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Ships and Shipping
Container Ships

VIDEO ... OOCL ATLANTA : Le Navire Le Plus Gigantèsque Au Monde ( Documentaire )
Open file 12101
Financing Cities
City ... Detroit

JPMorgan Chase Commits $5 Million to Detroit’s New $30 Million Strategic Neighborhood Fund
Open file 12102 Open external link
Place ... Detroit
Projects for Progress for Detroit

INVEST DETROIT ... Representative Projects ... Recent case studies of projects completed through Invest Detroit financing.
Open file 12103
A fundamental enabler of progress

Bill Gates ... Science is the Great Giver
Open file 12104 Open external link

The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan by Sebastian Mallaby ... Verdict on Greenspan: Guilty, But Not as Charged
Open file 12105
Airport Constraints

Heathrow expansion addresses a sliver of EU airport capacity crunch
Open file 12106
Air Transport

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Open file 12107 Open external link

Half a million solar panels were installed every day in 2015.
Open file 12108 Open external link
Sustainability / Circular Economy
The Fortune Award for Circular Economy Leadership

The Circulars ... Winners and Finalists for 2016
Open file 12109
Sustainability / Circular Economy
The Fortune Award for Circular Economy Leadership

The Circulars ... Winners and Finalists for 2015 ... GOAL: ‘’To increase awareness of the potential of circular economy business models ...
Open file 12110
Event ... MIT Enterprise Forum
Turning Traditional Transactional Business Models Inside-Out

Nov 16 2016 Time: 5:15 PM - 7:30 PM at Chadbourne & Parke LLP, 1301 6th Avenue New York
Open file 12111
Electric Vehicles

RMI ... Driving Integration: Regulatory Responses to Electric Vehicle Growth
Open file 12112
Initiative ... Global Good Fund
Board of Advisors

Names, photos and brief background
Open file 12113
Incentivizing Carbon Conservation

Pricing Carbon: Tax vs. Cap and Trad
Open file 12114 Open external link
Planetary Boundaries
Global Footpring

Video ... Let's reduce our global footprint
Open file 12115
Technology ... Rail Transport

GE Evolution Series Tier 4 Locomotive
Open file 12116 Open external link
Transport ... Rail
USA Cargo

Video ... New Tier 4 Engines and Why the Police Stopped Q194, CSX Railfanning Carlton - Athens GA, 11/15/2015
Open file 12117
Professions ... Architects
The American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC)

Questions of Ethics ... Ethics for Architects: Introductory Comments
Open file 12118
RMI ... Energy Efficiency ... 10xE Principles

Integrative Design: A Disruptive Source of Expanding Returns to Investments in Energy Efficiency
Open file 12119
USA ... Energy
Electric Power Generation

Interactive Google Earth Map ... Updated Interactive Map of U.S. Power Plants
Open external link
Open file 12120

Gig economy .. Opinion ... Uber’s defeat shows it doesn’t have to be a rigged economy
Open file 12121

Kristalina Georgieva to quit Commission for World Bank job ... A source said the Bulgarian was frustrated with the ‘poisonous’ influence of Jean-Claude Juncker’s chief of staff.
Open external link
Open file 12122

Sustainability crisis ... Guardian cuts costs ... but still the numbers ‘don’t add up’
Open external link
Open file 12123

A lot of people in the U.S. just don’t realize how strong the Chinese entrepreneurial, engineering, product, research capabilities are,”
Open file 12124
Impact Investing
Water ... Water Security Fund

The Best Way To Invest In Water? Interview With Thomas Schumann Founder Of Water Security Fund
Open external link
Open file 12125
Food / Agriculture
Production of Beef

It Does Not Take 7 kg Of Grain To Make 1 kg Of Beef: Be Very Careful With Your Statistics
Open external link
Open file 12126

Six 'Miracle' Drugs Big Pharma Now Regrets ... With big pharma, first they promote it, then they discover the risks.
Open external link
Open file 12127

