Climate Change accessed on 161203 ... without active links
Open file 12362
Climate Change
GHG / Methane

Washington Post ... Energy and Environment ... The U.S. has been emitting a lot more methane than we thought, says EPA
Open file 12363
USA ... Election 2016
Post election malaise

Trump and Clinton Campaign Aides Clash at Harvard Forum
Open file 12364
USA ... Election 2014
Trump Transition / Business Advisory Panel

Bloomberg News ... Trump Turns to Schwarzman, Dimon for White House Jobs Panel
Open file 12365
Company .... Glencore

November 2016 ... Glencore keeps zinc market guessing on capacity
Open file 12366
Leadership matters

At Least Four Kinds of Terrorism Are Targeting Our Grandchildren—None of Them What Donald Trump Would Have You Think ... The forces that swept a narcissistic misogynist into office are gunning for us all.
Open file 12367
LInkiedin Connection ... Joshua Bishop
Head of Sustainable Food at WWF-Australia

Link to Linkledin Profile and listing of common connections
Open file 12368
Ecology and Finance
Book edited by Joshua Bishop and Chloe Hill

The Case for International Payments for Ecosystem Services ... a book edited by Joshua Bishop, WWF-Australia and Chloe Hill, Green Economy Technical Advisor for WWF Mekong region, Phnom Penh, Ca
Open file 12369
Climate Change
Long history

Katharine Hayhoe: Here's How Long We've Known About Climate Change
Open file 12370
Corporate Purpose
The New Bottom Line

Jeff Mowatt ... I'll call it 'The New Bottom-line'
Open file 12371
Community focus

Essay of the Day: From Product-centered to People-centered economic development
Open file 12372
Climate Change
Wild fires

BURNING QUESTIONS ... In wildfire-riddled Tennessee, climate change is a hot topic
Open file 12373
Indigenous People
Respect for Rule of Law

The Dakota Access pipeline ... Standing Rock ...the Federal Government and tribal sovereignty
Open file 12374
Sustainability in the Tech Sector

Silicon Valley's sustainability problem
Open file 12375
Sustainable Development
Multiple crises not being solved

A better approach to solving the world's 'wicked problems'
Open file 12376

A regular blog about (un) sustainable business. A focus on practical stuff, not blue sky pretentious waffle. Around 6000 regular readers, surprisingly ... Eleven business trends related to zero deforestation
Open file 12377
Company ... Mastercard
Global Expansion Plan

The mission behind Mastercard's SDG master plan
Open file 12378
C40 Cities Network

Report: Cities need $375 billion in green investment
Open file 12379

Open file 12380
People / Linkedin Connections
Mark Callen

Mark Callen ... Sales Director OnSerro at My Planet Life
Open file 12381
People / Linkedin Connections
Diep N. Vuong

Diep N. Vuong ... President & CoFounder of Pacific Links Foundation
Open file 12382
Country ... Bahamas
Real Estate Corruption

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ... Corruption Abounds as Bahamian Parliament Threatens to Jail Lawyer and Judge in Environmental Scandal involving Canadian apparel manufacturer Peter Nygard
Open file 12383
Company ... Google
Energy / Renewables

Google Announces Plans to Run Entirely on Renewable Energy
Open file 12384
People ... Henry Kissinger
His legacy ... being challenged

Nobel Committee has arranged for well-known war mastermind Henry Kissinger to speak as an honored guest at a forum that is part of the Nobel Peace Prize events this year in Oslo.
Open file 12385
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

Don’t Look Now, But Here Comes Another Reassuring Pick From Trump.
Open file 12386
TVM web hosting

Chat dialog with Bluehost regarding the service they provide ... specifically their security posture
Open file 12387
Food / Agriculture

The Role of Livestock in Future Farming Systems - Joel Salatin in Bristol
Open file 12388
Sustainable Food Trust

Sustainable Food Trust ... exploring solutions for a food production system that causes the least possible harm to both humans and the environment
Open file 12389
Food / Livestock
Thinkers ... Joel Salatin

The Role of Livestock in Future Farming Systems - Joel Salatin in Bristol
Open file 12390
People / Linkedin Connections
Steven Godeke

Steven Godeke ... Impact Investing Advisor
Open file 12391
Military Aircraft
Aircraft ... TSR2

TSR2 The Untold Story Full Documentary
Open file 12392
Company ... Segovia
Segovia Technology Jobs

International Accounting Manager/Controller (Part-time available) Full-time
Open file 12393
Media / Politics
Susan B. Glasser ... State of these in 2016

Washington Disrupted ... Journalism has never been better, thanks to these last few decades of disruption. So why does it seem to matter so little? Reflections on the media in the age of Trump.
Open file 12394
USA ... Politics 2016
Trump transition ... OUCH

Trump transition team for Energy Department seeks names of employees involved in climate meetings
Open file 12395
Air Pollution
Human health and other issues

Energy and Environment ... The staggering economic cost of air pollution
Open file 12396
Non-financial dimensions

John Swannick ... Monetising the non-financial ... Sustained and sustainable organisational change
Open file 12397
Reporting value

John Swannick ... Value and a new disclosure paradigm
Open file 12398
People / Linkedin Connections
John Swannick

Linkedin Connection with John Swannick, Sustained and sustainable organisational change
Open file 12399
Ocean Tomo

Ocean Tomo... intellectual capital has emerged as the leading asset class
Open file 12400
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