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Thanh Ha Nguyen

International Affairs Professional and Project Manager ... Oslo Area, Norway ... International Affairs
Open file 6951
Fossil Fuel Divestment

Why It Makes Sense For Norway To Sell Its Fossil Fuel Shares
Open file 6952
Wind Power

Denmark: 1,000 Megawatts Of Offshore Wind, And No Signs of Slowing Down ... also PDF: Denmark-Wind-Power-Magazine
Open file 6953
Paper Mills

Monadnock Paper Mills: Sustainability Is Enlightened Self-Interest
Open file 6954
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Joyce Meng

CEO at Givology, Senior Analyst Vernier Capital ... New York, New York ... Financial Services
Open file 6955
System needs urgent reform

Food system that fails poor countries needs urgent reform, says UN expert ... UN special rapporteur on the right to food champions agroecology as sustainable alternative to existing framework
Open file 6956
Max Loessl

Maximilian Loessl is the Founder and CEO of Agrilution ... interested / expert in vertical farming systems
Open file 6957
Vertical Farming Systems

Vertical Farm Systems objective is to expand worldwide the VFS Hydroponic Systems of Clean Room Vertical Organic Farming.
Open file 6958
Vertical Farming

The Singapore Vertical-Farms that herald an Agricultural Revolution
Open file 6959
Greening the desert

Qatar's Plans to Turn the Desert Green Will Leave You Astonished
Open file 6960
Michael Sorkin and Peter Head

Michael Sorkin, Green Workshop Paper and Peter Head, Citizen Science Paper
Open file 6961
Markus Zils

In this narrated slideshow, McKinsey alumnus Markus Zils explains how the circular economy encourages companies to seek ways of retaining more of the value of the material, energy, and labor inputs that go into their products.
Open file 6962
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Matiur Rahman

CFO and Company Secretary, G4S Bangladesh ... Bangladesh ... Security and Investigations
Open file 6963
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Alberto Larotonda

Founder | CEO of A Social Enterprise ... Red Bank, New Jersey ... Financial Services
Open file 6964
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Impact Investing Forum

Discussion: Fabrizio Cometto ... Impact investing behind 'traditional''s possible!
Open file 6965
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Richard Lawton

Sustainability Strategy and Board Development; Adjunct Faculty ... Greater New York City Area ... Management Consulting
Open file 6966
Gross Domestice Product (GDP)
A flawed metric

Measuring Blind Growth (GDP) is a Flawed Approach: A Sustainable Economy will Measure Wellbeing
Open file 6967
Columbia University ... April 8, 2014

Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment ... The $3.5 Trillion Question: How To Make Natural Resource Funds Work For Citizens
Open file 6968
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Shawn Lesser

Co Founder Watershed Capital Group Focused on Impact/Sustainable Investing ... Atlanta, Georgia ... Venture Capital & Private Equity
Open file 6969
Development Investment

Mining, getting balance between profit and community ... Madagascar ... Rio-Tinto investment
Open file 6970
Meat Production

Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for Human Consumption”
Open file 6971
Peter Burgess Connections ... LInkedIn
Camilla Barungi

Fashion Model at Elite Models ... Greater New York City Area ... Health, Wellness and Fitness
Open file 6972

Unilever Hands CEO Polman $722,000 Bonus for Sustainability Work
Open file 6973
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Susan Graff

Principal | Vice President at RRS Sustainability ... Atlanta, Georgia ... Environmental Services
Open file 6974
Neil Hawkins at Dow Chemical

SIX “KNOW THY'S” OF SUSTAINABILITY ... Keys for accomplishing your sustainability goals in business.
Open file 6975
Terms of Service

Terms of Service ... Ideapod
Open file 6976
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Amber Coffman

Digital Strategist | CMO | Lead Generation | Performance Campaigns ... Greater Detroit Area ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 6977

ON-LINE (Live) Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Reporting Workshop
Open file 6978
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Report: Major climate threat to global supply chains identified by new research from the Carbon Disclosure Project and Accenture
Open file 6979
Toronto Suistainability Speakers Series (TSSS)

Book: The Future of Capitalism: New Metrics, New Models, New Outcomes by Mark Anielski. Mark Anielsk is also the author of “The Economics of Happiness”
Open file 6980
John Friedman / Wayne Visser

Has Capitalism been an “absolute disaster”? Thought Leader Wayne Visser Explains.
Open file 6981
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Brad Zarnett

Founder, Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) Canada's premiere idea exchange for sustainability leadership ... Toronto, Ontario, Canada ... Events Services
Open file 6982
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Cameron Mullen

Regional Director, Central and Southeast- XI3 Corporation ... Salt Lake City, Utah ... Computer Hardware
Open file 6983
Anti-corruption initiative

Corruption mitigation framework emerging ahead of next Lesotho Highlands phase
Open file 6984
Joss Tantram

The Times They Aren't a-Changing
Open file 6985
Supply Chain
Child labor

Child labour: mineral make-up boom raises fears over ethical extraction
Open file 6986

Deal of the century: buy out the US coal industry for $50bn
Open file 6987
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Gus Escher

Managing Member, First Enterprise Consulting LLC ... Greater New York City Area ... Capital Markets
Open file 6988
Positive Money

Andrew Jackson, Chief Economist, Ben Dyson, Founder of Positive Money
Open file 6989
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Saskia Bruysten

Co-founder & CEO at Yunus Social Business - Global Initiatives ... Germany ... Management Consulting
Open file 6990
Drought in California

15 Reasons Why Your Food Prices Are About To Start Soaring
Open file 6991
System Change

Why Systemic Decision Making Matters
Open file 6992
Family Fish Farm Network

The Family Fish Farm Network ... slides about the Green Ivy City Alliance
Open file 6993
Micro Venture Support / FFFN

Green Ivy City Alliance ... Sustainable Eco Campus
Open file 6994
Country ... Tanzania

Hyena Square ... The Horrifying Truth About Tanzania's Den Of Prostitutes
Open file 6995
Gunter Pauli

Gunter Puali talking about Bhutan and the blue economy at Schumacher College
Open file 6996
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Gunter Pauli

Founder and Director ZERI ... Kanagawa, Japan ... Research
Open file 6997
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Dana E. Heitz, Esq.

Attorney/International Affairs Professional ... Greater New York City Area ... Law Practice
Open file 6998
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Prem Sikka

Professor at University of Essex ... Colchester, United Kingdom ... Higher Education
Open file 6999
Higgs Index

Higgs Index 2.0 is a suite of sustainability assessment tools used in the garment industry supply chain
Open file 7000
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