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Date: 2022-05-28 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1052

TVM Dialog List 1052
2551 - 2600

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

People ... Politics
Mitt Romney
Rachel Maddow / Ezra Klein ... Mitt Romney on the immigration issue ... self deportation!

Open file 2551

Politics, Society and Economy
Republican Misinformation in USA
Rachel Maddow ... More on Fast and Furious. Going back to Shirley Shiraz! Conservative Fox News at it again!

Open file 2552

News, Society and Economy
AlJazeera News from around the world
News from Al Jazeera listed in around June 2012

Open file 2553

Environment, Society and Economy
Petrochemical companies are awful!
Life on Refinery Row from the Earth Island Journal ... June 2012

Open file 2554

Country ... Egypt
Presidential Election
June 2012 ... Mohammed Mursi is declared the winner of Egypt's presidential election

Open file 2555

Country ... Egypt
Presidential Election
Morsi wins Egypt's presidential election ... Muslim Brotherhood candidate declared the official winner with 13.2 million votes.

Open file 2556

Country ... Egypt
Wealth at the top of society
The Family ... In a tale of politics, power and greed, this two-part series examines the Mubarak family.

Open file 2557

Country ... Egypt
Religion and Dictatorship
The Brotherhood and Mubarak ... The story of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and its emergence into the political arena after decades of suppression.

Open file 2558

Country ... Egypt
Muhammad Ali Pasha to Mohamed Mursi: Egypt's modern rulers

Open file 2559

World News
AlJazeera Counting the Cost
Collection as of June 24, 2012

Open file 2560

Region ... Europe
Was the Spanish bank bailout botched?
Counting the Cost ... It has been a big week in Europe, with what was once seen as a periphery crisis now clearly heading towards the core.

Open file 2561

Country ... Malawi
Political Leadership
Joyce Banda: 'Malawians deserve better' ... The leader of Malawi, one of the world's poorest countries, recounts how she fought to protect her country's democracy.

Open file 2562

Region ... Europe
Structure of the Euro-Zone
June 2012 ... George Soros: The accidental empire ... Germany can save the euro, but it will become the eurozone creditor - and the periphery a 'depressed hinterland'.

Open file 2563

Corporate Social Responsibility
Socially Responsible Share Index
Caterpillar cut from social index over Israel ... US company removed from socially responsible share index over Israeli use of its bulldozers for demolition in Palestine.

Open file 2564

Country ... USA
Gun control ... or lack thereof
'Fast and Furious' ... Katherine Eban reporting for Fortune

Open file 2565

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Stretching ...
Senator Brown ... keeps on meeting Kings and Queens

Open file 2583

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Senate Race in Massachussets
Elizabeth Warren ... Democratic candidate for Senate in Massachussets

Open file 2567

Country ... USA
Health ... Evolution of 'Obamacare'
US Supreme Court upholds 'Obamacare' ... Slim majority approves central mandate in landmark legislation extending healthcare to millions of Americans.

Open file 2568

Country ... USA
Health ... Dysfunctional System
US healthcare: Profits before patients ... What is the point of having the world's best medical facilities if citizens don't have the money to access healthcare?

Open file 2569

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Republican obstructionism
Sink the ship to drown the captain ... Republicans are opposing economic stimulus such as food stamps to boost the chance that Obama loses, says John Stoehr.

Open file 2570

Country ... USA
Health and other issues
Rachel Maddow, Ezra Klein and others talking about healthcare and other issues

Open file 2571

Country ... UK
Economic dysfunction ... State of Denial
Dan Hind ... Where is Britain headed? ... The 'quick-fix' strategies of politicians of the past century have led the country into a deep economic malaise.

Open file 2572

Country ... USA
Healthcare Reform
John Stoehr ... 'Obamacare': A tax that's good for you ... The Supreme Court's ruling may have saved the president's re-election hopes, but has wider implications for commerce

Open file 2573

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Partisans not Patriots
John Stoehr ... Sink the ship to drown the captain ... Republicans are opposing economic stimulus such as food stamps to boost the chance that Obama loses, says John Stoehr.

Open file 2574

Country ... Colombia
Precious Stones ... Emeralds AJE People and Power ... Colombia's Emerald Tsar ...
Could the impending death of the controversial 'godfather' of Colombia's emerald industry trigger a violent gang war?

Open file 2575

Country ... Mali
The bad side of religion
Armed group destroys Timbuktu shrines ... Ansar Dine group occupying northern Mali attacks ancient shrines to Muslim saint in endangered world heritage site.

