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TVM Dialog List 1138
6851 - 6900

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Introducing Humanitarian Data Exchange
Open file 6851
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and Sustainable Development

Discussion: I Need More Understanding on the Differences that Exist Between CSR and Community Relations
Open file 6852
Antibiotics in food

Chick-fil-A Commits to Serving Antibiotic-Free Chicken
Open file 6853
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Sarah Lozanova MBA

Freelance Environmental Journalist ★ Communications Professional ... Belfast, Maine ... Public Relations and Communications
Open file 6854
Initiatives by Big Companies

Big Companies Step Up Efforts to Trim Environmental Risks in Supply Chains
Open file 6855
Energy - Renewables
Tidal water power

Tidal Turbines Could Power Half of Scotland ... Timothy James Cornelius, Chief Executive Officer at Atlantis Resources
Open file 6856
Institute of Sustainable Communities (ISC)

Open file 6857
National Council on Science and the Environment (NCSE)

Open file 6858
Sustainability Consortium.

Sustainability Consortium, led by the University of Arkansas and Arizona State University, is providing research for a Sustainability Index
Open file 6859
Environment, Health and Safety Academy

Open file 6860
Conscious Business

What Makes a Conscious Business Culture? ... Here we go again …. Culture! ... By Paul Levy and Jamie Pyper
Open file 6861
Paul Levy

CATS 3000 ... The Realm of Paul Levy and CATS3000 – the home of real innovation
Open file 6862
EU initiatives

Disclosure of non-financial information by certain large companies: European Parliament and Council reach agreement on Commission proposal to improve transparency
Open file 6863
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D Renata Pino

Gedreven loopbaan professional (Msc) met ruim 6 jaar management ervaring binnen de Rijksoverheid, zoekt baan op Bonaire ... Amsterdam Area, Netherlands ... Human Resources
Open file 6864
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Director of Communications at ALGI ... Peru ... International Trade and Development
Open file 6865
Brian Kaminer >br>
One-Stop Site Paints A Clearer Picture For Impact Investors ... New Platform to aggregate the world's impact investing.
Open file 6866
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Teddy Sun

Partnerships and Communications at Yunus Social Business ... Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany ... Venture Capital & Private Equity
Open file 6867
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Dale Nine

Healthy Indoor Home Environment Specialist ★ Innovative President ★ Expert in Home Heating, AC, Air & Water Quality ... Greater Pittsburgh Area ... Consumer Services
Open file 6868
Event ... IIX

IIX Impact Academy: How to be an Effective Impact Investor ... March 18th 2014 in Singapore
Open file 6869
NYC Eco District Working Group

NYC Eco District Working Group ...
Open file 6870
Tax avoidance

Tax avoidance ... investigation by USA authorities now going beyond Switzerland and Swiss Banks ... also about the closing of the Wegelin Bank that was founded in 1741
Open file 6871
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Silas Majambere

Research Fellow at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine ... Tanzania ... Research
Open file 6872
Representative Chellie Pingree

Representative Chellie Pingree, Democrat from Maine ... CREDO Mobilize ... Sign my petition: Stop the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner.
Open file 6873
Lupita Nyong’o

Pride of Africa: Kenya celebrates Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar
Open file 6874
Dialog about poverty measures

[MFP] Paper available: 'How Do the Poverty Scorecard and the PAT Differ?'
Open file 6875
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Sadia Kates

Sr. Financial Analyst at AECOM International Development ... Washington D.C. Metro Area ... International Trade and Development
Open file 6876
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Bayi Mambianga

Managing Director / Trustee at BSM Connections ... Manchester, United Kingdom ... Nonprofit Organization Management
Open file 6877
Sadia Kates ... Initiatives
Youth Leadership

VIDEO ... AIESEC - Why We Do What We Do
Open file 6878
Welfare of Wealth

The Super Bowl of Subsidies
Open file 6879
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Wayne Dunn

Prof. of Practice in CSR @ McGill, International Business, Sustainability, Education and Development ... Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada ... Renewables & Environment
Open file 6880
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Nicolette Chinomona

Business Innovation Consultant ... Zimbabwe ... Management Consulting
Open file 6881
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Patrick Maser

Co-Founder at wealth institute ... Greater New York City Area ... Telecommunications
Open file 6882
CSR / Sustainability
Garment Industry

2Degrees ... Levi’s uses 100% recycled water in jeans production process
Open file 6883
Workplace Conditions
Garment Industry

Factory workers deserve better working conditions ... Fatal collapse in Dhaka garment factory
Open file 6884
Sustainability Analysis

What's more sustainable: Concrete or steel? ... And can life cycle assessment help you to make an informed decision? Daniella Abreu takes a deeper look.
Open file 6885
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Thomas Au

Conservation Chair ... Sierra Club PA Chapter
Open file 6886
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Rúna Bouius

Conscious Leadership Catalyst | Entrepreneur | Leadership Coach | Strategist | Speaker ... Beverly Hills, California ... Management Consulting
Open file 6887
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Michael Hopkins

CEO & Founder CSRFI Executive Education, Academic & Businessman, Author/Speaker on CSR, Development, Employment ... Geneva Area, Switzerland ... Think Tanks
Open file 6888
Impact Investing
A Report ... April 2011

Impact Investing in West Africa ... Dalburg Global Development Advisors ... Rockefeller Foundation ... April 2011
Open file 6889
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Cliff Feigenbaum

Founder, GreenMoney Journal & (award-winning information on Sustainable Investing & Business since 1992) ... Santa Fe, New Mexico Area ... Publishing
Open file 6890
Feelings Wheel

One of many feelings wheels
Open file 6891
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Kim Forsberg

Sustainability Analyst at HW Fisher & Company ... London, United Kingdom ... Financial Services
Open file 6892

Norway’s oil fund to debate ending fossil fuel investments
Open file 6893
Transnational Institute (TNI)

The State of Power ... a series of reports prepared by the Transnational Institute (TNI)
Open file 6894
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Nick Fleming

Chief Sustainability Officer at Sinclair Knight Merz ... Melbourne Area, Australia ... Management Consulting
Open file 6895
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Peter McGoey

Building Manager / Operations Manager / Engineer ... Greater New York City Area ... Real Estate
Open file 6896
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Simon Mainwaring

We First CEO | Social Media Branding | Cause Marketing | Advertising | Sustainability | Corporate Responsibility | CSR ... Greater Los Angeles Area ... Marketing and Advertising
Open file 6897
FSG ... Shared Value

A report by FSG / Shared Value on The New Role of Business in Global Education
Open file 6898
People List ... FSG Conference

People list and brief bios for speakers at FSG conference 2014
Open file 6899
Jaron Lanier

Open file 6900
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