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TVM Dialog List 1153
7601 - 7650

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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GRI ... Global Reporting Initiative

Open file 7601
Sustainability Reporting

Open file 7602
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Toby Bishop

Independent Anti-fraud Strategist Seeking Fraud Problems to Solve ... Toronto, Canada Area ... Accounting
Open file 7603
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Sandy Tung

Sandy Tung ... Platform Project Associate at 100 Resilient Cities ... New York, New York ... Renewables & Environment
Open file 7604
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Suzanne Houghton

Director at PwC ... Birmingham, United Kingdom ... Accounting
Open file 7605
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Joseph Salvatore, CFA

Senior Research Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance ... New York, New York ...Renewables & Environment
Open file 7606
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Jon Wonnell

Vice Chairman at Principia Management Group/Quvat ... Greater New York City Area ... Philanthropy
Open file 7607
Caring for the Elderly

The Elderly as a Source of Profit
Open file 7608
Paul Krugman

Why Economists Worry About Population Growth
Open file 7609
Dangerous transportation

After Crash Killing 47, Oil-by-Rail on Trial in Canada, Maine
Open file 7610
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Grace Ayaa

Director at Life in Africa ... Uganda ... Arts and Crafts
Open file 7611

Center of the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE)
Open file 7612
Koch Brothers

The Koch Brothers Will Bankrupt Us
Open file 7613
Elizabeth Warren And Thomas Piketty

A Huffington Post video discussion based on two new books ... Elizabeth Warren's book A Fighting Chance and Thomas Piketty's book Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
Open file 7614
Adrian Bejan

There's a New Law in Physics and It Changes Everything
Open file 7615
Oxfam ... Money Transfers

The Politics of Poverty ... Ideas and analysis from Oxfam America's policy experts ... Tens of thousands of hard-working Americans at risk of losing ways to send money home
Open file 7616
Arnold Kransdorff

The Death of Wisdom: Why Our Companies Have Lost It–and How They Can Get It Back ... This is a summary of the opening chapter of Arnold Kransdorff’s groundbreaking new book
Open file 7617
Conscious Capitalism

Launch of NYC’s Conscious Capitalism chapter, co-hosted by NYU Stern School of Business
Open file 7618
Copenhagen Concensus Center

Bjorn Lomborg, Copenhagen Concensus Center ... OWG Pesentation ... 8 May 2014 and related material
Open file 7619
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Gerard Rego

Entrepreneur in Residence - Peace Innovation Lab, Stanford University ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Internet
Open file 7620
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Fiona Maguire

Sustainable Development Manager at State of Ambition ... London, United Kingdom ... Internet
Open file 7621
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Victoria Font

IT Recruiter at Tunabear Consulting ... Raleigh, North Carolina ... Apparel & Fashion
Open file 7622
Quantifying Important Things

What is Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY)
Open file 7623
LM3 ... Local Multiplier 3
A tool developed by New Economics Foundation (NEF) ... LM3 Online enables calculation about an organisation’s local economic impact on its community
Open file 7624
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Erika Del Valle Cruz

Senior Director, Strategic Business Development at TRM Oncology ... Greater New York City Area ... Management Consulting
Open file 7625
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Adienge Jack

Migori County Coordinator at Kenya Youth Forum for Change ... Kenya ... Political Organization
Open file 7626
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Mary Akinyi

Online Marketing at Sunstar Hotel Roasters(Nairobi)Kenya ... Kenya ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 7627
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Christine O'Deven

Student of Healthcare and Labor Economics ... Vero Beach, Florida ... Market Research
Open file 7628
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Antonio Ulloa

Antonio Ulloa American Installs System's Corp. ... Pro. Assembler Wood Pvt Office & Cubicle Systems Installation ... Greater New York City Area ... Furniture
Open file 7629
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dorothy adutwumwaa

clothes design in a family company ... Ghana ... Business Supplies and Equipment
Open file 7630
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Reekrit Serai

Author, Entrepreneur and Educationist. ... Chandigarh Area, India ... Management Consulting
Open file 7631
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Kevin Atafiri

Graduate Recruitment Consultant at NES Global Talent ... Nigeria ... Staffing and Recruiting
Open file 7632
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Nicole Carmichael

Director of Sales at Svitla Systems, Inc. ... San Francisco Bay Area ... Staffing and Recruiting
Open file 7633
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Victoria Font

IT Recruiter at Tunabear Consulting ... Raleigh, North Carolina ... Apparel & Fashion
Open file 7634
Bjorn Lomborg

Bjorn Lomborg, 'Prioritizing the World: How to spend $75 billion to do the Most Good' ... Giving a talk at Google 2014
Open file 7635
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Conscious Capitalism Movement

Discussion: Arnold Kransdorff ... Softly softly KM is STILL falling short
Open file 7636
Feast on Good

Feast on Good: An Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurs ... Nick's Startup Corner Nick's Startup Corner·
Open file 7637
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Nick Demeris

Teacher, Coach, and Workshop Facilitator at Hip Hop & Shakespeare ... New York, New York ... Entertainment
Open file 7638
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Plato Ratis

Managing Director at Nu-Genisis Global Hospitality Solutions ... Ontario, Canada ... Hospitality
Open file 7639
Amy Larkin

Climate change survival: companies need courage...and new metrics ... Amy Larkin: The time for business as usual is past. It's time for corporate leaders to act as if survival is at stake
Open file 7640
Larry Summers

Lawrence Summers on ‘House of Debt’ ... Did the response to the financial crisis focus too much on banks while neglecting over-indebted homeowners?
Open file 7641
Larry Summers

America risks becoming a Downton Abbey economy ... Inequality must be addressed, with free markets playing a pivotal role
Open file 7642
The Environmental Profit and Loss Account (EP&L)

Yorkshire Water develops an environmental profit and loss account ... Businesses need to measure the risks of relying on natural capital whose resources are not infinite – but how?
Open file 7643
Initiatives ... Avaaz
Violence against women

Two young girls were hanged from a tree after being gang raped in India.
Open file 7644
Country ... USA
Short memories

Ronald Reagan “Treason” Amnesia: GOP Hypocrites Forget Their Hero Negotiated with Terrorists ... The Republicans who want to investigate the Bergdahl deal need to be reminded of Iran-Contra and October Surprise.
Open file 7645
Country ... USA
Dangerous militarism

White House War-Pushers and Gutless Generals: The Real Villains of the Bergdahl Tale ... The media should direct its ire at the architects of the disastrous Iraq and Afghan wars who frivolously put many soldiers in harm’s way.
Open file 7646
Country ... USA

The Results Are In: America Is Dumb and on the Road to Getting Dumber ... Blame religious fundamentalism and the poor quality of science education in America's schools.
Open file 7647
Country ... USA

Is economic inequality growing in American higher education? University Presidents Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank While the People Who Work for Them Are on Food Stamps
Open file 7648

How to Win the Argument with Milton Friedman
Open file 7649
LinkedIn Dialog
The Purpose of the Corporation

Discussion: Paige Morrow ... How to Win the Argument with Milton Friedman
Open file 7650
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