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TVM Dialog List 1152
7551 - 7600

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Bottled Water

Plastic Water Bottles Causing Flood of Harm to Our Environment.
Open file 7551
Carbon Emissions ... Aviation

Dr. Christian N. Jardine ... Climate Care methodology for computing carbon emissions impact in aviation
Open file 7552
Complementary Currency

The Allure of Local Currency – Paper, Coin, and Digital
Open file 7553
Carbon emissions

How much carbon dioxide is produced by burning gasoline and diesel fuel?
Open file 7554
Ecosystem Valuation

Ecosystem Valuation ... a collection of material from 2000 prepared by some experts at the University of Maryland
Open file 7555

Food Oasis Vision Places Residents at Heart of a Food Strategy ... A dozen local organizations are delivering “Eat, Cook, Grow” services in Atlanta and around Georgia.
Open file 7556
The Food Tank

This week, Food Tank is highlighting the impact of antibiotics on both livestock and crop production and raising awareness of the role of antibiotic resistance in our food system.
Open file 7557

Plastics Europe ... Link to comprehensive flow chart of production of plastics
Open file 7558
Energy and Carbon Emissions

New Carbon Pollution Standards Can Save American Households $13 Billion on Electric Bills, Create 274,000 Jobs
Open file 7559
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Francis Vorhies

Executive Director, Earthmind ... Geneva Area, Switzerland ... Environmental Services
Open file 7560
SPARE Open file 7561
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Jeff Kohn, CPA

CEO & Founder at Streamline Bookkeeping ... Oakland, California ... Accounting
Open file 7562
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Marcio Brandão

Professor Associado na FDC - Fundação Dom Cabral ... Brazil ... Education Management
Open file 7563
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Grace Chhay

Imoprt manager ... Longyan City, Fujian, China ... Commercial Real Estate
Open file 7564
Gautam Mukunda

Taking Business Back from Wall Street ... Gautam Mukunda, HBS professor, on the dangers of managing companies for shareholders. He is the author of the article The Price of Wall Street’s Power.
Open file 7565
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Ronald Chawatama

Qualifications Leader at OCR ... Cambridge, United Kingdom ... Environmental Services
Open file 7566
President Obama
Foreign Policy

A transcript of President Obama’s 2014 Commencement Address at the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York:
Open file 7567
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Jason Beard Sr aka Humble Hoss

Also C.E.O & Artist ... Stockton, California ... Warehousing
Open file 7568
Water and Land Use

Keshav Chaturvedi ← Declaring protected zones is not enough to save biodiversity Sustainable water supply: Two divergent ancient paradigms
Open file 7569
Sonali Kolhatkar

How Wealthy Elites Are Hijacking Democracy All Over the World ... Amid the upheavals in Thailand, Ukraine and Egypt, wealthy elites have used popular movements and elections to ratify decisions in their favor.
Open file 7570
Ideas ... The middle class
Edward McClelland

America’s Middle-Class Defeat: How Canada Shamed the Wealthiest Nation on Earth ... Want to understand what's causing the decay of the American dream? Take some lessons from our friends to the north.
Open file 7571
Ideas ... Inequalilty
Will Durst

If You Thought Oligarchy and Aristocracy Were Bad, You'll Really Hate Kochocracy ... The lords of a vast oil empire are buying up our entire democracy with a fraction of their fortune.
Open file 7572
Ideas ... power of money
Moyers and Company

The Money Behind the Gun Madness ... It's pure greed that's funding our disastrous gun culture.
Open file 7573
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Mouhamed Thiam

Researcher & Managing Director at Contineo Training ... London, Greater London, United Kingdom ... Management Consulting
Open file 7574
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Jared Belfont

Managing Director ... Nottingham, United Kingdom ... Professional Training & Coaching
Open file 7575
Fareed Zakaria

Obama’s leadership is right for today
Open file 7576
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series

Discussion: Business as Usual is Doomed to Fail - So What's Next? If this question worries you - join us at Accelerate next week.
Open file 7577
Carbon Markets
Clean Development Mechanism

About the Clean Development Mechanism ... three major reports from Adelphi
Open file 7578

Adelphi is a leading think tank for policy analysis and strategy consulting based in Berlin
Open file 7579
LinkedIn Dialog
Carbon Market Platform

Can the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and other emerging offset policies be reconciled? - New study out now!
Open file 7580
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Corporate Social Responsibility

Discussion: Should CSR be mandatory or voluntary? (A multi year discussion)
Open file 7581
June 2, 2014

Elizabeth Warren and Thomas Piketty discussing inequality
Open file 7582
Some very important search ideas

Huffington Post ... You think you know how to Google? You don't know how to Google.
Open file 7583
Ted Barber

Ted Barber ... Impact Investing: Can We Pay Her Less?
Open file 7584
Geeta Goel

Impact investing: Making the case for low-margin, high social return investments
Open file 7585
SOCAP 2014

Listing of proposed panels for working analysis
Open file 7586
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Katya Andresen

CEO at Cricket Media/ePals ... Washington D.C. Metro Area ... E-Learning
Open file 7587
HIP Investors

About HIP Investors ... a firm founded in 2006 to advise on impact investing by R. Paul Herman
Open file 7588

PwC putting focus on Environment, Social Issues and Governance (ESG)
Open file 7589

PwC putting focus on Environment, Social Issues and Governance (ESG) ... an infographic
Open file 7590
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Jessica Alotey

manager at Green Stock ... Rome, New York ... Wine and Spirits
Open file 7591
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Gayle Kopels-Redding

Teacher, Coach and Mentor at Self Employed and Loving It! ... Arlington Heights, Illinois ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 7592
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Sidharth Sethi

Content Man at ... Gurgaon, Haryana, India ... Online Media
Open file 7593
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Phoumin PHIEU

Programme & PMO Director | Certified PM | 13+ Yrs Exp. in Operational Excellence and Transformation projects ... Greater New York City Area ... Management Consulting
Open file 7594
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Robert Pounder

Marketing Director Asia - Reserve Power at EnerSys ... Singapore ... Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Open file 7595
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William Brindley

Special Advisor, Newdea ... Washington D.C. Metro Area ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 7596
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Talha Amin

CEO/Chief Architect at Shinersoft ... Pakistan ... Computer Software
Open file 7597
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Mauricio Almeida

Director of strategy and innovation ... São Paulo Area, Brazil ... Renewables & Environment
Open file 7598
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Nirbhay K Lumde

Head - Corporate Social Responsibility at Landmark Group India ... Bengaluru Area, India ... Retail
Open file 7599
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Chloe McCloskey

ENWORKS Coordinator at ENWORKS ... Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom ... Environmental Services
Open file 7600
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