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Date: 2024-04-24 Page is: DBtxt001.php L0200-PL-list-of-COUNTRIES

Countries have great historic significance ... but their role likely to change into the future for many reasons

Original article:
Peter Burgess COMMENTARY

Peter Burgess
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Country Information
GNP for Countries of the World Gross National Product (GNP) distribution - 2005
Open file 0317
Country Level Economic Data ... Countries by GDP (PPP)
List by the International Monetary Fund (2010)[1] Gross Domestic Product is a measure of how much is being consumed, more than anything about value
Open file 0416

Section AAA
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Navigation to files about Afghanistan L0400C-Afghanistan


Navigation to files about Algeria L0200C-Algeria


Navigation to files about Angola L0200C-Angola

Antigua and Barbuda

Navigation to files about Argentina L0200C-Argentina


Navigation to files about Australia L0200C-Australia

Navigation to files about Austria L0200C-Austria


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Bahamas ... 18-09-1973
Navigation to files about Bahamas L0200C-Bahamas

Bahrain ... 21-09-1971
Navigation to files about Bahrain L0200C-Bahrain

Bangladesh ... 17-09-1974
Navigation to files about Bangladesh L0200C-Bangladesh

Barbados ... 09-12-1966
Navigation to files about Barbados L0200C-Barbados

Belarus* ... 24-10-1945

Belgium ... 27-12-1945

Belize ... 25-09-1981
Navigation to files about Belize L0200C-Belize

Benin ... 20-09-1960 (formerly known as Dahomey)
Navigation to files about Benin L0200C-Benin

Bhutan ... 21-09-1971
Navigation to files about Bhutan L0200C-Bhutan
Agriculture, Society and Economy
Navdanya from India Monitors progress of Bhutan's Transition to Organic ... collaboration with Samdrup Jonkhar Initiative (SJI)
Open file 1930

Bolivia (Plurinational State of) ... 14-11-1945

Bosnia and Herzegovina* ... 22-05-1992

Botswana ... 17-10-1966
Navigation to files about Botswana L0200C-Botswana

Brazil ... 24-10-1945
Navigation to files about Brazil L0200C-Brazil

Brunei Darussalam ... 21-09-1984

Bulgaria ... 14-12-1955

Burkina Faso ... 20-09-1960

Burma (now known as Myanmar)

Navigation to files about Myanmar L0200C-Myanmar

Burundi ... 18-09-1962

Navigation to files about Burundi L0200C-Burundi

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Cambodia ... 4-12-1955
Navigation to files about Cambodia L0200C-Cambodia

Cameroon ... 20-09-1960
Navigation to files about Cameroon L0200C-Cameroon

Canada ... 09-11-1945
Navigation to files about Canada L0200C-Canada

Cape Verde ... 16-09-1975
Navigation to files about Cape Verde L0200C-Cape-Verdi

Central African Republic ... 20-09-1960

Chad ... 20-09-1960
Navigation to files about Chad L0200C-Chad

Chile ... 24-10-1945
More files about Chile L0200C-Chile

China ... 24-10-1945
More files about China L0200C-China

Colombia ... 05-11-1945

Comoros ... 12-11-1975

Congo ... 20-09-1960

Costa Rica ... 02-11-1945
Navigation to files about Costa Rica L0200C-Costa-Rica

Côte D'Ivoire ... 20-09-1960
Navigation to files about Cote d'Ivoire L0200C-Cote-dIvoire

Croatia* ... 22-05-1992

Cuba ... 24-10-1945

Cyprus ... 20-09-1960

Czech Republic* ... 19-01-1993

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Dahomey now known as Benin
Navigation to files about Benin L0200C-Benin

Democratic People's Republic of Korea ... 17-09-1991

Democratic Republic of the Congo * ... 20-09-1960

Denmark ... 24-10-1945

Djibouti ... 20-09-1977
Navigation to files about Djibouti L0200C-Djibouti

Dominica ... 18-12-1978

Dominican Republic ... 24-10-1945

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More files about Egypt L0200C-Egypt

