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Burgess Connections
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ISE-sponsored Lecture, 'What's Gender Got to do with it? Women and Politics'
Open file 12201
0 Initiative
The Next System Project

Post Election Note ... The Next System Project ... Dark times call for brighter new visions of the world we want to see
Open file 12202 Open external link
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

The transition team, led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, has ballooned to more than 100 people.
Open file 12203
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

EcoWatch Climate Nexus ... Here's How Trump Plans to Dismantle Environmental Laws
Open file 12204
USA ... Election 2016
People ... Kelly Ayotte

National Review Recommendation ... A Trump Nomination to Heal the Party: Kelly Ayotte
Open file 12205
USA ... Election 2016
Reaction ... Andrew Winston

What Now? A Brief Plan for Climate Action in Trumpland
Open file 12206 Open external link
Pivot Goals

The various goals being used in Pivot Goals by Andrew Winston
Open file 12207 Open external link
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transation

COAL IN EVERY STOCKING ... Trump will be the fossil fuel industry’s greatest gift
Open file 12208 Open external link
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

60 percent of voters view Trump unfavorably ... Donald Trump begins his presidential transition as the most-disliked president-elect in modern times.
Open file 12209 Open external link
Peace Activism
People ... Joan Baez

2009 ... Joan Baez diffuses right wing protest at Idaho concert
Open file 12210 Open external link
Gender Inequality
Trump Transition

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest ... A Letter to Young Women, in the Age of Trump
Open file 12211 Open external link
People ... Steven Godeke
Connections shared with Peter Burgess

Linkedin Connections shared with Peter Burgess as of 161111
Open file 12212
Transport ... Rail
Indian Railways

Train To Kashmir- The Greatest Indian Railway Project-connect Rest of the Indian states
Open file 12213
USA ... Education
Student Debt

The One Comic That Explains Just How Screwed America Is
Open file 12214
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

KEVIN DRUM ... The United States Is Not About to Spiral Into Fascism and Tyranny
Open file 12215 Open external link
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ... Trump And Obama, Sitting In DC, A-W-K-W-A-R-D
Open file 12216

VIDEO ... The Most Extreme Helicopters in The World
Open file 12217
People ... Erik Hersman
Technology / East Africa / Innovation

IDGConnect Intereview with Erik Hersman: A Founding Father of Kenyan Tech
Open file 12218 Open external link
Driver of Economic Growth

The six most innovative technology companies in Africa
Open file 12219 Open external link
Idea ... Basic Income
A way to address people's need for income

History of basic income ... published by BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network)
Open file 12220 Open external link
Quality of Life
Jobs / Employment / Income

Economist in 2010 ... Economics ... Labour markets ... How to fix unemployment
Open file 12221

Weblinks (partial) for period circa October-December 2016
Open file 12222
The burden of great wealth

WEALTH CULTURE ... Inside the Homes of Britain's Modern Aristocrats ... Spoiler: Death and taxes come to us all.
Open file 12223 Open external link
People ... Steve Bannon
Profile early 2015

This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America ... Steve Bannon runs the new vast right-wing conspiracy—and he wants to take down both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.
Open file 12224 Open external link
USA ... Election
Trump Transition

Trump issues a warning for Obama—stop talking to the rest of the world, it's mine now
Open file 12225
Impact Investing

Presentation about Impact Investing by CASE at the Fuqua Business School
Open file 12226
Impact Investing

Presentation about Impact Investing by CASE at the Fuqua Business School ... Presentations only ... no text
Open file 12227
A perspectve from South Africa

Tax systems are inhumane. It’s time this changed
Open file 12228 Open external link
Impact Investing
Cathy Clark / CASE at Fuqua

Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business ... About Smart Impact Capital
Open file 12229
USA ... Election 2016
Corporate Involvement

Companies whose founders, owners, or CEOs who are prominent supporters of Donald Trump
Open file 12230
Food ... Sweateners

The bitter truth about Stevia ... Big brands profiting from Stevia-based sweeteners are trampling on the rights of the Guaraní people.
Open file 12231
Restore the Earth Foundation

New Metrics for a New Economy: Restore the Earth’s EcoMetrics™ Model
Open file 12232
Restoring its natural value

The Permaculture Research Institute ... FINDING SUSTAINABILITY IN ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION ... A Breakthough of Worldwide Importance ... Loess Plateau Watershed Rehabiliation Project
Open file 12233 Open external link
TPB Connections via Linkedin
Environmental Defense Fund
Open file 12234
Technology Innovator
Ken Banks

Pulse essay ... Farming or scratching? An innovation dilemma.
Open file 12235
Natural Systems
Ecosystem Restoration

Video ... What if we change - documentary on ecosystem restoration
includes reference to the idea that land and ecosystems should be the value backing for money!
Open file 12236
Restore the Land Foundation

11 Nov 2016 ... Press Release: Restore the Earth Foundation Breaks Ground on One-Million-Acre Landscape-Scale Restoration Project
Open file 12237
USA ... Election 2016
Policy Options

Thomas Piketty ... We must rethink globalization, or Trumpism will prevail
Open file 12238 Open external link
Corruption in Mexico

The Mysterious Recurring Case of Mexico’s Disappearing Governors
Open file 12239 Open external link
Circular Economy / Recycling
Closed Loop Fund

Closing the Loop on Recycling: Unilever, P&G Aim to Give Communities Greater Access to Recycling Programs
Open file 12240 Open external link
Closed Loop Foundation

CLF Impact Report Reveals Groundwork for Robust Recycling System, Circular Economy in U.S.
Open file 12241
Rev. Al Hathaway

Burgess connections ... Rev Al Hathaway in Baltmore, Maryland
Open file 12242

Two-thirds of asset managers polled pursue sustainable investing, with 64% believing its adoption will continue to grow
Open file 12243
USA ... Economic Projections
Trump rethink about modelling

How Republicans Plan to Spend Like Crazy Without Running Up Debt ... Trump's Dynamic Chance to Deliver Debt-Driven Stimulus ...
Open file 12244
USA ... Election 2016
Russian Hacking

The NSA Chief Says Russia Hacked the 2016 Election. Congress Must Investigate. ... It's up to Capitol Hill to protect American democracy.
Open file 12245
People / Burgess Connections
Jonathan Atwood

Connections for Jonathan Atwood with Peter Burgess via Linkedin
Open file 12246
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

TIME TO MAKE #LEMONADE ... some ways to get some positive traction out of the Trump situation
Open file 12247
Place / Community
Socio-Environmental Efficiency

The Tesla of Ecovillages ... ReGen villages
Open file 12248 Open external link
USA ... Election 2016
Trump Transition

We have 100 days to stop Donald Trump from systemically corrupting our institutions ... The transition period is our last best chance to save the republic
Open file 12249
USA ... Politices
Trump Transition

Ivanka Trump is a shoo-in for the Iron Throne ... Before you could say ‘conflict of interests’, America’s most dysfunctional family have already begun blurring the lines between politics and business
Open file 12250
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