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TVM Dialog List 1238
11851 - 11900

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Open file 11851
T Peter Burgess Essay
Concentration of Economic Power
December 2015
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Open file 11853
Thinkers ... Roger Kaufman
Public Administration
Roger Kaufman on Needs Assessment
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Development ... Metrics
Millennium Development Goals
MDGs ... Goals, targets and indicators
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T Peter Burgess Essay
Why is it that US hourly compensation has flat-lined for nearly 50 years?
Published on August 4, 2016
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USA ... Economic Performance
American Exceptionalism
Debunking the Myth of American Exceptionalism ... an essay by Dr. Gary G. Kohls 2015
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Rule of Law
Nothing to do with fairness
Russia’s Elites and the “Crowded Streetcar Effect” ... To preserve their gains, will Russia’s oligarchs now demand a strong rule of law?
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Country ... Russia
Economic Performance
9 Ways Putin Has Let Russia Down ... Grandstanding in Crimea runs counter to Russia’s economic interests — and may cost Putin his power (from 2014)
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Transport ... Technology
Self Driving Vehicles
nuTonomy Beats Uber/Google to Self-Driving Taxis ... testing in Singapore
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Country ... Brazil
Sports Economics
Brazil: The Economics of the Rio Olympics 2016 ... There’s still over four months to go until the August 5 opening, but the Olympic stopwatch is already ticking for Rio 2016. 160416
Open file 11861
Country ... UK
Sports Economics
Lessons from the UK’s Olympic Success for the Country’s Economy ... Intriguing parallels between Olympics, English football and the business landscape of the country.
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Thinkers / Thought-Leaders
Speakers at the Sustainable Brands New Metrics 2016
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Open file 11865
Francis Larson ... Founder at Leif
Linkedin profile and common connections with T Peter Burgess
Open file 11866 Open Linkedin profile
Thinkers / Thought-Leaders
Speakers at the NetImpact Conference November 2016 in Philadelphia
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Burgess Pulse Posts
A listing of Pulse posts (unformatted) as of August 2016
Open file 11868
Clinton Foundation / Clinton Global Initiative
Hillary Clinton’s Connection To Nigerian Tyrant Sani Abacha through Gilbert Chagoury, the Nigerian-Lebanese businessman convicted of helping former head of state Sani Abacha steal billions of public dollars.
Open file 11869 Open external link
Real Washington Corruption? Not Hillary's Latest Emails, but Bush-Cheney Ties to Iraq's Wartime Profiteers ... Right-wingers upset with Bono conveniently forget about the Carlyle Group and Halliburton.
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Region ... Africa / Country ... Ethiopia
Economic Performance
Why Ethiopia is on track to become Africa’s industrial powerhouse
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Blended Finance
Sizing Up ‘Blended Finance’: A Guide to a New Financing Approach to Fuel Sustainable Development
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International Development
New Initiatives
Partnerships of the Future are Redefining Traditional Development
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People ... Joshua Bichop
BOOK The Case for International Payments for Ecosystem Services
Edited by Joshua Bishop, WWF-Australia and Chloe Hill, Green Economy Technical Advisor for WWF Mekong region, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Open file 11875
Company ... Apple / Pegatron
Issue of Chinese working conditions
Apple Making Big Profits but Chinese Workers’ Wage on the Slide
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Company ... Apple
Workplace conditions in China
iPhone or iExploit? Rampant Labor Violations in Apple’s Supply Chain Persist ... Apple Making Big Profits but Chinese Workers’ Wage on the Slide
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Economic Performance
Workplace conditions
Scandal - Inside the Global Supply Chains of 50 Top Companies ... Why is the global business model in such bad shape?
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USA ... Wages
Domestic Workers
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Structural Unemployment
Idea ... Basic Income
Overwhelming Evidence that a Guaranteed Income Will Work
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Structural Unemployment
Ideas ... Basic Income
What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money?
Open file 11882 Open external link
Systemic Unemployment
Idea ... Universal Basic Income
Charles Murray ... A Guaranteed Income for Every American
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Open file 11884
Companies ... Tesla / Solar City
Tesla And SolarCity: The Sting, Part Deux
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Open file 11886
Terms used in The Sustainability Coalition (TSC)
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THE RIGHT WING ... Charles Koch
THE RIGHT WING ... Charles Koch’s Very Questionable 6-Step Guide to Founding a Free-Market Center at Your University ... It’s part of a hostile takeover of schools by deregulation.
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The Ecosystem of Shared Value
Mark Kramer, Marc Pfitzer ... The Ecosystem of Shared Value
Open file 11890 Open PDF ...
Food Waste
Food reject snack business eyes new product development with seed funds ... UK food waste-based snack company Snact plans to expand its product range with funds from its seed round.
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Ideas ... Wayne Dunn
CSR Training Institute
Who? Me? Responsible for CSR? ... Shared Value requires Shared Responsibility: Whose Responsibility is Corporate Social Responsibility?
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Clear Lab
GMO Screen Testing ... Introducing The World’s First Comprehensive GMO Test ... Using molecular science to understand the food chain
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About BISGIT ... Journals, Conferences, Books, Boards, Education, Forums
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Open file 11895
Open file 11896
Open file 11897
Clinton / Trump / Matt Lauer
Paul Krugman ... Is The Fever Finally Breaking?
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Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance
Video ... The Phronesis II: Feel Good World ... Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance
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Video ... Seratio Personal Value (narrative) ... What are the benefits of knowing your own PV
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