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TVM Dialog List 1065
3201 - 3250
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Greed, corruption, and unbelievable 'chutzpah'

The Greed Merchants by Philip Augar ... a book from 2006 ... an extract highlighting the issues several years before the 2007/2008 crash
Open file 3201
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Democratic National Convention

Robert Reich ... President Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention was long on uplifting rhetoric but short on specifics for what he’ll do if reelected to reignite the American economy.
Open file 3202
Country ... Palestine
What is the truth about Israel? Maybe very different from the PR

Controversy over Red Hot Chili Peppers heats up ... Just as a cultural boycott was enforced on apartheid South Africa, so must one be enforced on Israel.
Open file 3203
Government Budgets
Zero Base Budgeting

Something about zero based budgeting (ZBB) ... used in the past to control runaway spending
Open file 3204
Government Budgets
Zero Based Budgeting

Economist Magazine writes about Zero Based Budgeting as an 'idea' ... but it was first exploited in the 1970s
Open file 3205
Government Budgeting
Zero Based Budgeting

Zero Based Budgeting as written up in Wikipedia
Open file 3206

An initiative aiming to bring actions to the community level
Open file 3207
Country ... Palestine
The prison experience in Israel

Al Jazeera World ... Beyond the Walls ... We follow Arabs released from Israeli jails as they attempt to adapt to their new lives on the outside.
Open file 3208
Country ... USA
Politics 2012

September 5, 2012 ... Rachel Maddow doing a recap of the political situation immediately after the post convention
Open file 3209
Country ... USA

September 5, 2012 ... Rachel Maddow reporting about the issue of torture in the USA ... a very important issue
Open file 3210
Country ... USA
Niall Ferguson on US politics 2012

Ferguson’s Newsweek Cover Rebuttal: Paul Krugman Is Wrong
Open file 3211
Country ... USA
Politics 2012

Comments from the Niall Ferguson article in Newsweek
Open file 3212
Who is responsible?

Aftershock survival summit ... an interview
Open file 3213
Country ... USA
Economic meltdown 2007-2008

Prosperity economics: Answering America's top unasked questions ... The whole narrative of the economic crisis facing America has been framed wrong since the beginning.
Open file 3214
Country ... USA
Domestic Terror

White supremacy: The new national security threat ... The white supremist ideology is a terrorist threat that needs greater attention, writes author.
Open file 3215
Dysfunction of food systems

Designing food systems to protect nature and get rid of hunger ... Industrialisation of agriculture creates hunger and malnutrition, destroying the food web to which we all belong.
Open file 3216
Country ... Nigeria
Religious tolerance in Nigeria

Nigeria in flames: Breaking the cycle of revenge ... Nigeria should respect the Fulani's traditional culture and give them their full human and civil rights as citizens.
Open file 3217
Many different forms

When the addiction cure is another addiction ... Addiction manifests itself in different compulsions and behaviours, which is critical to recognise during the treatment.
Open file 3218
Analysis of 2007/2008 financial crisis

Prosperity economics: Answering America's top unasked questions ... The whole narrative of the economic crisis facing America has been framed wrong since the beginning.
Open file 3219
Alex Counts
Review of Karlan and Appel’s “More Than Good Intentions”

Blog post by Alex Counts on Karlan and Appel’s book “More Than Good Intentions”
Open file 3220
Country ... Libya
Religious intolerance

US envoy dies in Benghazi consulate attack ... Ambassador and three staff killed during attack in eastern Libya city over film deemed insulting by Muslims.
Open file 3221
Religion ... Islam
Too much intolerance Behind the controversial film ...

An amateur film mocking Prophet Muhammad spurs attacks on US diplomatic missions in Benghazi and Cairo.
Open file 3222
Country ... Libya
Governance and insecurity in Libya

Obama: Attack will not break US-Libya bonds ... US president condemns Benghazi killings and orders increased security at diplomatic posts around the world.
Open file 3223
Country ... Libya
Libya: Testing tolerance

Attacks on mosques in Libya test not only the country's democratic debut, but also the value of tolerance.
Open file 3224
Or outdated colonial backlash

World War II graves smashed in Libya ... Libyan government apologises after armed men vandalise graves of British, Commonwealth and Italian soldiers in Benghazi.
Open file 3225
More Than Good Intentions

by DEAN KARLAN AND JACOB APPEL ... Improving the Ways the World's Poor Borrow, Save, Farm, Learn, and Stay Healthy
Open file 3226
Religion sparking a wildfire

Angry protests spread over anti-Islam film ... Demonstrations over US-made film said to insult Islam are spreading across Middle East and North Africa.
Open file 3227
Intolerance, ignorance and phobia

Blowback of the ugliest kind: The lessons no one will learn from Benghazi ... The religious oppression, hatred and violence is 'a toxic brew that… inevitably begets more of the same', writes LeVine.
Open file 3228
Phobia about religion ... or is it?

