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TVM Dialog List 1189
9401 - 9450
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Energy >>> Coal >>> Clean coal ... the case of a coal plant in Mississippi

Sara Bernard ... The Cost of Clean Coal ... A Mississippi power plant promises to create clean energy from our dirtiest fuel. But it will come at a price.
Open file 9401
Michael Jackson

President at Culex Environmental Limited ... Canada ... Environmental Services ... Ruby Lake Lagoon Society, Acroloxus Wetlands Consultancy
Open file 9402
Wealth Management

Rise of the Super Regionals ... major regional broker-dealers ... Raymond James and Ameriprise, also Stifel/Sterne Agee and RBC(US)
Open file 9403
Silicon Valley: Wealth Redistribution, 1 Percent-Style

The millions of entrepreneurial dollars being diverted from local tax coffers to Silicon Valley’s Community Foundation may be its most disruptive innovation yet.
Open file 9404
Now Is Our Chance to Build People Power Before the World's Next Big Climate Meeting

The climate movement has a big opportunity to change the way the world thinks about saving our environment.
Open file 9405

Thom Hartmann ... The Republicans Are Ruthless and Relentless in Their Drive to Push Down Wages ... Right-to-work-for-less laws ensure the cheap labor conservatives have sought for generations.
Open file 9406
SNAP ... Food Stamps

Tom Philpott ... People on Food Stamps Make Healthier Grocery Decisions Than Most of Us ... Which is why we shouldn't tell them what to buy.
Open file 9407
Alternative finance
Is it the answer?

There are a number of alternative finance options for businesses, depending on what your needs are. Karina Sidenius looks at some of the options.
Open file 9408

UK’s first commercial scale green hydrogen refuelling facility opens ... October 2014
Open file 9409
TVM Website Optimization
Code development

The question of Meta information ... researching Keywords and Description
Open file 9410
Health ... Tuberculosis
People ... Shelly Batra

Can we conquer tuberculosis? | Shelly Batra | TEDxWBG
Open file 9411
John Taylor

Making invisible cities visible | John Taylor | TEDxUbud
Open file 9412
Health ... Mental Health
Julia Rucklidge

The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health | Julia Rucklidge | TEDxChristchurch
Open file 9413
Health ... Nutrition
Dr. Joel Fuhrman

I Love Nutritional Science: Dr. Joel Fuhrman at TEDxCharlottesville 2013
Open file 9414
Corporate Governance

Britain’s broken corporate governance regime
Open file 9415
Linked In Dialog
Group: PwC LLP (PwC UK)

Digital continues its journey of discovery
Open file 9416
McBassi & Company

Why HR Analytics? A Look at the Numbers ... but the wrong interpretation
Open file 9417
Corruption in Politics
Outrageous ExxonMobil

Fighting for people over profits ... Stop Christie's Scandalous Settlement with Oil Giant Exxon
Open file 9418
Issues ... Patents
Patent system, IP and Innovation

The U.S. Can't Fix a Broken Patent System Alone ... Bad patents are an increasingly global problem, and they need a global solution
Open file 9419
Commodity Prices
Energy ... Oil Prices

Policy Research Note No.1: The Great Plunge in Oil Prices - Causes, Consequences, and Policy Responses
Open file 9420
Issues ... Banking
International Remittances

The Unintended Consequences of Rich Countries’ Anti–Money Laundering Policies on Poor Countries
Open file 9421
Companies ... Ball
Product ... Beverage Containers

Ball is a major beverage container manufacturer ... about sustainability
Open file 9422
Product ... Aluminium
ASI ... Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

ASI ... Aluminium Stewardship Initiative > about ASI > Aluminium and Sustainability
Open file 9423
Company ... Novelis
Supply Chain ... Aluminum

Novelis ... Our Supply Chain Impacts and Risks
Open file 9424
face = 'Arial'> Product ... Aluminum
Company ... Novelis

