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TVM Dialog List 1111
5501 - 5550
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Country ... Syria
The question of chemical weapons

Military retaliation by the USA or a diplomatic solutions ... very complex and very important
Open file 5501
Climate Change

This gamble on carbon and the climate could trigger a new financial crisis ... There is little evidence that institutional investors have recognised that they are sitting on a carbon-asset timebomb
Open file 5502
Dialog ... LinkedIn
Group: Impact Investing Forum

Discussion: The Climate Gamble introduced by David Beer
Open file 5503
Climate Change

Charging the Earth: The Promotion of Price-Based Measures for Pollution Control
Open file 5504
Money and Banking

Modernising Money ... a report of the Positive Money initiative
Open file 5505
Dialog ... LinkedIn
The Future of Money; Mobile Payments

Mobile Banking | Mcommerce | Mobile Money Transfer ... Why Twitter Buying MoPub Is a Very Big Deal
Open file 5506

Investment in the Osney Lock Hydro initiative
Open file 5507
Management ... CSR
British Telecom (BT)

Threading the Needle: How BT Integrates Climate Stabilization with Economic Prosperity
Open file 5508
Dialog ... LinkedIn
Group: The B Team

Discussion: Anthony Mannella ... Great posts but..........
Open file 5509
Dialog ... LinkedIn
Group: World Green Business Association

Invitation to join a new group for exchanging information about market-based environmental measures
Open file 5510
Dialog ... LinkedIn
Group: The Purpose of the Corporation

Discussion: Businesses’ focus on maximizing shareholder value has numerous costs
Open file 5511
Region ... Africa
The Questions of Governance

Is Good Governance Necessary For Economic Progress in Africa?
Open file 5512
Non-profit Overhead Ratio Myth

Chief Executives of Three Leading Nonprofit Information Providers Publish Letter Condemning Administrative Expenses as Measure of Performance
Open file 5513
Peter Burgess ... Ideas
Reform of Metrics

A draft about metrics prepared in September 2013
Open file 5514

e-cognosys: Creating Value and Empowering Customers through Big Data, Cloud & Mobile
Open file 5515
Dialog ... LinkedIn
Group: The B Team

Discussion: The B Team ... Great posts but..........
Open file 5516
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jeffrey M Doyle, PhD

PRESIDENT at ECONOPHYSICS ... Lancaster, Pennsylvania Area ... Research
Open file 5517
Game Theory

GameTheory ... John-Nash_Nobel-Lecture
Open file 5518
Matt Polsky

Matt Polsky ... Latest Writings--Plus ... September 2013
Open file 5519
Peter Burgess Connections
Njewa Safari Tours (Nairobi, Kenya budget safaris) And Travel Ltd

Sales & Marketing at Njewa Travel Ltd ... Kenya ... Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Open file 5520
The Digital Age
Media ... Communications

Better Than Free ... Forest-Fire Marketing ... Playing Digital Games Together
Open file 5521
Peter Burgess Connections ... Misc.
Some connections

Some connections ... September 2013
Open file 5522
The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV)

GABV Report: Strong-and-Straightforward ... The-Business-Case-for-Sustainable-Banking
Open file 5523
Board of Directors

Mike Townsend ... Why are so many boards missing the opportunity on sustainability?
Open file 5524
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Bob Terra Sancta

Director at The Planet Fund ... New South Wales, Australia ... Renewables & Environment
Open file 5525
Consumer Behavior
Impact of brain washing

Research Shows US Shoppers Apathetic on Sustainability
Open file 5526
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Ramma Shivkumar

Finance and Accounts Lead at Tata Business Support Services ... Bengaluru Area, India ... Financial Services
Open file 5527
Antibiotics in industrial farming

CDC Reveals Scary Truth About Factory Farms and Superbugs
Open file 5528
Travel+Social Good Conference

The inaugural Travel+SocialGood Conference will take place on September 20th at MRV offices in NYC.
Open file 5529
IT Incubator

Some of the INGK views about intellectual property and what to do about it
Open file 5530
Keen To

An initiative based on tourism for social good
Open file 5531
Money and Banking
New Fed Chair candidate Yellen

6 Things You Need to Know About Janet Yellen ... the Woman Who May Soon Be the Most Powerful Economist on Earth
Open file 5532

Some of the scientific basics from Colorado State University
Open file 5533

Ouroboros Farms ... FAQs
Open file 5534
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Kathleen Schmitt

Advisor at Confidential ... Washington D.C. Metro Area ... Accounting
Open file 5535
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
C K Wadhwa, Certified Scrum Master

C K Wadhwa, Certified Scrum Master ... Sr. Project Manager at Astegic Infosoft Pvt Ltd ... Jaipur Area, India ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 5536
Peter Burgess Contacts ... Misc
Men's Club at Saw Creek

Men's Club at Saw Creek ... September 2013
Open file 5537
Organizations ... 4P Performance

Some of the performance reports about DuPont for 2012
Open file 5538
Country ... Somalia

Briefing: Are remittances to Somalia doomed? ... More than a billion dollars are remitted to Somalia every year ... IRIN
Open file 5539
Sustainability ... ACEEE

ACEEE/Report-2013 ... PDF ... City Energy Efficiency published September 2013
Open file 5540
Valerie June

Her group played on Leno show and then on Lederman in September 2013 ... very good ... sounded like Ethiopian music.
Open file 5541
Dialog ... Peter Burgess TO DO
Misc ... September 2013

Dialog ... Peter Burgess TO DO ... Misc ... September 2013
Open file 5542
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jon Black

Group Marketing Partner at BJB Enterprise Comms ... Enfield, United Kingdom ... Broadcast Media
Open file 5543
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Millicent Crisp

President and CEO at Global Impact Company ... Greater Los Angeles Area ... International Affairs
Open file 5544
Millicent Crisp ...Metrics

[CrisisMappers] MicroMappers: Microtasking for Disaster Response
Open file 5545

The SolarMal Project: innovative mosquito trapping technology for malaria control
Open file 5546
Ideas Lab

Big Data To The Rescue
Open file 5547
Falling Fruit

Using technology for a good purpose
Open file 5548
Using Waste Initiatives

HUNGER IN NYC ... Agency of the Month ... City Harvest
Open file 5549

Richard Wolff ... Debating Capitalism - Redefining Outdated Terms
Open file 5550
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