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20051 - 20100

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The Trump Saga
Remains a very present danger

Trump Officials Rush to Keep Him From Sparking Another Conflict—at Home or Abroad
Open file 20051
The Trump Saga
What to do?

A Snap Impeachment Should Be Done Within 24 Hours
Open file 20052
US Politics
Chaos at the Capital

Jeffrey Sachs: The Truth About Trump’s Mob
Open file 20053
The Trump Saga
All about money and wealth

Trump Lawyer’s Firm Gets In On His Most Lucrative Asset
Open file 20054
Media / Headlines
The Washington Post ... The Post Most

The Washington Post ... The Post Most ... January 8th 2021
Open file 20055
The Trump Saga
Trump resignations gaining steam

Two Cabinet members and least six other administration officials have resigned and directly rebuked Trump for inciting the riot.
Open file 20056
US Politics
Chaos on the Capital

Blackburn: 'Everyone has said' Trump call was 'not a helpful call'
Open file 20057
US Politics
Chaos at the Capital

STORMING OF THE CAPITOL WAS OPENLY PLANNED BUT IGNORED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT ... Despite billions spent on intelligence and surveillance, U.S. law enforcement permitted an armed Trumpist mob to sack the Capitol.
Open file 20058
US Politics
Chaos at the Capital

Man spotted carrying Speaker's lectern arrested in Florida
Open file 20059
The Trump Saga

Trump Justifies Violence at Capitol: These ‘Things’ Happen When No One Recognizes My ‘Sacred Landslide’
Open file 20060
US Politics
The Lesson from Georgia?

The Lesson from Georgia? Democrats Need to Forget the Bosses and Deliver for Working People. ... The surprise success of Warnock and Ossoff shows the path to victory lies in offering direct material benefits to the working class.
Open file 20061
US Politics
Progressives in play

For the First Time, the Progressive Caucus Will Have Real Power ... New rules will help Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) turn the caucus into a force to be reckoned with.
Open file 20062
Media / Headlines
In These Times via

In These Times via ... January 9th 2021
Open file 20063
US Politics
The Biden Transition

Facing Intensifying Crises, Biden Pledges Action to Address Economy and Pandemic
Open file 20064
US Politics
Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley

The violent attempted coup in the U.S. Capitol didn’t just appear out of thin air. ... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress ... It was incited. It was orchestrated.
Open file 20065
Thoughts from Jon Medved

Video ... Why Startup Investing? Why Now? with OurCrowd Founder Jon Medved
Open file 20066
US Society

Wade Davis video ... 'The Unraveling of America: Is This the End of the American Empire?' | Amanpour and Company
Open file 20067
Built Environment
Edie Newsroom

Report: Can the built environment achieve a green recovery?
Open file 20068
Media / Headlines
Washington Post ... The Daily 202

Washington Post ... The Daily 202 ... January 8th 2021
Open file 20069
The British Royals

Harry and Meghan ... they quit Twitter and Facebook and seems like more tranquility in the Royal Family
Open file 20070
Corporate Accountability
Impact of Emissions

ExxonMobil discloses emissions of oil and gas product use (Scope 3) for the first time
Open file 20071
The Trump Saga

Don Jr. filmed Trump family's pre-insurrection watch party — and the president before his incitement speech
Open file 20072
The Trump Saga
How complicit is Trump

Pentagon memo offers one version of events: Days of security planning involved Cabinet officials and President Trump
Open file 20073
US Politics
January 6th 2021

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are truly in danger of getting booted from the US Senate — here's why
Open file 20074
US Politics
January 6th 2021

Here are the members of several well-known hate groups that were identified at the Capitol
Open file 20075
US Politics
January 6th 2021

Media company orders right-wing radio hosts to stop promoting debunked election conspiracies or face expulsion
Open file 20076
Media / Headlines
The Conversation

The Conversation ... Academic rigor, journalistic flair ... January 11th
Open file 20077
US Politics
January 6th 2021

Man photographed with foot on Pelosi’s desk during U.S. Capitol riot arrested
Open file 20078
The Trump Saga
Presidential Communications

End Of The Road For Trump's Twitter Account ... and about time too !!!!!!!
Open file 20079
US Politics
January 6th 2021

Military in the Capitol Insurrection Should Face Courts-Martial ... Involvement of current and former troops in a failed putsch strikes at the heart of democracy. The response can’t be left to law enforcement alone.
Open file 20080
Media / Headlines
AlterNet Unsubscribe

AlterNet January 12th, 2021
Open file 20081
The Trump Saga
January 6th

This far-right Trump supporter has ‘no regrets’ about breaking into the Capitol
Open file 20082
The Trump Saga
January 6th ... what happens next?

FBI memo warns pro-Trump extremists plan armed insurrections in across the US
Open file 20083
The Trump Saga
A 'violent toddler'

A 'violent toddler': White House officials offer grim accounts of their final days with Trump
Open file 20084
Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Progressive Change Campaign Committee ... WHIPCOUNT ... listing of all the elected Representatives and Senators
Open file 20085
The Trump Saga
January 6th

Shadowy PAC once funded by Trump ally millionaire Robert Mercer promoted Capitol Hill march that led to riot
Open file 20086
Media / Headlines
The Washington Post ... The Post Most

The Washington Post ... The Post Most ... January 12th 2021
Open file 20087
The Trump Saga
January 6th

Trump supporters rise up against their own government ...
Open file 20088
The Trump Saga
Government falling apart

Chad Wolf resigns as homeland security secretary
Open file 20089
Social Media
The enabling ecosystem

These are the platforms that have banned Trump and his allies ... How 6 major social media sites addressed violations of their content policies
Open file 20090
The Trump Saga
January 6th

After hiding with maskless Republicans, Rep. Jayapal feared she would catch the coronavirus. Now she’s tested positive.
Open file 20091
The Trump Saga
January 6th

Hacker archives all Parler posts from Capitol riots day: “Very Incriminating”
Open file 20092
The British Royals
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reportedly Make Plans to Visit the Queen for the First Time Since Royal Exit
Open file 20093
The Trump Saga
January 6th

Armed Protesters Are Plotting to Surround the Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court
Open file 20094
The Trump Saga
January 6th

Paul Krugman ... This Putsch Was Decades in the Making ... G.O.P. cynics have been coddling crazies for a long time.
Open file 20095
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Notes ... January 12th, 2021

Multiple links to original web publications for period post January 6th
Open file 20096
The Trump Saga
January 6th

Arnold Schwarzenegger compares capitol attackers to nazis
Open file 20097
US Politics

Nearly Half of Republicans Approve of Capitol Riot
Open file 20098
US Politics
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

February 2018 ... Meet the young progressive Latina trying to oust one of the most powerful Democrats in the House
Open file 20099
SPARE Open file 20100

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