Novelis ... on the role of aluminum in the manufacture of automobiles
Open file 9425
Product ... Aluminum
Company ... Novelis

Sector Focus: Specialties (e.g. architectural products)
Open file 9426
Product ... Aluminum
Company ... Novelis

Sector Focus: Beverage Can
Open file 9427
Product ... Aluminum
Company ... Novelis

Novelis ... Pioneering a New Way of Doing Business
Open file 9428
Issue ... Supply Chain
Responsible Sourcing and Conflict Minerals

Novelis Code of Conduct for Responsible Sourcing and Conflict Minerals
Open file 9429
Supply Chain ... Food
Steve Gruler being interviewd by Dustin Mattison

Global Risk Management in the Food Supply Chain
Open file 9430
History ... Economics
Germany between the World Wars

How Hitler Tackled Unemployment and Revived Germany's Economy
Open file 9431
Jamie Dimon

CEO of JPMorganChase ... Jamie Dimon Opens Up About His Cancer Battle: “You Wonder: How Could It Possibly Be Me?”
Open file 9432
Issues ... Education
Ideas ... Dawna Jones

Modernizing the MBA ... Dawna Jones interview with Al Blixt
Open file 9433
Product ... FOOD

How Big Sugar Ushered In a New Era of Anti-Science Corporate PR ... The original spin doctors weren't working for Big Tobacco. They were representing sugar.
Open file 9434
Issues ... Bureaucracy
Corporate Complicity

Why Is Bureaucracy Worse Than Ever? ... Rules, queues and paperwork help make daily interactions predictable, anonymous and superficially egalitarian.
Open file 9435
Solar Segment

Deutsche Bank Report: Solar Will Dominate World Energy Supply in Just 15 Years ... We should really feel for those poor fossil fuel barons....not! ...
Open file 9436

3D countries: verticality, national resources, and thinking beyond borders
Open file 9437
Regulation ... UK
Costs and Benefits

Jae Mather ... Study reveals costs and benefits of environmental regulations
Open file 9438
Republican Senators
Rachel Maddow points out major newspapers' scorching editorials slamming the 47 GOP senators
Open file 9439
Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) ... 3,964 members Member

Derick Ajumni ... Take a flight around the world aboard the Solar Impulse 2 : PV Buzz
Open file 9440
Fight for the Future

PROOF: Comcast has been lying ... Charlie Furman from FFTF
Open file 9441
Ideas ... US Politics
By Steven Rosenfeld

ELECTION 2014 ... How Low Will They Go? GOP Efforts to Thwart Obama and Clinton Sink to New Depths ... The party of me versus the party of we.
Open file 9442
IPA / Poverty Action Analysis

Microcredit does not live up to promise of transforming lives of the poor, six studies show
Open file 9443
Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani Sinks to an Astounding New Low ... OMG, will the former mayor never shut up?
Open file 9444
Bottled Water

The Most Brazen Rip-Off Ever? How the Beverage Industry Brainwashed You to Fear Tap Water ... Tap water is superior to bottled water. Why don't consumers know that?
Open file 9445
Policing ... USA

NYPD Caught Red-handed Editing Wikipedia Entries About Eric Garner and Other Victims of Police Brutality ... It appears to be a concerted effort to rewrite history.
Open file 9446
Governor Christie

The Ugly Truth Behind Chris Christie's Sweetheart Deal with Exxon ... There are three possible explanations—none of them good for the people of New Jersey.
Open file 9447
Water and Sanitation

Post-2015 Consensus: Water and Sanitation Assessment, Hutton
Open file 9448
Ideas ... Bjørn Lomborg
Transport and Energy

Electric car benefits? Just myths: It is time to stop our green worship of the electric car. It costs us a fortune, cuts little CO2 and surprisingly kills almost twice the number of people compared with regular gasoline cars.
Open file 9449
Dr. Bjorn Lomborg

Dr. Bjorn Lomborg in Dhaka, Bangladesh ... 'We should save ten people before we save one person'
Open file 9450
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