Open file 2576

Country ... Mali
Regional issues
Tuareg rebels driven out of Timbuktu ... UNESCO places Malian city on the list of endangered World Heritage sites as tension simmers between rival armed groups.

Open file 2577

Country ... USA
Is Transparency Under Attack?
Facing prison for filming US police ... A US man may face 16 years in prison for posting a video of his arrest on Youtube.

Open file 2578

Region ... Sahel
Drought ... Lack of Meaningful Policy
What can be done in the drought-stricken Sahel? ... The UN cannot stop drought or conflict, but it can help to restore the self-sufficiency and dignity of refugees.

Open file 2579

Region ... Sahel
Studies ... but no effective policy
The Sahel: Anatomy of a Drought ... Analysis: Understanding the Sahel drought ... Scientists say that the current drought in the Sahel began as far back the 1960s.

Open file 2580

Region ... Sahel
Drought ... No Effective Policy
May 2012 ... Sahel region faces malnutrition crisis ... UN says one million children at risk of dying of hunger in parts of Africa's Sahel region amid drought and unrest.

Open file 2581

SRI, Society and Economy
A critique of Socially Responsible Investment
A critique of Socially Responsible Investment excerpted from Woody Tasch (Slow Money), on The State of SRI, 2012

Open file 2582

Country ... Cambodia
101 East, June 2012 ... No place like home ... Can progress and justice co-exist in Cambodia, a country where development leaves a trail of destruction?

Open file 2583

People ... Politics
Mitt Romney
Dean Baker ... Will global warming melt Mitt's chances? Ironically, Romney's lack of belief in global warming did not stop it from spurring the US economy in favour of Obama.

Open file 2584

Country ... Cambodia
Trade and Development
YouTube about Sihanoukville Port Special Economic Zone - Cambodia

Open file 2585

Guns, Society and Economy
Guns out of control
July 2012 ... UN member states meet in New York to debate global Arms Trade Treaty amid calls for greater restrictions to stem abuses.

Open file 2586

People, Society and Economy
People-Centered Economic Development, P-CED
People-Centered Economic Development, P-CED, derived from a paper for the steering committee to reelect the [US] President in 1996. Following is a synopsis of that paper.

Open file 2587

People, Society and Economy
People-Centered Economic Development, P-CED
THE ORPHANS OF WEALTH ... This was a line from a 1970s song by Don McLean, that I’d posted on Facebook a while ago

Open file 2588

Sanctions, Society and Economy
Ban technology exports ... or not
Crunch time for 'Apple sanctions'... The broad measures against Iran and other countries should be scrapped in favour of more targeted controls.

Open file 2589

Power, Society and Economy
President Mubarak
The Family ... the story of the Mubarka family ... rise and fall ... In a tale of politics, power and greed, this two-part series examines the Mubarak family.

Open file 2590

Energy, Society and Economics
Danger Zone: Ageing Nuclear Reactors in USA
People & Power ... Following Japan's nuclear disaster last year there are fears the US may be heading for a nuclear catastrophe of its own.

Open file 2591

Energy, Society and Economics
Can nuclear power be part of the solution?
The total costs of producing nuclear power need to be re-evaluated in a more pragmatic way.

Open file 2592

Business Ethics, Society and Economy
Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline 'guilty of fraud'
British drugmaker pleads guilty and agrees to pay $3bn fine in largest case of healthcare fraud in US history.

Open file 2593

Business Ethics, Society and Economy
The great billion dollar drug scam
Part one of a two-part series examining methods used by multinational drug corporations to control markets - and lives.

Open file 2594

Business Ethics, Society and Economics
UK to launch inquiry into banking scandal
British PM orders probe, as authorities explore the possibility of criminal proceedings against members of Barclays.

Open file 2595

Business Ethics, Society and Economy
Barclays chairman resigns amid scandal
Marcus Agius steps down as interest rate fixing scandal threatens to widen to other banks.

Open file 2596

Ideas, Society and Economy
Chris Cook and financial reform
Capital Partnerships: A Debt Free Solution to the Property Crash

Open file 2597

Ideas, Society and Economy
Chris Cook and financial reform
Capital Partnerships: A Debt Free Solution to the Property Crash ... Mul;tiple YouTube videos

Open file 2598

Ideas, Society and Economy
A new approach to the global oil market
Middle East ... Introducing the E-3

Open file 2599

Ideas, Society and Economy
The P-CED Manifesto from 1996
This presentation was given to President Clinton in 1996

Open file 2600

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