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President Joe Biden

Peter Burgess COMMENTARY
President Biden became the President of the United States at a very difficult time. In my view, against pretty heavy odds, he has succeeded in getting America to a fairly good situation thanks to his choice of policy priorities, a strong administration and fairly supportive Congress.

The Biden administration was not helped very much by the Republican opposition in Congressional, but in spite of this, the legislative successes of the Biden Administration may well be bigger and better than anything done in Washington since perhaps the administration of Presidents Eisenhauer, Kennedy and Johnson combined.

I wish President Biden was younger. I wish I was younger! But as long as Biden remains 'of sound mind' he has the experience to do a lot more excellent work just as I expect to continue to do good work! What has been apparent to me since the beginning of the Biden administration has been the appointment of high quality people around the administration who have both expertise and competence. In many ways putting good people into important positions is more important than anything else, and Biden has already done this.

One of Biden's big achievements has been to rebuild critical alliances with many of the important allies of the USA after the debacle of US foreign policy while Donald Trump was President.

The exit of the USA from Afghanistan was something of an unforced error for which the Biden administration must take a big part of the responsibility. I am very critical of the US policies and performance related to Afghanistan over a period of many years and the mess that was the eventual withdrawal in August 1981 really came as mot much of a surprise.

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Peter Burgess
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