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TVM Dialog List 1034
1651 - 1700
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Organizations ... Media
Project Syndicate
Project Syndicate: the world's pre-eminent source of original op-ed commentaries.
Open file 1651
Military, Society and Economy
Drones: A deeply unsettling future
The rapid expansion of a drone arms race has emerged both domestically and abroad, leaving everyone vulnerable.
Open file 1652
People ... US Leadership
Richard Armitage
Had a big role in the Iraq escapade
Open file 1653
Media, Society and Economy

Seems like there is a lot of pubolic concern, but the system of law does little to help
Open file 1654
Organizations ... PR ... UK
Bell Pottinger

Vicious dictatorship which Bell Pottinger was prepared to do business with
Open file 1655
Organizations ... PR ... UK
Bell Pottinger

Exposed: Public relations firm's dealings with some of the world's most controversial regimes
Open file 1656
Organizations ... PR ... UK
Bell Pottinger

The Transcript: 'David Cameron raised it with the Chinese Prime Minister'
Open file 1657
Income, Society and Economy
Social inequality

An OECD reports states that social inequality spreads in industrialized countries, but does not in any way explain why this result.
Open file 1658
Stock Markets, Society and Economy
Stock indexes in currency versus in gold

Jeff Clark argues for investors to Start Thinking in Terms of Gold Price
Open file 1659
Income, Society and Economy
Income stagnation

Income stagnation has become endemic in the USA ... the facts are clear, but what exactuly is the cause.
Open file 1660
Metrics ... Definitions
Income Inequality

Gini Coefficient
Open file 1661
Banking, Finance, Society and Econony
The global financial sector metldown simply explained

Austalian pair explaining the global financial crisis in 2008 ... very simple ... very stupid
Open file 1662
Banking, Finance, Society and Econony
The Eurozone crisis as it emerges in May 2011

Austalian pair explaining the global monetary system ... very simple ... very stupid
Open file 1663
Intelligence, Society and Economy
Intelligence ... for whom about what?

Why is government knowing everything about people OK, and people knowing everything about Government a security issue?
Open file 1664
Society and Economics

Economics Of Abundance Getting Some Well Deserved Attention
Open file 1665
Society and Economics

Step One To Embracing A Lack Of Scarcity: Recognize What Market You're Really In
Open file 1666
Media, Society and Economy
The issue takes on new dimension with citizen journalism

Should Shield Laws Protect Journalists? Or Journalism?
Open file 1667
Media, Society and Economy,
Fox News ... please get your facts straight

URGENT - FOX News Caught Using Fake Video Of Riots HA, HA!
Open file 1668
Activism, Society and Economy
Mike Check of JP Morgan Chase at Princeton

The push back about the corporate sector by students is continuing
Open file 1669
Activism. Society and Economy
Occupy in Des Moines

Occupy Des Moines Mic Check Gov. Chris Christie
Open file 1670
People ... USA Politics
Chris Christie

Gov. Christie SLAMS Obama: Teleprompter 'Not Good Enough.'
Open file 1671
Arms Industry, Society and Economy
The paradox of a 'responsible' arms maker

The negative impact of arms manufacture calls for a closer look at corporate social responsibility.
Open file 1672
Peter Burgess Google Plus

Peter Burgess Google Plus ... trying to learn how best to use the Google Plaus platform
Open file 1673
Banking, Society and Economy
Wall Street’s politically suicidal lawsuit

The industry's effort to overturn new regulations could push public anger past the point of no return
Open file 1674
Activism ... Russia
Response to election results in Russia

December 10, 2011 Thousands of Russians demand 'evolution not revolution'
Open file 1675
Policy, Society and Economics
Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs: 'That's not a free market, that's a game'
Open file 1676
People ... Somalia
Abdiweli Mohamed Ali

'Ready to move on' ... Will Somalia's new prime minister be able to fight famine and corruption in order to build a functioning state?
Open file 1677
Organizations ... Humanitarian Relief
International Rescue Committee

Fund raising at Christmas 2011 ... and a response from me about performance.
Open file 1678
International .... China
Playing with fire: Obama's threat to China

Obama says US influence will turn from the Middle East towards the 'vast potential of the Asia-Pacific region'
Open file 1679
People ... USA Politics
Newt Gingrich

Gingrich calls Palestinians 'invented' people ... Republican presidential hopeful defends Israel and says Palestinians are Arabs who 'had a chance to go many places'.
Open file 1680
Country ... Libya
Gaddafi's secret 'weapon'

Former Libyan leader forced boat owners to take thousands of Africans away to Italy and then blamed it on the rebels.
Open file 1681
Energy, Society and Economy
Cooperstown Brewer Fights N.Y. Fracking Sought by EOG Resources

CEO of an upstate NY brewery concerned about the use of 'fracking' in the area
Open file 1682
Technology, Society and Economy
Impressions of the tech sector

A Forbes contributor documenting the emerging economy ... How Optimism Got Baked Into The Recession
Open file 1683
Energy, Environment, Society and Economy
Nigeria ... Shell must own up, pay up and clean up

Shell must own up, pay up and clean up ... Oil spills have been devastating the Niger Delta region in Nigeria for decades
Open file 1684
Arms Industry, Society and Economy
The paradox of a 'responsible' arms maker

Arms makers and the limits of responsibility ... The state of international law makes corporate responsibility difficult to quantify.
Open file 1685
Internet, Society and Economy
WikiLeaks: A tale of two worlds

WikiLeaks, 4Chan and Anonymous are examples of how rogues can thrive against the will of empire.
Open file 1686
Organizations ... Banks ... Iceland
Glitnir Bank which failed in 2008

Iceland's special prosecutor has taken Larus Welding, the former head of the failed Glitnir Bank, into custody, Reuters reports.
Open file 1687
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy Wall Street ... Occupy in Red States

Fear and occupation in red America ... In Wyoming and Idaho, the movement confronts a conservative reality
Open file 1688
Labor, Society and Economy
How Boeing got away with breaking the law

NLRB drops case as machinists' union seeks to make the best of a bad situation
Open file 1689
Organization ... Airlines
Virgin Atlantic

The Virgin Flight of Virgin Air ... a reminiscence from Lea Lane
Open file 1690
People ... Economist
Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street: Full Version, Almost 2 Hours Long!
Open file 1691
Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy WallStreet ... Anderson Cooper and Michael Moore

Michael Moore Says 'Oh My God' After Hearing Peter Schiff's OWS Idiocy From Anderson Cooper
Open file 1692
People ... Economist
Peter Schiff / Gary Shilling

Gary Shilling Laughs Out Loud At Peter Schiff's Ignorance
Open file 1693
People ... Economist
Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz Refutes Peter Schiff's Senseless Education Spending Cuts Proposal
Open file 1694
People ... USA
Bill Maher addresses Peter Schiff and taxes

VIDEO Bill Maher Makes Fun Of Peter Schiff's Laughable 'Cut Taxes For The Rich = Job Creator' Spin
Open file 1695
TVM ... Practical notes
Economic Activity

Investment and technical support best coming from different sources.
Open file 1696
People ... Science
Sir Isaac Newton

My Man, Sir Isaac Newton ... Neil deGrasse Tyson says Newton's writings defy gravity by making his hair stand up.
Open file 1697
People ... Science
Neil deGrasse Tyson

About Neil deGrasse Tyson
Open file 1698
Environment, Society and Economy
Companies want to pollute

Protect the Ohio River from Mercury Dumping! ... PPG wants to avoid tougher pollution rules. Corporate profit more important than protecting the water
Open file 1699

Community Focus ... People Focus ... Planning Framework
Open file 1700
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