Ecuador ... 21-12-1945
Navigation to files about Ecuador L0200C-Ecuador

Egypt* ... 24-10-1945
Navigation to files about Egypt L0200C-Egypt

El Salvador ... 24-10-1945
Navigation to files about El Salvador L0200C-El-Salvador
Country ... El Salvador
Life in San Salvador The capital of El Salvador is being torn apart as gangs clash, leaving death, chaos and destruction in their wake.
Open file 1992

Equatorial Guinea ... 12-11-1968

Eritrea ... 28-05-1993
Navigation to files about Eritrea L0200C-Eritrea

Estonia ... 17-09-1991

Ethiopia ... 13-11-1945
Navigation to files about Ethiopia L0200C-Ethiopia

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Navigation to files about France L0200C-France

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Gabon ... 20-09-1960
Navigation to files about Gabon L0200C-Gabon

Gambia ... 21-09-1965
Navigation to files about Gambia L0200C-Gambia

Georgia ... 31-07-1992

Germany ... 18-09-1973

Ghana ... 08-03-1957
More files about Ghana L0200C-Ghana

Greece joined UN 25-10-1945

Navigation to files about Greece L0200C-Greece

Grenada ... 17-09-1974

Guatemala ... 21-11-1945
Navigation to files about Guatamala L0200C-Guatamala
Otto Perez Molina, a former general wins election
General with ties to genocidal era wins Presidential elections in Guatamala
Open file 1734

Guinea ... 12-12-1958
Navigation to files about Guinea L0200C-Guinea

Guinea Bissau ... 17-09-1974
Navigation to files about Guinea Bissau L0200C-Guinea Bissau

Guyana ... 20-09-1966
Navigation to files about Guyana L0200C-Guyana

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More files about Haiti L0200C-Haiti



Section III
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Iceland ... 19-11-1946

More files about Iceland L0200C-Iceland
Country ... Iceland
How Iceland set about recovery
The Iceland economy was wrecked by banks and financial manipulation ... the government was made to do the 'people's will'!
Open file 1449
Country ... Iceland
How Iceland set about recovery
The Iceland economy was wrecked by banks and financial manipulation ... the government was made to do the 'people's will'!
Open file 1449
Society and Economy ... Iceland
Rebuilding the economy after the meltdown
VIDEO Fight over Iceland's Geothermal Energy
Open file 847
Society and Economy ... Iceland
Iceland does financial restructuring right
Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not ... a very important perspective on what is right and wrong
Open file 1183
Organizations ... Banks ... Iceland
Glitnir Bank which failed in 2008
Iceland's special prosecutor has taken Larus Welding, the former head of the failed Glitnir Bank, into custody, Reuters reports.
Open file 1687

India ... 30-10-1945

Navigation to files about India L0200C-India

Indonesia* ... 28-09-1950

Navigation to files about Indonesia L0200C-Indonesia

Iran (Islamic Republic of) ... 24-10-1945

More files about Iran L0200C-Iran

Iraq ... 21-12-1945

More files about Iraq L0200C-Iraq

Ireland ... 14-12-1955

Navigation to files about Ireland L0200C-Ireland
Economy ... Ireland
John Mauldin's impressions
Prepare For An Irish Haircut And A Worse Banking Crisis Than You've Read About In The Papers
Open file 722

Israel ... 11-05-1949

Italy ... 14-12-1955
Navigation to files about Italy L0200C-Italy
Society and Economy ... Italy
Italy government borrowing rates hit euro-era high
The Italian government's borrowing cost has risen as fears grow over political uncertainty in Rome.
Open file 1115

Section JJJ
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Jamaica ... 18-09-1962
Navigation to files about Jamaica L0200C-Jamaica

Japan ... 18-12-1956
Navigation to files about Japan L0200C-Japan

Jordan ... 14-12-1955
Navigation to files about Jordon L0200C-Jordon

Section KKK
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Kazakhstan ... 02-03-1992
Navigation to files about Kazakhstan L0200C-Kazakhstan

Kenya ... 16-12-1963
More files about Kenya L0200C-Kenya
Corruption, Society and Economy
Kenya's unwinnable war
Can Kenya's war on corruption be won? Kenyans gather in the Cafe to debate the challenges.
Open file 1928

