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TVM Dialog List 1011
501 - 550
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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The State of Myanmar in 2011
A journalist visits Yangon
The Government authorities in Myanmar do not welcome hournalists. Locals are hoping for the best.
Open file 501
Egypt's Revolution
A Letter to Marshal Tantawy
Wael Ghonim writes a letter to Marshal Tentawy about the revolution in Egypt
Open file 502
US Politics
A Mother of All Wars
The billionaire Koch brothers are stoking up the fire to set up a war to push Obama out of the White House
Open file 503
US Energy Policy
Boone Pickens and Natural Gas
Boone Pickens argues for an energy policy that ensourages use of domestic natural gas rather than imported oil
Open file 504
US Politics
Ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise!
Bill Maher rant on America's biggest problem ... the incredible ignorance of Americans.
Open file 505
US Politics
Humor by Bill Maher is very serious
Bill Maher lays waste to Global Warming deniers
Open file 506
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The pursuit of happiness
In Bhutan, progress is measured by how happy people are, not how much wealth people have.
Open file 507
Questions about origins of Grameen Bank
Did the Grameen Bank emerge from German cooperative movement? Milford Batement responds to this question ... and Peter Burgess adds some comments
Open file 508
The GlobalHealthCheck dialog
Announcement of a new Oxfam initiative to have dialog about global health
Open file 509
Money, Banking and Financial Services
Who are the worst rogue traders in history?
From Jérôme Kerviel of Société Générale to Nick Leeson of Barings, the Guardian looks at how unauthorised trading has cost major banks billions
Open file 510
Fonkoze and Trickle-Up
Can Financial Services Help the Poorest of the Poor? Experience of Fonkoze and Trickle-Up
Open file 511
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Republican Party's base: A gallery of ghouls
Audience outbursts at recent Republican Party debates reveal the often vicious sentiments of the party's base.
Open file 512
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The West's self-licking ice cream cones
Self-licking ice cream cones are entities that serve no purpose except to sustain themselves.
Open file 513
Economic and Social Problens
Youth employment
Youth unemployment the most dangerous force in the world
Open file 514
AlJazeera English ... Inside Story
Palestinian statehood and US-Saudi relations
Former Saudi intelligence chief says Washington will jeopardise relations with Riyadh if it vetoes statehood bid.
Open file 515
State, Progress and Performance
Metrics for a Value Market Economy
A Capitalist Market Economy needs to be reformed so that it becomes a Value Market Economy
Open file 516
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Dueling legitimacies in Libya
Two sides are fighting a cold war over the nature of Libya's new political order.
Open file 517
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Netanyahu owes Obama big time
While the Israeli government continues to dig itself in a political hole the US can help only by publicly opposing them.
Open file 518
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Is inflation the answer?
Using inflation as a tool to restore economic health in the US is a risky strategy - and may just make matters worse.
Open file 519
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Losing mangrove forests in El Salvador
Rising sea levels are endangering a unique ecosystem along El Salvador's coastline.
Open file 520
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Palestine's Bid for Statehood
Background: The facts behind the bid ... What status do the Palestinians currently have? And what would change after a 'yes' vote in September?
Open file 521
Banking and Economic Outlook
August 2011
Max Keiser- WW3 is on as Wall St. banks plunder economy.
Open file 522
US ... The State of the Society
Budget Politics in Washington
Thousands Cheer Bernie Sanders' Appeal to Obama, Super Committee: Make the Rich Pay for Deficits
Open file 523
Political Activism
The 'Occupy Wall Street' protest September 2011
This series of videos is about the Occupy Wall Street protest that took place in September 2011
Open file 524
Burgess Book
Hundreds of Issues that Impact Relief and Development Performance
A single silver bullet is not going to work
Author: Peter Burgess Published in 2006
Open file 525
Burgess Book
Iraq: A New Direction ... Multi-Sector Area Development A Strategy for Peace ... A Methodology for Rapid Socio-Economic Progress
Author: Peter Burgess Published in 2006
Open file 526
Burgess Book
Revolutionary Change for Relief and Development
Author: Peter Burgess Published in 2006
Open file 527
Health Information Systems
This video is about Health Information Systems, but it totally ignores the issue of cost effectiveness.
Open file 528
Human Capital
Information and Human Capital
This video is about how human capital needs to relate to the technology that has been created in recent years
Open file 529
Global Fund for AIDS, Tuburculosis and Malaria
Global Fund verdict could be devastating for the fight against Aids
Open file 530
AlJazeera English ... Middle East
Abbas: 'All hell let loose' over UN state bid
Palestinian president describes reaction to push for full membership as he arrives in New York.
Open file 531
Country: Western Sahara
What are the key issues for Western Sahara
The key issues about Western Sahara have been simmering for a very long time with no resolution in sight
Open file 532
Text Analytics
Text Analytics Summit West ... November 10th-11th, Convention Plaza Hotel
Open file 533
Fraud and Corruption – Where has Iraq's Money Gone?
The US administration in Iraq has totally failed to do essential accounting in all aspects of the Iraq adventure
Open file 534
Metrics and Transparency
How it works in Commercial Real Estate
A bit of dialog about metrics and transparency om cpmmercial real estate. Better data and transparency is better
Open file 535
Grameen Nursing Colleges
This is a bit of dialog about Grameen Nusing Colleges ... a collaboartion that has huge social value
Open file 536
45 lessons of life
45 lessons of life written By Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio
Open file 537
Green Building Underwriting - Industry Standard
This article describes the importance of standards for measuring green building characteristics
Open file 538
International Security
How President Bush handled security before 9/11/2001
VIDEO Keith Olbermann does what he does best ... Analysis of Bush and Al-Qaeda before 9/11/2001
Open file 539
AlJazeera English ... Listening Post
Fear incorporated
September 19, 2011 ... We examine the phenomenon of Islamophobia in the US media and the people behind it.
Open file 540
AlJazeera English ... Listening Post
9/11: When truth became a casualty of war
How did the 9/11 attacks impact the media?
Open file 541
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
Who can we trust to solve the debt crisis?
The world's public is realising that their leaders have no idea what to do about an increasingly global economic crisis.
Open file 542
Favorite People
Steve Jobs
A video clip from 1997 ... that includes the idea that you start with the customer and work back to technology!
Open file 543
Amazing People
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs catalyzed what must be the greatest turnaround of a company ... a product class ... in history
Open file 544
AlJazeera English ... Meltdown
The men who crashed the world
The first of a four-part investigation into a world of greed and recklessness that led to financial collapse.
Open file 545
Leonard Cohen - 'Everybody Knows'
'Everybody Knows' sung live in London, 2008 ... singers have a way of saying very important things in a way that is not too confrontational
Open file 546
AlJazeera English ... Opinion
The humiliation of Barack Obama
As he prepares to singularly veto Palestine's statehood bid, he must be thinking to himself: 'This isn't right'.
Open file 547
Country ... Western Sahara
@AJStreem has a conversation about Western Sahara
This is a useful introduction to a long standing issue that has received little international attention
Open file 548
US Economy
Why Fake Savings Are As Good as Real Savings
Why Fake Savings Are As Good as Real Savings
Open file 549
Global Economy
IMF Annual Meeting has focus on Europe
IMF warns global economic slowdown entering ‘dangerous new phase’
Open file 550
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