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4551 - 4600
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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User Agreements
Turbo Tax

Open file 4551
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Camilla Barungi

Fashion Model at Elite Models ... Greater New York City Area ... Health, Wellness and Fitness
Open file 4552
Terms of Use
The Sustainable Business Lab

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
Open file 4553
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Caroline Drummond

Chief Executive at LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) ... Coventry, United Kingdom ... Farming
Open file 4554
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Joseph Salvatore, CFA

Research Analyst, ... Bloomberg New Energy Finance ... New York, New York ... Information Services
Open file 4555
Sunday, April 14, 2013

When: Sunday, April 14th, 2013 ... Where: Auditorium- Stony Point Conference and Retreat Center, 17 Cricketown Road, Stony Point New York 10980. ... Time: 4pm- 6pm ...
Open file 4556
Young scientist makes more sense than an economist

VIDEO ... Real Time with Bill Maher: Snail Logic
Open file 4557
Peter Burgess Dialog
Andre Schneider

Dialog between TPB and Andre Schneider related to TrueValueMetrics in the context of Andre's work
Open file 4558
Complementary Currency

As Big Investors Emerge, Bitcoin Gets Ready for Its Close-Up
Open file 4559
Moving Beyond the TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE

Andrew McKeon ... Moving Beyond the TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE ... but does not address any of the metrics issue
Open file 4560
Peter Burgess Connections
Greg Lavery

Dr Greg Lavery ... Lavery Pennell ... London, United Kingdom ... Management Consulting
Open file 4561
Country ... USA

The gun debate around the United States and in Washington seems awfully out-of-touch with a modern civilized world ... death from gun violence in the USA is appalling
Open file 4562
Human Trafficking
Modern slavery

Gates Helps Australia’s Richest Man in Bid to End Slavery ... some initiatives ... some metrics ... but likely not enough
Open file 4563
Slavery Index

The slavery index is being developed by a co-founder of Free the Slaves, Kevin Bales
Open file 4564
Country Russia
Pressure on Putin

April 2013 ... The body language gave Vladimir Putin away. In a German television interview he was not at all his composed self.
Open file 4565
Sweat Equity Shop

Sweat Equity Shop is a New York MeetUp group focused on web designers, mobile/web application developers, and interactive designers interested in working for primarily sweat equity
Open file 4566
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Tania Page

Tania Page ... Correspondent at Al Jazeera English ... Johannesburg Area, South Africa ... Media Production
Open file 4567
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Kiringai Kamau

Kiringai Kamau ... Value Chain Analyst and Specialist in Digital Process Integration to Agricultural Enterprises ... Kenya ... Management Consulting
Open file 4568
Peter Burgess Dialog
TPB and Doug McDavid

Follow up to telephone discussion ... TAU Architecture Framework and other material related to Complementary Currrency and a range of related Community Economics initiatives
Open file 4569
NiceandSerious ... a UK media company

A different view of Africa by the NiceandSerious team ... they are also helping to promote the idea of Complementary Currency
Open file 4570
Complementary Currency
Resources ... a Work-in-Progress

The team at has compiled a substantial Complementary Currency Resource collection ... some of the material is accessible directly from here
Open file 4571
Energy ... Renewables
Investment trends

ESSEX INSIGHTS ... Clean Tech 2.0 - Megatrends In-Tact, Survivors Emerging
Open file 4572
State of the US Economy

First Affirmative Financial Network ... Economic Commentary - April 2013 Volume 2, Issue 2 ... Riding the Economic Roller Coaster - Hang On!
Open file 4573
Corporate Social Responsibility
Does anybody care? Does anybody know?

Consumers Like Social Responsibility--but They Aren't Sure What a Social Enterprise Is
Open file 4574
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan ... CEO at WatchMojo ... Montreal, Canada Area ... Internet
Open file 4575
Energy ... Renewables
USA capacity additions

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Office of Energy Projects has just released a report for the first three months of 2013.
Open file 4576
The Strohalm Foundation

The Strohalm Foundation in the Netherlands was founded in 1970 and has been an early proponent of alternative currencies in support of socio-economic progress
Open file 4577
Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Links to resources associated with Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Open file 4578
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross Domestic Product G.D.P. R.I.P. ... an op-ed by Eric Zencey that summarizes why GDP is a bad metric.
Open file 4579
The future of banking

An e-book about the future of banking ... not so much banking as we know it but banking in a digital world.
Open file 4580
London October 10-11 2013

GIIN and City of London Corporation to host impact investing conference
Open file 4581

Press Release: Mosaic Helps Standarize Solar Risk Industry-wide with truSolar™
Open file 4582
Terms of Use

Terms of Use
Open file 4583
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Paul Maidment

Paul Maidment ... at Bystander Media ... Greater New York City Area ... Publishing
Open file 4584
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Lisa Martineau

Lisa Martineau ... Author, Editor, Journalist, Teacher ... New York, New York ... Writing and Editing
Open file 4585
Ramapo State College ... April 18 2013

'Educating for Sustainability: With the Brain in Mind.' April 18, 6 pm Alumni Lounge
Open file 4586
The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education and the Cloud EfS Standards & Performance Indicators
Open file 4587
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jaimie P. Cloud

Jaimie P. Cloud ... Founder and President, The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education ... Greater New York City Area ... Education Management
Open file 4588
MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

Several instructional slideshows by Adam Spence, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing
Open file 4589
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Adam Spence

Adam Spence ... Manager, Special Projects at the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing ... Toronto, Canada Area ... Civic & Social Organization
Open file 4590
Country ... USA

Andre and Judy ... Creativity Institute ... WOW IDEA - We all want to lead a happy life
Open file 4591
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Binyavanga Wainaina

Binyavanga Wainaina ... Bard Fellow & the Director of the Chinua Achebe Center for African Literature and Languages at Bard College ... Greater New York City Area ... Higher Education
Open file 4592
Shared Value

Michael Porter ... The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy
Open file 4593
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Mark Anielski

Mark Anielski ... Partner, Genuine Wealth Inc. ... Edmonton, Alberta, Canada ... Management Consulting
Open file 4594
Society as a System
Genuine Wealth Cycle

A critique of The Genuine Wealth proposition put forward by Mark Anielski back in 2007 ... and how to move forward now
Open file 4595
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Syed Mehmood Kazmi

Syed Mehmood Kazmi ... Youth Coordinator at Ministry of Youth Affairs ... Pakistan ... Government Administration
Open file 4596
André Schneider

André Schneider, Former World Economic Forum COO joins World Climate Ltd as Chairman
Open file 4597
Energy ... Renewables
USA ... Wind

Open file 4598
Country ... USA

The One Percent ... a film by a member of the Johnson and Johnson family
Open file 4599
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
John Egan

John Egan ... Future of Banking expert. CEO at Archipelago. Irish Ambassador at Sandbox & World Economic Forum. ... Ireland ... Banking
Open file 4600
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