Kiribati ... 14-09-1999

Kuwait ... 14-05-1963

Navigation to files about Kuwait L0200C-Kuwait

Kyrgyzstan ... 02-03-1992

Section LLL
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Lao People’s Democratic Republic ... 14-12-1955

Latvia ... 17-09-1991

Lebanon ... 24-10-1945

Lesotho ... 17-10-1966

Liberia ... 02-11-1945
Navigation to files about Liberia L0200C-Liberia
Africa ... Liberia
Liberia president's Nobel Prize questioned
Opponents of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf say the award gives her an unfair advantage in her bid for re-election.
Open file 0703
Country ... LIBERIA ... Crimes of War
2011, Crimes of War Project ... LIBERIA ... Crimes of War
Open file 11340

Libya* ... 14-12-1955

More files about Libya L0200C-Libya
Libya and the Sahel's nightmare scenario
International Relations ... Libya's uprising is causing turmoil in amid its neighbours and speculation of a Tuareg rebellion has emerged.
Open file 826
Country ... Libya
Gaddafi's secret 'weapon'
Former Libyan leader forced boat owners to take thousands of Africans away to Italy and then blamed it on the rebels.
Open file 1681
Country ... Libya
Gaddafi: Death of an era, dawn of an era
Gaddafi's death is symbolic of the death of an old paradigm that no longer has a place in today's world.
Open file 827
Country ... Libya
Society, Economy and Post-War Rebuilding
Libya looks to build economy beyond oil
Open file 1497
Libya ... 2011 ... a year of momentous change
Libya: When the impossible became possible ... Libyans gather in The Cafe to discuss the daunting task of rebuilding their country after the revolution.
Open file 1877

Liechtenstein ... 18-09-1990

Lithuania ... 17-09-1991

Luxembourg ... 24-10-1945

Section MMM
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Macedonia ... The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* ... 08-04-1993

Madagascar ... 20-09-1960

More files about Madagascar L0200C-Madagascar

Malawi ... 01-12-1964

Navigation to files about Malawi L0200C-Malawi

Malaysia* ... 17-09-1957

Maldives ... 21-09-1965

Mali ... 28-09-1960

Navigation to files about Mali L0200C-Mali

Malta ... 01-12-1964

Marshall Islands ... 17-09-1991

Mauritania ... 27-10-1961

Mauritius ... 24-04-1968

Navigation to files about Mauritius L0200C-Mauritius

Mexico ... joined UN 07-11-1945

Navigation to files about Mexico L0200C-Mexico
Narco control
Mexico continues to be one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists, writes Driver [AFP]
Open file 8610

Micronesia (Federated States of) ... 17-09-1991

Moldova Republic of ... 02-03-1992

Monaco ... 28-05-1993

Mongolia ... 27-10-1961


Morocco ... 12-11-1956

Navigation to files about Morocco L0200C-Morocco

Mozambique ... 16-09-1975

Navigation to files about Mozambique L0200C-Mozambique

Myanmar ... 19-04-1948

More files about Myanmar L0200C-Myanmar
Country ... Myanmar
Neutralising Burma's ethnic rebellions
The military leadership in the country has never been keen on a lasting peace with ethnic resistance movements.
Open file 1532
More progress ... moving into the 21st century
Burmese Government and Ethnic Rebel Group Sign Cease-Fire
Open file 2068

Section NNN
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Namibia ... 23-04-1990

Navigation to files about Namibia L0200C-Namibia

Nauru ... 14-09-1999

Nepal ... 14-12-1955

Navigation to files about Nepal L0200C-Nepal

Netherlands ... 10-12-1945

Navigation to files about Netherlands L0200C-Netherlands

New Zealand ... 24-10-1945
Navigation to files about New Zealand L0200C-New Zealand

Nicaragua ... 24-10-1945
Navigation to files about Nicaragua L0200C-Nicaragua

Niger ... 20-09-1960
Navigation to files about Niger L0200C-Niger

Nigeria ... 07-10-1960
Navigation to files about Nigeria L0200C-Nigeria
Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo
Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo ... How Nigeria May Collapse in 2015 ... an analysis of Nigeria's financial situation in late 2014
Open file 8676
Country ... Nigeria
Some notes about Nigeria
January 2012 ... Nigeria, Troubled Giant. Many different problems, none of which the government leadership looks like handling well.
Open file 1994

