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Artur Rehi: Suicidal Russian Assault to Encircle Avdiivka Goes Horribly Wrong | Ukrainian War Update

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Peter Burgess
Suicidal Russian Assault to Encircle Avdiivka Goes Horribly Wrong | Ukrainian War Update Artur Rehi Nov 14, 2023 668K subscribers Become a patron of the channel:
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  • video edit: Oliver Raias,
  • 0:00 Intro & Coming Up
  • 0:25 Avdiivka Russian Push
  • 3:06 Ukrainian Bradley Working
  • 4:07 Russian Tactics
  • 5:28 Ukranian Medical Crew Saving Lives
  • 6:53 Krynky Destroyed
  • 8:23 Krynky Forest Ukrainian Push
  • 9:16 Best Geolocation Done
  • 10:54 Dnipro River Ukrainian Transporting
  • 12:38 Rus Losses
  • 13:20 Malokakhovka Russians Hit
  • 14:09 Russian & Ukrainian Soldiers Low Morale
  • 15:53 Ukrainian Cluster Munitions
  • 17:45 Russian Lancet Drones
Public sources: Military map:
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Until my next video Stay cool my friends! Bye bye! -- Tags -- Avdiivka,avdiivka battle,avdiivka attack,avdiivka update,ukrainian bradley,russian tactics ukraine,russian military tactics,ukranian medical crew,Krynky,krynky ukraine,geolocation ukraine,Dnipro River,dnipro river ukraine,dnipro river attack,russian losses,russian losses update today,ukranian soldiers,russian soldiers,Cluster munitions,cluster munitions ukraine,Lancet Drones,lancet drones ukraine,lancet drones in action,russian lancet drones

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