QUALITY OF LIFE ... Will Eating Avocados Make Me Fat?
Open external link
Open file 12128
US Pipeline Protests
30 Powerful Photos

Standoff Between Militarized Police and Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors
Open external link
Open file 12129

Are Mushrooms Good for You? Although they aren’t really vegetables, mushrooms can be a valuable addition to your diet.
Open file 12130 Open external link
The Black List

Building Bridges over WBAI Radio, 99.5FM with Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash Mon., October 31, 7 – 9 pm EST
Open file 12131
Progressive Policy
State level initiatives ACTIVISM

Three Ground-Breaking Progressive Initiatives That Are Under the Radar This Election State governments lead the charge for a progressive future on big pharma, criminal justice, and much more.
Open file 12132 Open external link
The Invasion of Iraq in 2003

LOCAL PEACE ECONOMY ... Testimony to the US Tribunal on Iraq by Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire ... The invasion was carried out on the basis of a lie.
Open file 12133 Open external link
Greed over Good
Example of the Prevailing Systemic Dysfunction

WORLD ... There Is an Epidemic of Assassinations Targeting Human Rights Defenders in Latin America ... New Oxfam report finds expansion of extractive industries is tied to rise of killings in Latin America.
Open file 12134 Open external link
Initiatives ... Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Air Pollution Initiatives of the US Government

Navigation to various Air Pollution Initiatives of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the US Government
Open file 12135 Open external link
Industry ... Oil and Gas
2016 Mega Merger

Baker Hughes And GE: A Potential contemplating a Mega-Deal In The Oil Service Space
Open file 12136 Open external link
USA - Election 2016
October Surprise!

Hilary Clinton's e-Mail Saga ... Federal Bureau of Investigation / JamesComey / Harry Reid
Open file 12137
Country ... UK
Post BREXIT confusion

David Blanchflower opines: Mark Carney is what stands between Britain and economic chaos ... Brexiteers with little grasp of economics are lining up to undermine Carney. Theresa May should ignore them and do everything she can to keep him
Open file 12138 Open external link
Pulp and Paper in Canada

Paper trail: The decline of Canada’s forestry industry
Open file 12139 Open external link
Policy Choices
Employment - Wages

Living wage ... Opinion ... The living wage is finally catching on. Now fair pay must become the norm
Open file 12140 Open external link
Policy Choices
Employment - Wages

Minimum wage ... Opinion ... I’m paying my staff a real living wage – not George Osborne’s version
Open file 12141 Open external link
The 2008 Financial Crisis
Banking ... Bear Stearns

The Fall of Bear Stearns: A Quickie Guide
Open file 12142 Open external link
USA - Election 2016
Explaining Donald Trump

This is the hollowed-out heart of America: pain, rage and Donald Trump
Open file 12143 Open external link
World Shipping
Economic Woes of the Container Shipping Industry

UASC, Hapag-Lloyd seek EU nod for deal with concessions ... UASC is majority-owned by the government of Qatar ... Hapag-Lloyd merger reveals UASC’s huge net losses
Open file 12144
EVENT ... Impact Hub Mew York
Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT)

Corporate Innovation for Impact: Unique Partnerships for Developing Markets SOCAP 365
Open file 12145
International Trade
Trade Agreements

Free Trade’s Bleak Outlook ... Canada and the European Union stifled resistance from Wallonia -- the French-speaking part of Belgium -- and signed their Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.
Open external link
Open file 12146
Footprint to Wings Inc
Rezwan Razani ...

Stealing Fire From the Gods was easy! Are you ready for what comes next?
Open file 12147
Footprint to Wings Inc
Rezwan Razani

Racing to Zero Carbon at the last minute
Open file 12148
Footprint to Wings
Rezwan Razani

A massive thank you for being a subscriber to Footprint to Wings! Chances are you are one of the bold people on our planet who doesn’t avoid wicked problems.
Open file 12149
Footprint to Wings
Rezwan Razani

Road to Zero Carbon ... Darkness, Zombies and Dragon Inspection on the Road to Zero Carbon
Open file 12150
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