North Korea ...
Navigation to files about North Korea L0200C-North-Korea
Country ... North Korea
Young Kim is in the house
The old Kim is gone and the new Kim is in, but not much will change in the land of the Kim family dynasty.
Open file 1781

Norway ... 27-11-1945

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Oman ... 07-10-1971
Navigation to files about Oman L0200C-Oman

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Pakistan ... 30-09-1947
More files about Pakistan L0200C-Pakistan
International Affairs
Activities of USA in Pakistan
Pakistan voices 'deep rage' over NATO attack ... Islamabad shuts NATO's supply routes to Afghanistan after alleged attack by military alliance kills 25 Pakistan troops.
Open file 1452
Country ... Pakistan
Balochistan: Pakistan's other war
Baloch politicians and leaders share their vision of self-determination and freedom from Pakistani rule.
Open file 1927
Country ... Pakistan / Balochistan
Balochistan: Pakistan's other war
Baloch politicians and leaders share their vision of self-determination and freedom from Pakistani rule.
Open file 1971

Palau ... 15-12-1994

Panama ... 13-11-1945
Navigation to files about Panama L0200C-Panama

Papua New Guinea ... 10-10-1975

Paraguay ... 24-10-1945

Palau ... 15-12-1994

Panama ... 13-11-1945
Navigation to files about Panama L0200C-Panama

Papua New Guinea ... 10-10-1975

Paraguay ... 24-10-1945

Peru ... 31-10-1945

Philippines ... 24-10-1945

Poland ... 24-10-1945

Portugal ... 14-12-1955
Navigation to files about Portugal L0200C-Portugal

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Qatar ... 21-09-1971
Navigation to files about Qatar L0200C-Qatar

Section RRR
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Romania ... 14-12-1955

Russian Federation* ... 24-10-1945
Navigation to files about Russia L0200C-Russia
Country ... Russia
December 2014 ... Geopolitics ... Moscow's collapsing power dreams ... Plummeting oil prices and a sinking rouble reveal the real limits of Moscow's inflated ambitions.
Open file 8807

Rwanda ... 18-09-1962
Navigation to files about Rwanda L0200C-Rwanda

Section SSS
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Saint Kitts and Nevis ... 23-09-1983

Saint Lucia .. 18-09-1979

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ... 16-09-1980

Samoa ... 15-12-1976

San Marino ... 02-03-1992

Sao Tome and Principe ... 16-09-1975

Saudi Arabia ... 24-10-1945
Navigation to files about Saudi Arabia L0200C-Saudi-Arabia

Senegal ... 28-09-1960

Serbia* ... 01-11-2000

Seychelles ... 21-09-1976

Sierra Leone ... 27-09-1961
Navigation to files about Sierra Leone L0200C-Sierra-Leone

Singapore* ... 21-09-1965
Navigation to files about Singapore L0200C-Singapore

Slovakia* ... 19-01-1993

Slovenia* ... 22-05-1992

Solomon Islands ... 19-09-1978

Somalia ... 20-09-1960

More files about Somalia L0200C-Somalia
Food, Society and Economy
Somalia famine in 2011
Fault Lines - Horn of Africa Crisis: Somalia's Famine in 2011 ... a catastrophic crisis caused by human greed and insompetence
Open file 1616
People ... Somalia
Abdiweli Mohamed Ali
'Ready to move on' ... Will Somalia's new prime minister be able to fight famine and corruption in order to build a functioning state?
Open file 1677

Country ... Somalia
Puntland: In search of black gold
January 21, 2012, Counting the Cost ... As oil companies have started drilling in the autonomous Somali region, will it turn rags into riches? Also stories from Afghanistan, India and other.

Open file 2110

Country ... Somalia (Puntland)
Puntland shuns Somali government
Autonomous region says it is breaking away from the federation until 'legitimate' one is put in place.