Angry protests spread over anti-Islam film ... Demonstrations over US-made film said to insult Islam are spreading across Middle East and North Africa.
Open file 3229
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney on diplomatic attacks

Embassy attacks spill over into US election ... Republican candidate Mitt Romney's criticism of the Obama administration's response has been poorly received by many.
Open file 3230
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... the international Romney

Romney criticised for remarks on Libya attack ... President Barack Obama and others have criticised Republican candidate Mitt Romney's recent comments on foreign policy.
Open file 3231
Country ... USA
Anti-American events in North Africa, Middle East

Rachel Maddow Show ... almost all about the attack in Benghhazi on American diplomatic staff ... also on events in Egypt
Open file 3232
Friends and Aquaintances
of Peter Burgess

Amrote Abdella
Open file 3233
Breakthrough Capitalism
A perspective from People Centered Economic Development (P-CED)

THE BREAKTHROUGH CAPITALISM THAT ISN’T ... commentary by Jeff of Mowatt of P-CED
Open file 3234
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The evil of money

Empire ... US democracy: The power of money ... Just how much does money distort the political process?
Open file 3235
The story of AlJazeera English

Al Jazeera English launches digital magazine ... The monthly magazine will provide iPad users with comprehensive analysis, interactive graphics and video footage.
Open file 3236
The banking system has 'no rational structure'

NYTimes ... Angry Sandy Lewis, an ex-broker who once manipulated a stock price to make a point, at his Essex, N.Y., farm. “There’s no rational structure” on Wall Street, he says.
Open file 3237
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

September 2012 ... Request to work on the exposure draft of the latest Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines
Open file 3238
Web Technology
The importance of meta tags in webpage design

Software to help achieve good meta tags in web page generation
Open file 3239

About WelsolSoftware
Open file 3240
A very complicated and costly administrative overhead

What you should know about ICD-10 codes ... Facts, Timing and Impact of IDC-10 Medical Codes
Open file 3241
USA ... UK banks breaking US laws

Counting the Cost ... Is the US unfairly targeting UK banks? ... We ask if targeting UK banks is a protectionist move to secure New York's position as the centre of Western capitalism.
Open file 3242
Banking industry in crisis ... or immune

Counting the Cost ... Money for nothing ... From Lehman to Libor - are the bankers and the banking system out of control?
Open file 3243
UK ... Rigging the interest rate structure

Inside Story ... Rigged bank rates: Is there more to come? ... Barclays bank's top officials resign after the interest rates scandal but we ask if one bank can do this alone.
Open file 3244
UK ... Rigging interest rates

Counting the Cost ... The impact of the rate-rigging scandal ... How can public trust in Britain's banks be restored?
Open file 3245
Spain ... effectiveness of bank bailout

Counting the Cost ... Was the Spanish bank bailout botched? ... It has been a big week in Europe, with what was once seen as a periphery crisis now clearly heading towards the core.
Open file 3246
US bank pay fines to settle charges of illegal activity

AJE News ... JP Morgan pays $20m in Lehman case ... US bank agrees to pay fine to settle federal regulator charges of illegally handling customer funds deposited by Lehman.
Open file 3247
Civic engagement ... activism

Occupy WallStreet getting ready to celebrate one year since its first major confrontation in New York City
Open file 3248
This explains why major organizations do not want transparency

Democracy Now September 2011 ... Whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld Rewarded Record $104M for Exposing How UBS Helped Rich Evade Taxes
Open file 3249
The abuse of offshore accounts by rich and powerful

Exhaustive Study Finds Global Elite Hiding Up to $32 Trillion in Offshore Accounts
Open file 3250
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