Open file 2111

Somaliland ... not a member of the UN
Navigation to files about Somaliland L0200C-Somaliland
The 2005 Election
Somaliland: Interview with Mark Bradbury who observed the Somaliland election.
Open file 699
Countries ... Somaliland
The other horn of Africa
Behind stock images of a region trapped in chaos, economies are growing and governance is improving, politician says.
Open file 985

South Africa ... 07-11-1945
Navigation to files about South Africa L0200C-South-Africa

South Korea ... Republic of Korea ... 17-09-1991

South ‎Sudan* ... 14-07-2011

Spain ... 14-12-1955

Sri Lanka ... 14-12-1955

Sudan ... 12-11-1956

Suriname ... 04-12-1975

Swaziland ... 24-09-1968

Sweden ... 19-11-1946

Switzerland ... 10-09-2002

Syrian Arab Republic* ... 24-10-1945
More files about Syria L0200C-Syria
About People ... Syria
Rifaat al-Assad
Rifaat al-Assad is speaking out against the current regime in Syria ... but is part of the family
Open file 431
Country ... Syria
The uprising in Syria
Arab observers fan out across Syria
Open file 1821
Arab Awakening
The Stream - Syria's seven longest months ... a discussion on the Stream with a small TVM mention
Open file 792
Syria's deep divide
The AlJazeera Cafe ... a group of Syrians gather in The Cafe to debate their country's future.
Open file 1878
AlJazeera English ... Middle East
Al Jazeera's Nir Rosen on the Syrian uprising
Journalist who reported for weeks during protests, discusses government attempts to spark sectarian civil war.
Open file 662
AlJazeera English ... Features
Syria: The revolution will be weaponised
Journalist Nir Rosen discusses armed struggle with army officers who have defected to join the opposition.
Open file 663

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Tajikistan ... 02-03-1992

Thailand ... 16-12-1946

Timor-Leste ... 27-09-2002

Togo ... 20-09-1960

Tonga ... 14-09-1999

Trinidad and Tobago ... 18-09-1962

Tunisia ... 12-11-1956
More files about Tunisia L0200C-Tunisia

Turkey ... 24-10-1945
More files about Turkey L0200C-Turkey

Turkmenistan ... 02-03-1992

Tuvalu ... 05-09-2000

Section UUU
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United Arab Emirates
Navigation to files about United Arab Emirates
Open L0200C-United-Arab-Emirates

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
More files about the United Kingdom
Open L0200C-United-Kingdom

United Republic of Tanzania*

United States of America

More files about the USA L0200C-USA


Country ... Uzbekistan
US double standard: Gaddafi bad, Karimov good
The US shows its hypocrisy by accusing 'tyrants' of human rights abuses while not owning up to supporting dictators.
Open file 983

Section VVV
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Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
More files about Venezuela L0200C-Venezuela
Country ... Venezuela
Impunity for Venezuela's big landowners
Hundreds of Chavez supporters have been assassinated by wealthy landowners for implementing new land policies.
Open file 1251

Viet Nam

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More about Yemen
January 2012 ... President asks his people for forgiveness for 'any shortcomings' during his 33-year rule and says he will return.
Open L0200C-Yemen

Section ZZZ
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Zambia Mining Sector ... Tax Evasion, Society and Economy
Five NGOs have today filed a complaint against Glencore International and First Quantum Zambian subsidiary Mopani for massive tax evasion and fiscal fraud.
Open file 1631
Time series grpahic of Global Footprint - v- Biocapacity Five NGOs have today filed a complaint against Glencore International and First Quantum Zambian subsidiary Mopani for massive tax evasion and fiscal fraud.
Open link

America, Israel and Iran - no way out
If Obama can't stand up to Iran and Israel, he will set the US on a direct path to another Middle East war.
Open file 1705
Accountability, Media and Investigations
Africa Investigates ... What Price the Story?
This new series gives some of Africa's best journalists the chance to pursue high-level investigative targets.
Open file 1234
Economy ... Europe
How to destroy the web of Debt
This essay is about the reduction of debt in Europe by simply cancelling out the complex cross borrowing between the different countries and institutions
Open file 723

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